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24 Easy & Affordable Ways to Get a Little More “Green” at Home

Last week during our brainstorming session, the team agreed that talking more about eco-everything and aiming to make more environmentally friendly changes in our everyday lives should be a 2019 goal. Great. No problem because I for one create no waste. No boxes ever arrive at my house, and they definitely aren’t full of plastic… Read More …

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How We Designed a Family-Friendly Laundry Room in the Portland Project

This is the third laundry room I’ve designed (I think?), and it’s absolutely the largest one. I use the term “room” loosely since the first one (in my Glendale house) was a literal closet but a very functional and pretty closet at that…I mean we even wallpapered that sucker. But this one in the Portland… Read More …

Starting 2019 Right...

8 Steps to Building a Smart, Organized Pantry & Mudroom

It’s a new year, which means transplanting “get organized” from your 2018 resolutions to your 2019 hit list, just like you did last year… and the year before. (Tell me I’m not alone here?) Despite being increasingly allergic to “clutter body,” piles of assortments to be sorted just seem to accumulate. Last year, thanks to the… Read More …

Portland Project: The Entry & Staircase Reveal

I once worked with a makeup artist who said it took two hours to give a Goop model her “no-makeup makeup look.” That’s how this entry is. It looks so simple, but it was actually obsessed over. The millwork and the stair design warrant their own very thorough posts, but today is just a “simple,”… Read More …

House Tour: A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home + Get The Look

Last week on the blog, we introduced you to Samantha Gluck—an EHD alum who helped on a handful of projects a few years back (Joy’s studio and Joanna Goddard’s apartment)—by giving you a tour of her fantastic home. Everyone was so pumped by her work (and just seeing a house tour in general, I think), so we’ve got… Read More …

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