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Portland shopping… i put birds on things.

 I didn’t have time to do a proper shopping tour or shopping guide, but i did of course go to my favorite stores in Portland and took a few pictures and spent some money.

Bernadette Breu Experience.  

This table was $195 and solid brass and solid amazingness.  I love it more than baby donkeys.  Have you seen a baby donkey recently? They are ridiculous.  If i could find one for $195 i would buy that, but for now i’m regretting not buying this table.

Why yes, i did get a new camera, Sony A500 with a 50mm 1.4 lens.  I barely know what that means, you could say ‘Sony Flux capacitor 940X and i would be all, in my frat boy voice ‘yeah, totally, the 940x version’.  Morgan told me it was really user friendly and relatively affordable although not exactly cheap (body of camera $500, lens $400). So far i’m super happy with it, but i have NOTHING to compare it to – i just couldn’t splurge on the Canon 6D with lenses that i wanted.

Back to the store:


If i was redoing an industrial loft for a hip cool dude, this door would be awesome art for the walls.  It’s also $900, so it would have to be a rich hip dude, and then we are getting into female fantasy land…..right, ladies? You with me?
I love the colors of this rug – looking for large scale artwork for a clients house and something like this could work if framed.  It’s 2 1/2 x 5 and was $300, i’m still considering it.  
Dear you (chair). I need you in my house. I saw one of you once in Pasadena when i was broke. You were in green supple leather.  You were covered in ugly pillows, but i saw through them, uncovered you, unearthed you even.  I would visit you often, but you were $700 and i couldn’t swing it at the time. Then somebody else did. And now, especially after seeing your brother in Portland, i regret my life. Yours always, Emily
This screen is BEEEEEAAAUUUUTTTIFFFFULLLLLL  Brass inlay on two of the doors, just stupidly pretty. 
I got all ‘Ryan-Gosling-in-‘Crazy-Stupid-love’ on this brass man trophy. I was all, ‘Let’s get outta here’ (It’s important to not pose as a question, but to just assert it – pick up lines 101 via Ryan’s character.) But i need another brass sculpture like i need another teen show to get addicted to – I DON’T.
Up next?
Seek the Unique.    (and they are having a big party this saturday at 7pm with booze and food, by the way….hit it up)
I was to settee all over this settee.
It’s $425 and if we were already moved and had space for it in my new studio i would have snatched it up. The fabric is in perfect original condition (worn and soft in a good way, but no rips)  I’m already emotionally attached to it and i spent 2 minutes with it. Ah the power of a vintage love seat.  
They will have a ton more stuff out that they are all working on right now – fixing er up.  So if you are in Portland this saturday, check it out. They are extremely nice people, too.
I’ve been buying from Spencer for years now. It’s where i got my navy tufted sofa. It’s where i rented almost all of the furniture I used for the Pendleton Catalogues i styled. He has really great stuff and is expanding everyday. But it’s not cheap stuff.
It’s a warehouse in the middle of a really industrial area, so look at the address and call ahead to make sure he’s there.
I’ll take you.
I love you little leather chair, very much.
Duh.  Get in my house  you brazilian beauty, you.
He has A TON of stuff – all of this is on his ‘to be repaired’ list.  They also custom make tables (coffee, console, desk) out of reclaimed wood with vintage industrial bases.
NOw this piece i’m going to show to a client. It’s a vintage toy train track. It is three dimentional, and massive (like 7′ x 3′)
It’s pretty much just a large crazy sculpture.  I LOVE love love it.
Must go box now.  As i do.  I’ll do more Portland stores either tomorrow or later in the week.  I’m so bummed i didn’t make it to a lot of stores i meant to – i was happily distracted by two babies, 5 siblings, 2 parents, 3 nieces, 1 nephew and two best friends.  



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