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by Jess Bunge

  Hi everyone. It’s me, Jess, Senior Market Editor and Official EHD Spotify Playlist DJ (that of which I am completely unqualified for). I can’t believe my fingers are actually typing this post because it feels like 5 years since I started to design my apartment. I think Emily, the team, my friends, family and the guy at the liquor store… Read More …

by Velinda Hellen

Velinda here again, welcoming you to my home. Sort of. I welcome you to the 400-square-foot tiny hobbit-home that my 980-square-foot bungalow sits above…likely the basement at one point. Revealing this “Makeover Takeover” as the introduction to my home is like skipping to read the final page of a novel. You’ve missed chapters. Here are… Read More …

by Ryann Miller

Last week during our brainstorming session, the team agreed that talking more about eco-everything and aiming to make more environmentally friendly changes in our everyday lives should be a 2019 goal. Great. No problem because I for one create no waste. No boxes ever arrive at my house, and they definitely aren’t full of plastic… Read More …

by Emily Henderson

It’s a new year, which means transplanting “get organized” from your 2018 resolutions to your 2019 hit list, just like you did last year… and the year before. (Tell me I’m not alone here?) Despite being increasingly allergic to “clutter body,” piles of assortments to be sorted just seem to accumulate. Last year, thanks to the… Read More …

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