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SALE!!! 13 of my vintage pieces from Chairish

Alright friends … There are some real treats that I’m selling over on that I CAN’T believe have not gone yet. Some of them I keep getting offers on but my prices were firm because frankly I still want them. But I did go ahead and slash the prices 10% because we are moving and its probably just best to commit to selling them. I make-a you real good deal … See the whole collection here.

1 Safari Chair | 2 Portrait | 3 Antique Lamp | 4 Pair Danish Chairs | 5 Glass Demijohn Bottle | 6 Portrait | 7 Side Chair

Chairish8 Folding Army Cot | 9 Portrait | 10 Pair White Arm Chairs | 11 Cocktail Table | 12 Portrait | 13 Portrait | 14 Pair Brass Bar Stools

The things that I’m tempted to remove from the sale are the leather safari chair (#1) because that could go practically ANYWHERE in my new house and look awesome, and the pair of brass stools (#14) because I really need three and the other day I found a third which makes me think that they exist and that I should hoard these two until I find another.

Meanwhile two friends of mine really want #13, the sailor man, so I might hoard that, too. But not if you buy it first.

Y’all should jump on these with the sale or make an offer. I really do entertain every offe. I’m very vulnerable right now and my finger might just hit ‘accept’ even if my heart and mind are screaming ‘NO!!!’

You can view the whole collection HERE.

And don’t forget that you can sell on Chairish too if you have pretty things to hoard. My whole experience has been awesome and I keep getting checks in the mail which is always exciting. xx

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