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post still coming, sorry.


First of all thank you, thank you, thank you for all your comments.  And thank god for this blog that allows me to see them.  I get so critical of myself when I watch the show (aka, i wasn’t psyched about my hosting) and accidentally seeing a few comments on the HGTV facebook page wasn’t awesome –  i’m really shocked how nasty some home and garden viewers can be.  It’s so weird to be exposed to so many people and left completely open for criticism, but you guys make me feel good and it counteracts all the meanies out there.  Truly.  (and the always-smarter-than-me Brian has forbidden me (again) from reading any comments other than those here – but its just so tempting.)
I had a crazy nutty shoot yesterday.  We had 30 people here for a RUE magazine entertaining story.  It was hectic, but totally fun and the images are awesome. My apartment is approximately 46 square feet so having that many bodies was wacko jacko.  and now it  looks like crazy town.  Poor brian.  
I have to rush out to work, but I should have my post up by this afternoon, so check back by.  Sorry for the delay, i hate it when my real life interferes with my reality life.  
Champagne problems, people.  Champagne problems.



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