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Perfection? meh, its for the dogs.

I get a lot of criticism on the show for having a lot of ‘clutter’ and being really ‘messy’ and ‘random’.  Yes, these are the haters, and in general i don’t really care, but when i was thinking about who i love, style-wise i was reminded of these folks and how much i would rather strive to be like them, then traditional (and perfect):

Hamish Bowles (Vogue Living editor):

random? sure.  beautiful? absolutely.  I want every single thing in here. And i want to live in this world. 

Sibella Court, (stylist, store owner, author of ‘Etc’ and an Aussie’, who i can’t get enough of.  Boardering on hoarding, but i want to spend hours in her home and store. Exquisite and totally uncontrollably good taste. 

I’m intrigued, enthralled and i wouldn’t trust myself to not steal.  Just warnin’ you, S. 

Lili’s taste is incredible.  She shares my love of vintage florals, and made me feel like it was ok 5 years ago when no one else was really doing it (i was doing it in secret). 

And Robyn Glaser, whose messy and effortless style was one of my first influences (she also owns the most well curated prop house in New York, you know where Martha Stewart stylist get all those hand thrown turquoise bowls and that perfectly shaped and toned silver spoon? yup…she rents it all out).  Imperfect but totally flawless.  


I have to pull it back my ‘eclecticism’ for the show because the camera pans so fast you don’t get a chance to really see the detail, so yes, one could interpret (with an amateur eye) it to be ‘clutter’…. (which is why i have Laure, Teri and Mark take pictures afterwards).  

Anyhoo, screw the haters….. and perfection.  

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