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Random Photos of Ian's house, and new friends in town

I know i should be blogging about last weeks episode. i’m sure of it, and i will. But i have 10 minutes and sourcing/linking the product/stores take longer.  Plus i didn’t get professional pics taken and that always bums me out.  So instead i’m posting these awesome photos that my friend Mark took of Ian’s house.  Remember Ian? that quirky little rodeo pant wearing friend from the special? its funny cause i’m over there all the time and its like, yep, this happened, and I still really love it, not gonna lie.  I’m begging for Mark to take more photos of the whole house, i realized that i never did and that is sad.  So if they look anything like these, i will be very very very happy. 

I know.  Mark just randomly sent them to me because he and his wife Amelia just moved to LA and are staying with Ian for a while, and he snapped these up one day.  He doesn’t really shoot interiors (more of a portraiture guy) and i’m all, ‘well you do now’.  Besides his name is Mark Champion.  I mean, who doesn’t want to work with a guy named Mark Champion.  His wife has a fashion blog, a la Cupcakes and Cashmere, that he shoots, its called Clotheshorse NYC and its good. Amelia (who i will always be jealous of for having the more exotic version of mi nombre) has awesome fashion sense and is going help me get out of my 70’s fashion rut, don’t worry not change the decade, just modernize it a bit….less costume-y.  

Yup.  this is Amelia, pics by Mark.  And this is Mark:

Neither of them are models per say, (she’s an actor, he’s a photographer) but they aren’t bad to look at.  Welcome to LA, my new friends. 

Check out Amelia’s blog here, and Mark Champion’s work here, because they are awesome. I will always from now on only call him Mark Champion, by the way.  Or just Champ.  


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