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by Laurren Welch

Just when I thought that I had figured out what makes a color palette timeless, Laurren, today’s contributing writer, proposes this: Perhaps the new “color trend” is actually unexpected and more about clashing or pairing together unexpected hues. I suppose like many things, creating tension can be what makes them exciting. Typically for room longevity,… Read More …

by Arlyn Hernandez

Plants. In the PG-censored words of Emily Henderson “What could people need to know? They’re so **bleeping** easy.” Let me rewind for a second, to give you some context. Picture this: All of team EHD, up in the mountains for a staff retreat in early January. The fireplaces are roaring, the soup is flowing, and… Read More …

by Jess Bunge

  Hi everyone. It’s me, Jess, Senior Market Editor and Official EHD Spotify Playlist DJ (that of which I am completely unqualified for). I can’t believe my fingers are actually typing this post because it feels like 5 years since I started to design my apartment. I think Emily, the team, my friends, family and the guy at the liquor store… Read More …

by Emily Henderson

Our #ehdweekendmakeover hashtag on Instagram is not a new thing for us. We took a dive into it (oh wait, maybe it was #showemyourstyled) over the holiday season in a big blog post about all the seasonal decor this amazing community was doing in their homes and sharing. We also regularly dig in for inspiration… Read More …

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