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Room to fashion style, mine and yes, i’m embarassed.



What am I laughing at, you ask? Just the ceiling.  It’s just hilarious. It was telling me the one about ‘the window, the floor and the rabbi all walk into a bar’.  gets me every time.  I’m not accustomed to getting my portrait taken, so in order to smile naturally I make myself laugh, and while I think this is better than a fake smile I realize now that I look a like a loon.  I had to do an ‘outfit to room’ of myself for an outside project.  My friend Teri (who is awesome) took these pics.  In case you aren’t aware of the outfit to room concept, it’s basically that your home style is often inspired by your fashion style or vice versa.   Clearly mine is – the colors, patterns, mix of woods and leathers, random, vintage, etc. etc. etc,  although I had to help the concept along by adding the hot pink pillow, that isn’t normally there.  The flower corsage that sadly i realize was placed to low in this pic, is Ban-do.  thanks, Jen.


and while the blog tries not be blatant self-promotion (that’s why i don’t post a lot of my own work which many of you have ask for, and by many, i mean my mom and my sister), it seems silly to have it be non-self-promotionery.  My spell-check is up in arms over that last word, but i’m going for it.

Where I bought stuff:  The rug was on craigslist for $75 (it’s 8×10, chinese, and prob 80 years old), the sofa is ikea and not the best bt-dubs, the floral pillows are either vintage fabric or fabric from Mood, made by muah – oh except for the white pleated one, that’s from CB2, and the blue polka-dot, that’s from Ikea.  Everything else is vintage.  The biggest painting was done by Penine Hart, who has an art and antique store in Soho that is underpriced and fantastic

I had to do four other examples – not of me, i’ll post them daily.  underneath I did a one-sentence style bio to help the client understand the concept better.

dress by Mayle (no longer exists, bastards), room not sure, sorry!


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