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Season 2 of Secrets from a Stylist starts airing THIS SATURDAY.  ‘SRIGHT.  AT 8:30, instead of 9pm (most of you west coasters will get it at 5:30 as well on HD).  I for one have not seen any of them, but i’m  a-lovin’ them all design-wise.  We start the only one reveal thing on the second episode, so don’t be confused when you see two reveals/looks on the first episode.

OH and  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put it on your schedule,  blog, tweet and facebook about it. Remember, if people don’t watch it, it will end.  It’s just that simple.  And then i will be sad.  And i’ll just blog about how sad I am all the time.  And that will be super depressing.  And embarrassing.  And then i’ll probably grow chin-hair.

And don’t forget Design Star Season 6, starts July 11th, (next monday) and then i’ll be doing lots of reviews here, and a Video Blog on the Design Star Blog.  And i is excited about that.  yes, i is.  Who is going to be the lucky lucky winner of this insanely awesome job? somebody lucky, thats who.

Miles Redd, and i think he’s pretty much a risky little effing genius.

But for now i’m trolling for unexpected color palettes.  I’m down to designing the last 4 rooms and its super hard to come up with new color palettes, that also make sense for the clients, that aren’t too risky for HGTV viewers.  Here are some i’m loving that i haven’t done:

Nick Olsen, from House Beautiful.  And the thing about this one is that my instinct is not to put red with bright green, i mean, here comes santa clause, right? but no.  the fresh white and addition of those lavender flowers totally throw it off, in a good good way.

Red and purple, the color combo risk that i have never taken. Here’s the key to this combo:  Everything else has to be perfect and look relatively high end.  You can’t mix these colors (and with that pale pink) with crappy furniture…it can go cheezy and 80’s bad.  But this combo looks old-world meet mtv.


Again purple with the orange? no sir.  except, now, yes sir.  And it think its because its a super saturated orange with less intense purple, and the light hitting it and mr. shakespeare doesn’t hurt.


This combo i don’t think would fly on my show.  It’s risky even for me, and a lot of me thinks that the reason it works is because of the beautiful photography and the light and how super strange the bed is.  Although teal and rust have been a favorite combo of mine for a while.

So send yer suggestions.  Any color combo that you think is underdone and amazing? and keep blue out of it.  she and i have had to take a little break (large tear) because its such an easy go-to for me.  I need some challenging colors… a sista out.


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