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Shopping With Emily

Dear everyone,

Do you ever find yourself wandering around with your friend Emily, looking at garbage all day, and then occasionally finding treasures? But sometimes you can’t really tell what’s trash and what’s treasure? And then your friend is like, “this thing’s cool!” And you’re thinking, “that is the ugliest effing thing I have ever seen in my life!”? Well that’s pretty much a daily occurrence at Emily Henderson Design, where much of our time is spent terrifying each other by challenging each other to like weird ass things.

Take this gross bar, for example:

Emily was like, “Woah, that thing is int-er-es-ting.” And then my brain exploded because “interesting” wasn’t the word that came to mind. “Barf” is the word that came more quickly to the front of my brain. This thing was $250. I bet someone bought it. And I bet that person is a total lunatic.


We spotted this geometric box at HD Buttercup for $90. It’s very ’80s glam, so I love it.


We found these delightful chairs at St. Vincent’s Thrift Store for $80/pair. We are going to have them reupholstered and then they are going to be the most interesting, gorgeous chairs on the planet.


These awesome (or hideously ugly) chairs were at Goodwill. I think they’d be sweet reupholstered in a bright color. Everyone I showed them to thought I was crazy though. What do you think?


Emily and I saw this at Rose Bowl for $200. Would be super cute in an updated fabric. That’s an undeniable fact.


These black chairs incited much controversy between me and my friends. Mostly because I loved them, found the cool in a Kelly Wearstler way and everyone else thought they were ugly. $400/pair. But check out the back:


Yah Gurl. I know black leather is totally gross, but I think it’s time it came back. In which case these chairs are totally awesome.


These espresso cups make my life worth living. $20/set of four from Rose Bowl.


This ice cream sign would make an awesome addition to a girl’s room, $100 from Santa Monica Antique Market.


This Japanese panel rocked my world, so I bought it. $200 from Rose Bowl.


I wanted this kilim runner but my boyfriend didn’t like it. At which point my brain went from “kilim” to “kill him.” $500.


We all obsessed over this lady portrait at Rose Bowl, but then we didn’t buy it. And that’s why we are terrible, terrible human beings. $50.


Loved this needlepoint ship at Santa Monica, but didn’t want to pay $200 for it. (That flea market can be a bit pricey!)


This owl planter needs a fresh coat of paint. And a few hugs and kisses from me. $250.


This set of dining chairs excited both Emily and I. But at $400 we had to run screaming.


I’m a sucker for seascapes. $150.


I wanted this winter landscape at Rose Bowl. Then I found out it was $500 and that made me kind of want it more. But then I remembered that I was poor and I ran away.


This tea set was $60 at St. Vincent’s. Come to me!


We saw this awesome display at Timoth Oulton’s boutique in HD Buttercup. SO creative and lovely. Like your face.


How cute are these vintage dishes? Sooooooo cute! $300 from Santa Monica. Yeesh!


Finally, I spotted this West Elm vase and was kind of blown away by how original/cool it was. $49 from West Elm.

So that’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of what we’ve been looking at. What ugly things have you been ogling?




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