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Phone it in Friday – Happy Labor Day Weekend

My brain and body are catching up from the insanity of the week, and we are leaving tomorrow/today for a camping trip with our best friends for four days. Normally this trip is kinda crazy (we rent out a 70’s boys scout camp) but this year i’m just psyched for 3 days without wifi and with my boys and best friends.

This week was so fun with the studio being done and a launch of a new partnership with TinyPrints which is very exciting. A lot to tell you, but since its the last week in August, i’m just going to phone it in and post this photo.

You’re welcome. That is Charlie Henderson. Not sure if you’ve heard about him – otherwise known as my favorite thing on this planet. He’s sitting on my new chair from The Citizenry,  with toes and skin tone from ‘The Starke’s’ (my family/maiden name), the poor kid. Brian brought him to the little event we had this week, which made me intensely happy. He had just come from a business meeting, obviously.

Its 11:30pm and he just woke up for the second time, wailing in pain due to teething (the cutest, little white nubs I ever did see). I rocked his crying little body back to sleep which is all at once sad,  priceless, exhausting and satisfying. Whoever thought that you would actually opt to be the one that soothes a crying baby? Not me. And i’m sure if it happened often I wouldn’t volunteer, but because it doesn’t happen too often (knock on wood) and because I was so absent this week I just needed some more rocking and lullabye time.

Anyway…. Sorry for the lack of posting and for the ‘phone it in’ post. Happy last week of Summer, folks. May your labor day be full of whatever you want it to be.

Oh and I turn 35 on monday. So theres that …. 🙂 I mean … I started this blog when I was 30. Thats weird.

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