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Shopping With Emily (Without Emily)

Dear Emily,

Remember that one time you were gone for like a month and I was left all alone in Los Angeles with nothing but my overwhelming sadness to keep me company? Yeah, that was lame. Thank goodness you’re finally back! While you were gone I wandered around feeling sorry for myself and looking at furniture for our clients, ourselves, and your future baby. 

I found this at HD Buttercup. $1295. Rad, right?

This bench was also at Buttercup. Pretty simple and cute. Just like you!

Do you ever, like, take a picture of a sofa and then you’re all “that’s ugly why’d I take a picture of that?” and then you see a black leather sofa in the upper left corner of the photograph and you realize you should have just taken a picture of that instead? I have.

I like this sofa, I want it, and I’m not apologizing for it. I know everyone is starting to get super sick of mid-century inspired modern furniture, but I still like it. This piece was $1595.

So I’m not really a fan of black leather, but for some reason this does it for me. It’s the chair equivalent of a little black dress. $575.

I’ve been looking for a loveseat for my apartment. This could do the trick but I’m not crazy about the color…

This is a sexy color for a chair, no?

I never met a wood-arm sofa I didn’t love. $1495.

The following pieces were at Cisco Home.

We found this luxurious upholstered headboard for our French provincial client. $2750.

Cisco makes the most adorable poufs. This one is named Oliver and I decided to adopt him and make him my son. We are such a happy family.

These round hangy mirrors are all over the place, but I love them so. From Cisco.

This upholstered sleigh bed is appealing. 

This headboard was an interesting color, but I feel like it could go well in a room with some grey and aubergine … $2750.

I kind of love tufted ottomans. They make such fun, comfy coffee table/footrests. 

The following things we found at Lankershim, our favorite North Hollywood shopping destination. These cute little brass tables were $250. MINE!

Whenever Emily and I see anything that combines brass and birds, we think of our friend Corbett, who we love so much it hurts our hearts to think about her when she is not by our sides. 

This delightful sofa and chair family was at one of the shops on Lankershim as well. $550 for the pair. I’d love to reupholster this pair and put them ON MY FACE.

I like this piece for our French Provincial client. $250.

Friendly little pair of chairs, please come hang out with me. $250/pair.

A little trunk to, like, stick in a corner or something. Why not? $50. 

This happy brass mirror makes me feel so good inside. $350.

Don’t these lucite “X” table bases make you feel, like, totally hip and trendy? Like a member of the band The XX. $100/pair.

How chic is this dining set? The upholstery needs to be updated but other than that it’s the best thing in the whole entire world. $850/set.

It was, like, totally impossible to get a good picture of this shelving, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the coolest shelving in the whole world. $200.

This chair is from Pottery Barn. Not bad, eh? $799.

These little brass lamps were on sale for $38. So I bought both of them. Hoarder.

Emily finally got back last week. And it was such a relief. Here are some pictures of us when we were reunited:


MePhotos by Jill Greenberg Studio




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