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See-worthy : Snorkel Blue


Greetings, friends. It’s Carla here, coming atcha with a good ol’ fashioned post all about COLOR. Today we’ll be diving deep into the world of Snorkel Blue (get it?), one of Pantone’s Top 10 Colors for Spring 2016. I suppose I should acknowledge the fact that it’s now August which isn’t exactly Spring, but I’ve been a busy lady… what, with the four hours a week of Bachelor in Paradise and all.

Okay, let’s get into it. As you can see, snorkel blue is just a fancy name for BRIGHT-ASS cobalt blue. Bright-ass cobalt blue isn’t anything new, of course, but the idea of incorporating this splashy hue (get it?) into an interior or wardrobe freaks even a self-proclaimed blue-aholic like myself out.

Now’s the part where I convince you all (and myself) that we should give this quirky color a chance.

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Here we have some ladies of the stylish variety rocking different shades of snorkel blue. Clockwise from top-left: I love how chic yet casual this look is and while us normal folk probably don’t have access to frocks like this, a bright blue maxi would suffice. Bonus points for the smattering of freckles on her back. Next up we have some snorkel blue wide-leg pants which seem like a low-key way to give this color a try. Then just stand next to your friend with the yellow clutch and be like “OMG have you read that latest guest post by Carla on Emily Henderson’s blog? She’s HILAAARIOUS! HAHAHAHA!” In the lower right we have another attainable way to introduce a little snorkel action into your wardrobe – try an overly saturated blue mini paired with some casual neutrals (noots) on top. In the lower left we have another stunning frock that probably only this gal can pull off but I love how this crazy color can manage to look elegant when worn right. 


Now let’s take a look at how to bring a little snorkel blue into your space. For starters, check out this simple yet beautiful rug that manages to mimic… water! Snorkelicious! This color could easily go “hey! look at this paint color that a seven year old boy picked out at Home Depot for his new bedroom” pretty quick but when paired with neutral textures and tones, it actually looks sophisticated.


Here we have a gutsier approach with a floor-to-ceiling panel/console combo painted in snorkel blue. See the rest of this room below.

Snorkel Blue Color Trend Roundup Emily Henderson Design Photo 3

This particular use of blue could easily look like the outside of an Ikea, but mixed with the warm rugs and brick wall, Ikea probably wouldn’t even enter your brain. Unless I mentioned Ikea. And then it’s pretty much all you’d see. D’oh.

Snorkel Blue Color Trend Roundup Emily Henderson Design Photo 1

Taking it down a notch, we have the reliable ol’ “try a throw pillow” situation. But this space actually goes a step further by incorporating snorkel blue into the artwork and wire table base.

Snorkel Blue Color Trend Roundup Emily Henderson Design Photo 2

Here’s a space that will tickle your fancy if your fancy is the type that likes getting tickled by fancy spaces. Wait, what?


If this space looks familiar to you, IT BETTER. It’s Emily’s dining room! Emily, remember that time you went out in search of snorkel blue cushions in hopes I’d include them years later in this round-up?


Sometimes I lay on the floor and give my two year old son a ROCKET RIDE! to space on my knees/shins. We visit the stars and moon and pack an imaginary lunch complete with noodles and cookies and milk. Anyway, we often see some martians here and there and I find myself wondering what their houses look like. I think their houses might look like this.


A snorkel blue velvet sofa sounds kinda daring and loud, but add a casual mix of colorful pillows and a graphic rug and you’ve got yourself a happy little vignette.


Okay. Let me break it down for you. If you’re the kind of person that has enough vision and guts to tile an entire (tall) wall with this zany, bright blue pattern and can actually make it look good, you A) should come on those imaginary space trips with me because you seem pretty fun and B) are amazingly talented.


Who woulda thunk? This snorkel blue window frame is so cheerful and unexpected.

So, who’s in? Have I convinced you to try a new color? Or do you still think snorkel blue is crazy (or that I am)? While I’ve traditionally stuck to chambray, navy and blue/grey, I actually think I’ll give this brighter variety a try. 

If you’re up for taking the plunge (get it? sorry.) here’s some fun stuff to check out.

Snorkel Blue Color Trend Roundup Emily Henderson Design

1. Blue Pendant Light | 2. Sheet Set | 3. Fringe Clutch | 4. Cobalt Pattern Pillow | 5. Colorblock Silk Pillow | 6. Leather & Vinyl Visor | 7. Maxi Dress | 8. Tea Light Candle Holder | 9. Time Teller Watch | 10. Table Lamp | 11. Biker Backpack | 12. Patterned Scarf | 13. Fringe Sandals | 14. Salt & Pepper Mill | 15. Agate Coasters | 16. Verpan Stool | 17. Beacon Sconce | 18. Ripple Rug | 19. Dip-Dyed Stools

For more fashion-trends-turned-home-trends, check out Powder Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Lavender,  Fiesta Red,  Emerald & Teal and Bubblegum Pink

*Authored by Carla,  Carla Fahden is a Creative Director at a creative agency in Minneapolis with a focus on fashion art direction. Off the clock she devotes her time to writing her blog, designing wedding stationery and watching her Felicity box set. 

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6 years ago

LOVE this bright happy color, great job Carla! Sadly many of the items that I liked best in your round up are no longer available, (2,3, & 5) but the inspiration is fantastic. Thank you!

6 years ago
Reply to  Molly

Oops – sorry about that! I started this post so long ago and never double-checked to make sure everything was available. Will avoid that in the future 🙂

6 years ago

Such gorgeous photos, looking forward to more snorkel blue this year!

6 years ago

I heart this color and this blog post!! Such a fun/ny way to start a Monday morning!! Carla, do you have a fave paint in this color??

Julie P
6 years ago

That “looks like water” rug is SO close to Emily’s new custom bed that I had to go look at that older post just to make sure it wasn’t snorkel blue too.

6 years ago

Thanks Carla! Your posts crack me up every time!

6 years ago

For my entire life I have said I like any color as long as it’s blue! These beautiful photographs and suggestions make me so happy! Thank you Carla for showcasing such a gorgeous blue!!

6 years ago

This is my all-time absolute favorite color in the world. Hyperbole much? Thanks for another smash hit Carla!


6 years ago

I’ve got a cobalt blue knit top and two kinda french marine blue pillows and that’s as far as I’m willing to go on this blue train. And I’m a member of the blue fan club.

Um, just noticed I’m drinking out of a cobalt blue glass. But don’t tell anyone.

6 years ago

Love this colour and this round up, including the shots from ‘The Design Files’ open house here in Melbourne Australia.

6 years ago

Thank you so much! Really rich content and very useful information..

6 years ago

I’m all about it! We painted our entire master bedroom this color and it is so wonderful!

Emily K
6 years ago

I just finished painting the top 3rd of my dining room this color. The bottom 2/3 and all the trim is chantilly lace. It’s really spectacular. There’s a lot of navy/dark teal in my home and since this blue is in the same family but not exact it’s a wonderful complement to it. I can recommend Sherwin Williams Luxe Blue for those looking for a paint color in this hue.

Emily K
6 years ago

And maybe it’s just me but don’t the blue areas of the coffered ceiling in the image about halfway down just really need to be bright yellow? The room is really nice but it’s so disappointing to me because that ceiling should be no other color than yellow.

6 years ago

That is also my favorite color, your pictures show how the right is in different locations and even clothing. You picked a beautiful and inspiring topic!

6 years ago



6 years ago

I love this bold blue!

6 years ago

I love You, Carla. My friend with a yellow clutch doesn’t need to know about us.

6 years ago

Simple is king! 🙂
But actualy LOVE those first colorfull design.

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