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QUICK UPDATE: studio craziness


Yes. I’m alive. No, my lack of posting isn’t going to become a habit. We are just pretty much pulling all nighters between finishing some projects and finishing the book so the blog suffers. The blog is so innocent in all of this. In fact the blog is what actually is responsible for all of this and yet its the first to suffer. Dear blog, I still love you.

Anyway, you may have seen some pretty images on instagram of the studio design (that has to be camera ready by 3pm tomorrow).

Hygge and West wallpaper – flea market rehab bench. It’s so fun to look at I squeal like Charlie does every time he grabs Bearcat’s fur in total delight.


Paint chips are going on a wall. Hopefully it looks like a random artist studio installation and not a weird DIY craft wall.

pretty drapes

Curtains are up and looking super romantic. These could go so bad (A-la the lovemaking scene in The Room) or they could go so pretty. In this case, friends, it’s so pretty. Thank you Karley for sewing them! (Fabric from The Fabric Store on La Brea – more on everything later).


We put up a whole wall of the portfolio, which is strangely satisfying to see (more on that later, but it has to do with Tiny Prints and check out their Metal Wall Prints when you have a second).  And that delicious paint color? Coral Echo by Dutch Boy.

But really, 6 hours ago it actually still looked like this:


We left tonight at midnight. THANK YOU GINNY, BRADY who stayed til the end, and Robbie and Karley who stayed til 9pm. Such troopers. I’ll be at the flower market at 6am tomorrow. Why? Because i’m insisting on doing the flowers like a weirdo. Nay, idiot. I mean, of course right now I’d die to have literally anyone else be in charge of another decision, but we’ll pull it off.  Anyway, this isn’t for your pity – I love late install nights and going early to the flower market, I just feel bad for being absent so I feel the need to over-explain ‘why’. Hopefully the reveal will be worth it!

Anyway, sorry, for the lack of programming. We’ll be back sooooooooonnnnnn. As soon as we figure out how to combine these 20 different wallpapers in one 1200 square foot space.



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