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Short little vacay in Portland

Dear Portland,  

I like you. You and me make sense.  I want to have your little indie baby.  Like this dude:

please notice the bird on his shoulder.  We plan on putting lots of birds on our children.  

You have many ‘pros’ and only a couple ‘cons’.  

Pro: I have tons of family and some of my best friends here.

Pro: I can even afford to buy a house here. And the houses here are beautiful. I can’t believe how well kept every single person’s yard is.  Crazy home pride. 

Pro: I can send my future kids to public school here….and they may even turn out normal and we can avoid our biggest fear of them being corrupted by Hollywood. 

Pro: I can stay as pale as i want here and not look weird.  

Pro: The shopping here is crazy good, the food is delicious and the nightlife is so fun and chill.    

But, please figure out a way that Brian and I can actually work here.  

Also please tell my awesome Los Angeles friends that they have to move here, too because i like them too much to leave them right now. 

OH and also please let it rain less because while i love almost everything about you, the rain is a massive, MASSIVE bummer.  

Love, Emily. 

(i’ll be back to work tomorrow…..)


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