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Retail therapy – What I Want to Buy


If you aren’t following on insta-story (or if you are not my brain) then you might not know that this week is NUTSO (all good things, remember Monday’s post?). So to cope with life I shop. It’s super healthy!

Nordstroms is having their big anniversary sale which is almost over. I’m busy art directing two huge shoots ( + moving studios, + designing the fixer which I want to reveal next week if I can prioritize that time), so things are busy.

But, this is what I would buy if I had more time. My future body/wardrobe thanks this post.

1. Lakeside Peplum Shirt | 2.Slim Utility Pant | 3. Embroidered Sateen Cotton Top | 4. Finnigan Faux Leather Crossbody Bag | 5. Gold Pendant Necklace | 6. Convertible Sleeve Midi Dress | 7. Balloon Sleeve Tee | 8. Wide Leg Trousers | 9. Floral Eyelet Bandana | 10. Corbin Slide Loafer | 11. Crop Military Jacket | 12. Suede Miniskirt | 13. Corbin Slip-On Sneaker | 14. Checkered Cotton Shirtdress | 15. Pivot Pendant Necklace | 16. Peplum Shirt | 17. High Waisted Skinny Jean | 18. Kristen Loafer | 19. Sailors Knot Bangle | 20. Anita Leather Strap Watch | 21. Camel Long Coat

Watch and follow along on insta-story to see what we are doing, content-wise and you can expect some good stuff soon…. 🙂

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Nice picks!


(No mean tone intended…Just an actual question) Why does every blogger I follow do Nordstrom anniversary sale posts? Does Nordstrom promote primarily via bloggers? Are these paid advertisements? What are the benefits to all the bloggers and instagramers posting about the Nordstrom sale? I’m not a Nordstrom shopper so can’t really tell if the prices during the anniversary sale are actually that good. Are they? Do normal people look forward all year long to the sale like it’s Christmas, or is this just blogger hype?


I can only speak for myself but I wait all year for this sale. You can get really good seasonal basics and really great beauty buys at a great price point. In some cases, I buy the same things every year. Halogen tees, jumbo size body lotions, etc. It’s my favorite sale of the year…hands down. I would assume that bloggers get a kickback is someone clicks through the bloggers link and makes a purchase. Side note…while I find Emily’s pick super cute, I’ve already spent my budget since the sale has been going on for over two weeks now. Plus, alot of items are sold out at this point. If you’ve never shopped it, I’d definitely recommend!

The prices really are good and they are on sale BEFORE the season starts rather than at the end of the season like most sales. I’ve been shopping the Anniversary Sale for 15 years!


You are right, I noticed that about the blogosphere during this time as well. I’ve discovered that a lot of bloggers do post about the Nordstrom sale. One of the bloggers prefaced her picks by saying “I know everyone has already posted about the Nordstrom sale, but here’s my 2 cents..” I appreciated that. Also, this sale is so huge I would never personally take the time to browse it all unless I was looking for something specific. ( I actually had my eye on that knotted bangle bracelet for a while. I’ve seen it in a few fashion pics.) So since i can’t escape all the bloggers posting about it during the sale, I just use them to narrow down all those pages of sale items. I click what I like and ignore the rest. Let them do the work for me lol. I’m not a regular Nordstrom shopper either.


Because to some people, this sale is an EVENT! It’s like Prime Day or Black Friday. If you’re a blogger who talks about style, beauty, or home decor it’s just a given to round up your picks. It makes for easy content.


The funny thing to me is that all the ads I’m seeing on the site right now are for Modcloth, if this is a sponsored post that’s a bit of a fail!

Nordstrom anniversary sale season = my christmas time!

Love those green pants!


Go for that navy dress. It would look fantastic on you. I’m seriously considering the Spanx faux leather leggings. They are so well reviewed and they just look really cool.


They are AMAZING and you should get them. I wear them constantly.

Susie Q.

The dress is interesting, but for Emily I get the feeling it should either be shorter or longer (to the floor). It’s a weird length, isn’t it?


Does anyone besides me despise those chopped-off pants that make it look as if you are standing in a hole? Or anticipating a flood? They are not flattering on anyone, sorry. I would like to see people wear either shorts or pants, and don’t like the “in between.” Call me a conservative dresser. I do like the navy dress and the cinnamon-colored coat.


They are fug as sin, but unflattering is in. And yes, everyone will regret it. But for people who have fun with their fashion – why not?

Susie Q.

Yeah, I hate them in photos, at least. But I bought some khakis at the thrift store, cut ’em off, and washed them to get that raw edge. Now I can pretend to be hip! I think they look best with casual, flat shoes.


I bought those silver slides in the pre-sale and I don’t like them. They seem flimsy and bend too easily when I walk.


I second tgat. I bought them as well and made the mistake of taking new shoes on vacay. Not a brilliant move – not only were they uncomfortable but they have weird creases where they bend that look like crumpled tinfoil. BUT they were adorable in our family photo!

However, the camel loafers are awesome …. completely versatile and lovely. I could walk all day and I felt that they elongated my short stumpy I should legs.

ashley coulon

you’ve pushed me out of my comfort zone to try things I never would have thought twice about, thank you!! I’m basically the best dressed drunked clown in town now and I love it.

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