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Pillowfort Playroom & Nursery Makeover


As you know I’ve done a lot of baby rooms (I have two myself, after all), but playrooms are even more fun to do for pretty obvious reasons. I used Target’s new, very wonderful and affordable kids decor line, PillowFort, to furnish and accessorize almost the whole space. The “client” this time was the family of Green Wedding Shoes. Jen and Jayson who have a 3 year old, Sienna, and just gave birth to another daughter, Dakota. Congratulations, Jen. Welcome to the 2-kid club. It’s not exactly like the clubs I used to try to sneak into when I was 18, but it’s definitely full of excitement and way more A-list. See the full posts here: Pillowfort Makeover | A Bunny Themed Nursery

Photography by: Tessa Neustadt