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Screens behind beds, anyone?

First of all i woke up to an awesome review of Secrets from a Stylist by Young House Love (a DIY blog that is huge and amazing) this morning.  Shocked and excited.  Read it here.   And yesterday i had an interview at Centsational girl with some styling tips which you can read here.

Plus, i’ve made a very big decision that i want to share with you.  I, Emily Henderson, am going to start watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I never did, i don’t like sci-fi in general.  But you know what folks? you gotta take some risks sometimes.  Put down the Bravo.  Let the housewives fight amongst themselves, and pick up a good old box set of forbidden love.  Welcome to the rest of my life.  

Meanwhile i’m trolling for bedroom inspirations as i have a couple coming up (hey and if you are future clients reading, don’t even try and guess if this is for you).

Digging the screen behind the bed.  I feel like screens are under used.  I have a vintage wicker scrolly screen  in my office that i’m obsessed with and every time i look at it it makes me happy.  

Oh hell yes. Slightly fussy, but i totally want to get in that bed, so layered, cozy and i’m obsessed with the west elm sheepskin rug next to my bed.  i used it in a bedroom (for the first episode of 2nd season).  its like a daily little secret pampering of yourself that everyone deserves just for waking up.  It’s like (southern accent) ‘oh honey, you shouldn’t have to ever get out of bed, but since you have to at least step on the coziest thing in the world immediately, oh bless your heart’.   In other news, why have they not invented robots that brew and bring you coffee in bed yet.  OOh, maybe thats my ‘skinny girl margarita’.  must invent immediately.  

And this guy, quite grand.  but i’m into it.  


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