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Pattern Play: Florals


Just when you thought it was time to tuck your easy-breezy floral blouses away for the winter and swap out your sheer floral window panels for some cozy velvet ones, this seemingly summer pattern went and pulled a fast one on us. Today we’re talking all about the floral trend, people, and how it has more flexibility and longevity than you might think.

It’s me, Carla, by the way. And for those keeping track (ALL OF YOU, RIGHT?), I’ve been guest posting about fashion-turned-home trends over the past couple of months. While we’ve been diving deep into color trends for the last few posts, we’re switching it up today with a round-up of punchy, petal-filled patterns for your wardrobe and home – mostly because Emily is unabashedly, annoyingly in love with flowers and all things floral.

If you’re like me, my pretty, feminine floral tops and dresses usually get packed away this time of year in favor for boring wool sweaters and camp socks. But as you can see from these fancy broads below,  there’s a way to work florals into your fall wardrobe quite nicely. Bonus points to the chica below in the upper right corner for tucking her hair into her turtleneck, BTW.

Source 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

And here’s some more floral fall fashion goodness – pairing Adidas sneakers with a long floral frock seems to be a theme, eh?


If you’re doubtful that florals can have a place in your home year-round AND be incorporated in a gender-neutral way, keep calm and read on.


Boom. This space nails it. The floral sheer panels are balanced with more masculine pieces like the lamp, table and chairs. The unexpected kitty-cat artwork and vibrant rug keep your eyeballs bouncing around the room vs. fixating just on the florals.


Here’s a totally different approach. This sweet, colorful wallpaper is balanced with the abundant white walls, windows and natural light. The solid white table and red hutch provide nice visual breaks which is important in a kitchen/dining space. Kitchens tend to be cluttered with dishes, mail, dog bowls, etc and sometimes it’s best to keep any patterns tucked away in the background like this.


Conversely, this space does anything but try to minimize pattern. Isn’t it something? Who woulda thought such a bold floral with a busy, graphic floor would look so awesome?


For those who know me, I am a SUCKER for blue and white. This wallpaper is to die for! The brass sconces and greek key pillows help balance out the feminine florals.


I am also a sucker for spaces that don’t feel intentionally “decorated” and coordinated but rather just look like someone with amazing taste and personality inhabit the joint. There’s something so comforting and authentic about a room like this one. It looks totally lived-in and while none of these pieces would SEEM to work together,  they just do.


Here’s another one of those eclectic spaces that could be a hot mess but somehow isn’t. If floral patterns scare you (or your male companion), try some flowery artwork instead. And if the aforementioned male companion STILL isn’t buying it, hide the art on the floor tucked behind another piece of art like this person did. And then add a crazy blue floral chair.


HOW AMAZING IS THIS SOFA!? Oh man, I love it so much. The sheer size and boldness packs as much punch as wallpaper. Since finding this image,  I can’t stop thinking about having our living room sofa re-covered in something super unexpected like this. Our dogs have totally trashed our light blue velvet sofa and I suspect something with more pattern would hide all of the weird stains that come with having two 70lb oafs.


I surprisingly came across quite a few bathrooms that incorporate a little floral action. I love that everything else in this bathroom is simple and white so the wallpaper and vanity really pop.


This sun-drenched space is the perfect fit for such a happy, organic print.


Is this a thing? Painted tile? I’ve never seen it before but I love it.


Winding down, let’s move into the bedroom. Here’s proof that you can incorporate florals in a way that makes for a calming backdrop. The pitched ceiling and rickety floors make this room feel so quaint and cozy.


This looks like a space Emily would design, eh? Oh wait, she did. I love that this room is so unabashedly feminine but in a tasteful way. Check out the full reveal here.

So who’s with me? Are you ready to give florals a chance in your home and fall wardrobe? If so, here’s a round-up of my favorite flowery things!


1. Floral Lamp Shade | 2. Floral Bowl | 3. Floral Tray | 4. Kate Spade Handbag | 5. High Waisted Trousers | 6. Oversized Clip On Earrings | 7. Denim Skirt | 8. Maxi Dress | 9. Hi-top Sneakers | 10. Headboard | 11. Floral Vase | 12. Blue Plate | 13. Floral Throw Pillow | 14. Armchair | 15. Watercolor Print

For more fashion-trends-turned-home-trends, check out Powder Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Lavender,  Fiesta Red,  Emerald & Teal,  Bubblegum Pink and Snorkel Blue

*Authored by CarlaCarla Fahden is a Creative Director at a creative agency in Minneapolis with a focus on fashion art direction. Off the clock she devotes her time to writing her blog, designing wedding stationery and watching her Felicity box set. 

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6 years ago

Great on trend article. Really inspiring! Gonna get me something floral to decorate my house with.

Julie P
6 years ago

I guess I’m just not getting it. The bathrooms are all pretty, but the rest (and that sofa!?!) mostly leave me saying Meh. To each their own.

Leslie P.
6 years ago

I am obsessed with florals and this post was so #me I can barely stand it! If I didn’t live with a man there would be floral everything all day long. Love it all!

OMG, I want that lamp with the floral pattern and the shower tiles ! It’s amazing, I’ve never seen anything like this and it open up so many possibilities !

It’s a nice article, a fresh breeze through all the pumpkin and orange we’re seeing these days with the coming of colder weather !

6 years ago

I have to say I think the floral accent wall against a white wall works way better. It draws your attention to one wall instead of several! 🙂

Juli K
6 years ago

My favorite florals are from Lush watercolors that are not too “granny!”

6 years ago

I love a lot of these — thanks for pulling together!

6 years ago

Bathrooms and accent wall in bedroom behind the bed = yes. The other options feel too busy even though they are pretty. I feel like if the room wasn’t perfectly tidy all the time (which, hey, it’s not going to be!) it would all just feel messy. I like seeing all these variations of the same theme because a lot wouldn’t work for me, but a few ideas totally would.

6 years ago

I love a pop of floral!

6 years ago

Anyone know where I can buy those floral pants in the US? The link is for Farfetch from a stockist in France that only has 1 size.

6 years ago

That lucite table is amazing. Let the deep google search begin. Most likely vintage but maybe not? anyone know?

6 years ago
Reply to  Mar

If you find it, let me know.

Susie Q.
6 years ago

I like anything Alexa Chung wears 🙂 These dresses remind me of the late 80’s, early 90’s. My sister and I used to buy floral dresses just like the one pictured–they were all made in India and we bought them at Pier One Imports, lol!!
I liked a couple of the rooms. I like the room with the tiger print A LOT. I like the floral kitchen right after it. Most of the others…hmm.

6 years ago

My hearts been pitter patter ever since seeing the floral pillow in this bedroom below, plus I loved the floral Josef Frank Emiky used in cup of Jo bedroom.

6 years ago

Love this post! I like the floral LAMP pictured, but the link is for a floral SHADE. Can we have the link for the lamp too, please?

6 years ago

Thank you for this glorious post Carla. Do you have a source for the wallpaper in the bathroom with the bluebirds and butterflies with black tree branch relief?

6 years ago
Reply to  Alison

Hi, I think that wallpaper is Christian lacroix for designers guild. AMAZING, right?
Adored this post – thanks, Carla!

6 years ago

Pretty Images and lovely Interior Design

6 years ago

This post is very nice as well very helpful

6 years ago

Love! If only I could convince my boyfriend 😉

6 years ago

Oh my that first embroidered shirt is absolutely gorgeous!

– Natalie

6 years ago

Where is that clear coffee table from in the first picture??!! I want it!

Lisa T.
6 years ago

I love florals, not so much small chintzes but big blooming designs. I’ve managed to sneak in a few florals into my home, combining with my husband’s aesthetic (which I call masculine messy minimalist). He even agreed to dark blue floral wallpaper behind our bed ( It my heart happy everytime I look at it! 🙂

6 years ago

Very nice post, I certainly like this website, keep on it

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