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really, Emily, you think you can make that work?

Welcome to the first post of ‘Really, Emily, you think you can make that work?’   Which basically means that i have purchased things for the show that are nutso, but by redoing them or finding the perfect environment for them I guarantee you, they will not only work, but look hot.  Money back guar-on-tay.

Today is the first reveal of the first house of the first episode.  Meaning, that i’ve styled the room completely in one look, and have yet to layer.  I like.   I can’t post any pics yet, obviously, sorry.  But don’t worry when the show airs i’ll do a thorough behind the scenes with pics, shopping resources, etc.

I’m trying to figure out how much I can give away about the episodes.  And this is what i have decided – ‘before’ pics of the craziest pieces.  

Here is a ‘before’ piece for the first episode (most clients read the blog, so i won’t be posting anything that they haven’t seen or will see today):


What is it? you ask….It’s gold.  its crushed.  its hot as hell.  I got it at the Rose Bowl for $150.  Money very well spendt as I have now seen the after and it is S.I.C.K.

I know one can make love on a piece of furniture , but is it weird to want to make love to a piece of furniture?


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