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Rose Bowl and albinos…



I will not go to the Rose Bowl. I will not go to the Rose Bowl. I will not go to the Rose Bowl. (Huge once a month flea market).  Rose bowl sundays are always hard for me.  It’s so close, only 8 miles away.  I can practically taste all the vintage amazingness from here, hear the crowds of weirdo vendors and excited hagglers, smell the old-things musk.  NO! I shant go.   I will spend money that I don’t need to be spending on something I don’t need. The shopping devil on my shoulder says, ‘Don’t you always need more cool shit?’, and ‘Yes! devil, yes! I do!’  I just want to go back to bed, wake up and have it be monday, so the dilemma is solved for me.  By the way i’ve already talked myself into going.  The devil wins every time.  Screw you devil.  You’re a dick.  Why don’t you go sit on your horns or buy some more red clothes.  Loser.




These were some shots from a recent job, shot by Cheyenne Ellis.  I love them.  Minimal props, I know, but some clients actually need to see that you can do less.  They look at my book where I have a lot of sets and tabletop stuff, but it’s hard to visualize if I can do lifestyle shoots with people, and there is a lot of that out here.  So i’m starting to put a lot more of these in my book.





And can we celebrate the fact that being pale is so in?  I mean, who is paler than me? Albinos, you say and yes that is true, and albinos are super hot right now.


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