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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson


That’s us – desperately trying to make Sir. Charles Starke Henderson laugh. His giggling started last week for a bit, but he has since not laughed a peep. Punk. I know that photo looks super staged and while it’s not like we were just randomly sitting there, hand gently placed on my hip, color palette clearly thought about, know that while we had a photographer these are actually genuine moments caught by LK Griffiin.


Anyway, this post is about childcare. I have NO idea what to do about it. Right now we have this awesome chick, (hi Karley) who takes care of Charlie 15 – 20 hours a week based on our needs. Normally 2-3 days and 1 night. Its great. She loves him, he loves her, it’s all wonderful. But I’m not sure what we should do for a permanent situation. Some days it feels like we need a full-time house manager/nanny/Mrs. Hughes. Someone who will prep meals, clean the house, grocery shop, open all the boxes (its like grand central over here) wash cars, pay our bills, make beds, do laundry, etc.  I mean .. I just sold myself on that idea …


But then some days I think that we are so busy that if we don’t put him in a progressive day care that he won’t get the exposure and stimulation that he needs. I love him being around all the time, but is that best for him? Would it be better if he were around other kids 5 hours a day and then back with us the other 19? There are some weeks that are totally manageable and some weeks that aren’t. Since Brian works for himself and works from home he takes on a much larger role than most dads, and that’s awesome, but it doesn’t mean that us missing him wouldn’t be a good thing. I think it would be. 


So weigh in, folks. I’ve taken to no longer reading ANYTHING online or in books about parenting and instead only listening to my mom and friends – which strangely include you. I go to babycenter and I want to cry at the depressing and judgmental stories, but here you have all been so supportive, caring, feminist in a non-“feminist” kind of way. I really appreciate all advise you can give. Its all so new to us and while we are sure to make mistakes, any advise to minimize those would be absolutely appreciated.

All photos by LK Griffin photography (and yes, i realize how lucky I am to be forced (by having a blog) to take a ton of family photos :))

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