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Pop of Gold! A girl’s room makeover + Get The Look

Welcome to a special guest post by my dear friend Orlando Soria, the creative director of the L.A. Homepolish team and the founder of Hommemaker blog. We don’t work together every day anymore but our addiction to each other hasn’t waned. So, every now and again we simply must collaborate even if its just a guest post by him here on the blog. Take it away, Landy.

Dear Emily,

One of my favorite projects to date has been the glamortransformation of my La Habra clients’ gorgeous Spanish revival home. I love these clients and was sad when I finished designing their home. (Sidenote: These clients wish to remain nameless because they are way too humble to brag about their home online. I’m going to refer to their daughter as Brenda Walsh, for simplicity’s sake and because I love the 90z TV program ‘90210’). Luckily, in addition to being totally sweet, they’re also insane and have been continually renovating their home since I met them, so there’s always a new space to decorate and I get to see them all the time.

Most recently, I worked on a makeover for their nine year old daughter, Brenda Walsh, who is an awesome little girl who loves design and wanted to be part of the process. She’s such a cool person and it was fun asking her questions about what she wanted to see in her space.

Before I came in, Brenda’s room was still in little kid mode, with a bright pink bedspread and a matching black bedroom set (we’d moved in her new and awesome brass bed when we took these shots). She was kind of over her pink phase, so she wanted to update her color palette and give her room a bit more pizazz. An important sidenote is that children LOVE pizazz, so if you’re decorating a child’s room, add pizazz wherever possible. Also, the more you repeat the word “pizazz” the more you realize it’s the most important word ever. PIZAZZ.

bedroom before

Click through to see the full makeover …

la habra_kids room_orlando soria_emily henderson_2

As much as I love my La Habra clients, they are terrified of any paint color that is not white. I don’t know what paint did to them in a past life, but whenever I mentioned painting a room anything other than white they’d start screaming and clawing at their faces and throwing rocks at my forehead. One time, I got them to go crazy and paint their office a wild color. Well it seemed wild at the time, but when the paint dried we realized the color of grey they chose was so light that it was literally white. They were so relieved they clung to each other weeping. In their defense, their home’s interiors really should be white. It’s a Spanish revival and it would look weird painted kooky colors. So they are wise, even though they are crazy and insane. Like your mom.

OMG, why did I just rant about color for so long? Oh yeah, stickers! They’re a great way to add some flavor to a room without painting or wallpapering. I got these from Etsy. Super inexpensive, fun way to jazz up a wall without trying very hard. DID SOMEBODY SAY PIZAZZ?!?

la habra_kids room_orlando soria_emily henderson_10

La Habra grid

If you try this, don’t overthink the application of these stickers. You can alway take it off and reapply if it looks weird. I cut mine at the moulding with an exacto blade and a straight edge to give it a cleaner look.

la habra_kids room_orlando soria_emily henderson_12

How awesome is that bed? I kind of lost my mind when I found it because it reminds me of a lot of awesome (and crazy expensive) brass beds I’ve seen in fancy vintage shops I can’t afford. This baby is a steal from CB2 ($599 for the size we got). I know that doesn’t sound super cheap, but the vintage versions I’ve seen of this style are like $5000.

la habra_kids room_orlando soria_emily henderson_13

The family already had these amazing Richard Avedon Beatles posters so we incorporated them into the room. This little girl is literally cooler and more sophistcated than me and it kind of pisses me off.

La Habra before after text

la habra_kids room_orlando soria_emily henderson_16

Because I’m unnaturally obsessed with buying these Ikea bookcases and spray painting them, like, every day of my life, we painted one gold for Brenda.


The accessories are a combination of Brenda’s own nicknacks and new and vintage items I sourced for her.

la habra_kids room_orlando soria_emily henderson_15

Don’t you want to punch this chaise lounge in the face for being so cute?

la habra_kids room_orlando soria_emily henderson_23

If these sculptural vases don’t make you smile you’re literally not a human being and I don’t understand anything about you or your choices.

la habra_kids room_orlando soria_emily henderson_28

Brenda loves owls, so I incorporated her colorful owl collection into the scape on top of the dresser.

la habra_kids room_orlando soria_emily henderson_30

Don’t you kind of want to go back in time and be a little kid so you can scream and cry and throw knives until your parents buy you this awesome gigantic giraffe stuffed animal? I’m also wondering if it’s too late to call child services on my parents for denying me this amazing and necessary toy as a child.

la habra_kids room_orlando soria_emily henderson_31

There you go! A magical bedroom for the coolest kid ever!


And, for good measure, here’s a picture of Brenda’s fresh-faced kitty. If only I had that youth and vigor!


What? You want another kitty photo? Why not! I mean, if you’re not ripping out your hair in terror over how adorable this babycat is you really need an eye exam.


Oh, and just one more. BECAUSE YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

new new Lab Habra

Want more info about where I got everything? Have no fear! See below for how to get the look!


1. Pendant Lamp $24.99 from Ikea,  2. Teal Linen Duvet $249.95 from Crate & Barrel,  3. Brass Bed $599 from CB2,  4. Gold Accent Pillow $44.95,  5. White Mid-Century Bedside Table $299 from West Elm,  6. White Knit Throw $175 from Restoration Hardware,  7. Brass Circular Mirror $229 from CB2,  8. White Table Lamp $69 from West Elm,  9. Multi-Colored Dot Rug $749 from West Elm,  10. Modern Storage Bench $399 from CB2,  11. Brass Bookends $49 from West Elm,  12. Grey Velvet Chaise $629 from Urban Outfitters,  13. White Dresser $749 from West Elm, 14. 3″ Gold Dot Decals $26.77 from Etsy.

My clients taped Brenda’s response to her bedroom makeover reveal and sent it to me. It’s the cutest most amazing video I’ve ever seen in my life. She LOVES her new space and was so excited about seeing it for the first time. Her room is now filled color, character, and, most importantly, pizazz. She’s amongst the youngest of my Homepolish clients, but she’s not the youngest. Check back soon to see how I transformed her five-year-old brother’s room from flab to fab!


PS: But wait! There’s more! Check out even more photos of the finished project at Homepolish Magazine!

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish

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6 years ago this, especially the gold stickers! What a brill idea and you can create a bespoke look 🙂

Emma Jayne x

6 years ago

I am so pissed that I was not this cool as a child. I thought “cool” was my Laura Ashley comforter and matching valance. Damn you Brenda Walsh.

6 years ago
Reply to  Beth


6 years ago

My favorite parts of that room are the shelving unit as a whole and the gold and blue box on the dresser. Or maybe the kitten, but that just wouldn’t be fair to Orlando.

6 years ago

This has to be one of my favorite posts. Not because of the adorable room that I’d gladly take as an adult but because of the aggressive imagery you put in my head: “…they’d start screaming and clawing at their faces and throwing rocks at my forehead…”, “Don’t you want to punch this chaise lounge in the face for being so cute?”, ” you’re literally not a human being and I don’t understand anything about you or your choices”, “scream and cry and throw knives” and my favorite: “if you’re not ripping out your hair in terror over how adorable this babycat is you really need an eye exam.” You slay me!

6 years ago
Reply to  Lindsay


6 years ago

This is amazing! And this little girl now has more style than I do – haha. I love your guest post. Orlando is hilarious, and his voice is still very much on brand to yours, so it totally fits for your blog. Obsessing over gold dots at the moment, so this is beyond amazing! Kudos.

6 years ago

I’m going to go curl up in the fetal position and weep because this child is more chic than I will probably ever be. (I will also cuddle my cat because even though she is no longer a tiny kitten but rather a fat old lady, she is adorable too.)

6 years ago

This post makes me sad. Sad that I don’t have such an awesome bedroom. How lovely. And yes, I do want to punch that chaise in the face for being so cute.

6 years ago

This room is fresh and bright and cheerful, nice job Orlando. That brass bed!!!

6 years ago

Is it sad that I’m coveting nearly everything and I’m oh, you know, 16 years OLDER? No? Ok. Good.

6 years ago

I LOVE IT AND BEYOND! A simple makeover but the impact is huge! Love those stickers! Now I have to do that in our lovenest (aka small, very small, small like 34sqm condo unit)! Haha! Maybe I’ll add some washi tapes too, gold dots and washi tapes. *yum*

6 years ago

A smashing room with simple blings all over! Love it Orlando!

6 years ago

You’re also misspelling it. Pizzazz, not pizazz.

6 years ago
Reply to  M

Pizazz is acceptable. Piz·zazz or Pi·zazz or Piz·zaz.

What an awesome room! I’m in the middle of decorating my 13 year old son’s room and found such great inspiration in Brenda’s room. I love how you pulled the gold carpet into the gold decals. Totally works. You have such a great “voice” in your writing. I can understand Emily’s obsesssion…I think I’m becoming obsessed too! But, not in a totally weird way. 🙂

6 years ago

My childhood bedroom was bright green and purple! Terrible. #victim

6 years ago

I am in love with your style and posts Orlando! <3

6 years ago

Adore the room. Question: you HAD to keep the carpet? A single sour note in an otherwise symphonic perfection of a room.

patty blaettler
6 years ago

Always love Orlando’s posts! It seems you two were separated/not separated at birth.

6 years ago

Dear Orlando, please narrate my life. Thank you, Amanda.

6 years ago

This may sound like a dumb question, but what white paint did you use in this room?

6 years ago

Gorgeous room, adorable cat!
BUT, I cannot let it pass– Richard Avedon. He’s an icon. He was a genius. He deserves to have his name spelled right. 🙂

6 years ago

Hilarious, awesome, inspiring, Orlando!

6 years ago

This is a great idea, love how it turned out!

6 years ago

Beautiful room– awesome work, Orlando. And your commentary, HA! I get such a kick out of you! LUV your blog, too! Keep up the great work….

6 years ago

What girl wouldn’t love that room. Orlando, your posts are so much fun and OMG, that kitten!

6 years ago

i love orlando’s posts! And this room!

6 years ago

Orlando! What is your go-to gold and/or brass spray paint!

AMAZING room! Dying over that brass bed – wow.

Susie Q.
6 years ago

I’ve just resolved to do 2 things: 1. go buy those bookshelves at IKEA, 2. permanently add the word “babycat” to my personal lexicon.

6 years ago

I hear the voice of Craig from Parks and Rec everytime I read an Orlando post. Not only do I love this cool teen’s bedroom, but I love everything about your writing voice. And you can never have too many damn kittens 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Michelle

ME TOO!!!!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Kristin

ME THREE!!!! omg. #billyeichnerisagenius #orlandoisagenius

kaela d.
6 years ago
Reply to  Michelle

bahaha exactly what I was thinking as I read this…
6 years ago

That’s a room that will grow with the girl. Charming and fun!

6 years ago

I love EVERYTHING about this room! Can I just be 9 again? Or just have decor/design for a 9 year-old even though I’m in my 30s?

…and by EVERYTHING, I include Orlando’s hilarious editorializing. Genius.

6 years ago
Reply to  Amber

Oh, and kittens.

Emily – you should include more kittens in your posts.

6 years ago

I am dying laughing. Not only do I love the room, I love how hard Orlando cracks me up.

6 years ago

Wow, that room turned out gorgeous! I wish my childhood bedroom had been half this cool!

6 years ago

Great post and room. She appears to be a very sophisticated 9 year old full of PIZAZZ! Of course, the kitty is adorable. Good way to end the weeks. Thanks.

You’re awesome Landy. I love that it’s over the top cute, over the top fun, and over the top functional WITHOUT being “over the top”…. ya know? Great ideas that anyone can realistically use. Thank you Landy and Emily.

6 years ago

If only I could’ve had a room like this growing up! Kittens, owls, and chaise lounges, oh my! The gray velvet chaise lounge is so perfect for reading and daydreaming. And those people vases filled with peonies on the dresser–could I ask where are those from? Cute overload.

6 years ago

That kitten really MAKES the room!

6 years ago

This post proves all of my love for Orlando. Oh, how I would be besties with you both. We’d be like Three’s Company, but better.

6 years ago

Welp, a nine year-old has a better room than this woman in her 30’s. And of course, Orlando isn’t in the market for women. Oh, and I’m married. The world is an extremely unfair place.

6 years ago

Dear Orlando,

You’re hilarious! I want to be your best friend. I have a home in need of designing/decorating, a pug who’ll lay on you once you take a seat, and a mighty handsome husband to look at and occasional touch if he allows it.

Love, Ginet

6 years ago

I can’t decide which I love best: the dots, the kitten, or Orlando’s sense of humor. My son votes for the yellow owl pillow!

6 years ago

Two things I learned from this post:
1. If those sculptural vases don’t make you smile you’re literally not a human being.
2. If you’re not ripping out your hair in terror over how adorable this babycat is you really need an eye exam.

Can’t stop laughing. LOVED THIS POST. Thanks for sharing, Orlando!

6 years ago

I love this so hard. I am currently re-doing my 9 y.o. daughter’s room and debating getting those decals. They are a better deal than the ones at PB.

I think a desk would probably be a better fit for a 9 year old than a chaise, but maybe Brenda Walsh likes to faint on couches a lot.

I W A N T this room for myself sans the stuffed animals!!!! Too cool for a kid! Between that gold bed and the chaise I wouldn’t leave the room!

6 years ago

Awesome job and I love your writing. That kitten is way too cute!

🙂 Daisy

Nina Bond
6 years ago

Fantastic. Gold dots are incredible and the best thing about the room. Funny writing style….very similar to Emily’s but Emily on amphetemines.

6 years ago

Terrific room..I love all polka dots but wow, gold vinyl decal dots..I want some and that peacock! Love how you painted ikea shelves to echo the awesome brass bed, never saw one like it. And, love all the splashes of bold color. Lovely vintage house..sigh, those great doors and glass knobs. Thanks for sharing the pics & the funny post.

6 years ago

Damn Brenda, I am moving in!

6 years ago

Love the room. LOVE Orlando!

6 years ago

Ahhhhh I LOVE Orlando’s writing style. He just makes me smile! This room turned out so great. Even the kitty matches!

6 years ago

Umm I’ll take this for me…now. Actually just slap those gold dots all over my house please.

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