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Sequin Bag Lady

Look who was in Rue mag yesterday … wearing a bag on her head, all dressed up and ready for a party. (A party where people wear crazy awesome clothes with their hair as big as it can get — inspired by Dolly — and love peeking inside their sequined Gap bags.)

Obviously, I was modeling the bag from The Gap, which is why it was on my head. There are a ton more shots of everybody that we’ll post next week, all so cute.  It was totally fun — way different than any portrait I’ve done before — sillier/wackier and generally more “crazy lady, ” which is fitting. Shot by Angela and Ithyle  Hair and makeup by Team Hair and Makeup and styling by Jen Pinkston.

I can’t wait to post the rest and show you all my fellow bloggers/friends that are joining in on the fun.

Meanwhile, check out this month’s Rue here.


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