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Our Most Popular Posts of 2015


Well folks, the end of the year has come and gone as have many, many blog posts. Some that we care to look back on with pride and others that we will just choose to ignore for now  – that’s the good thing about posting every day and not being too precious about it. Some work and some don’t. We thought it might be fun to take a quick walk down 2015’s memory lane and revisit our most popular postsWithout any further ado we present to you the top 5 most popular posts of the last year (according to which had the most traffic and visits from readers)., . and head down below to find out what OUR favorite 5 posts were.

1. Design Mistake: The Generic Sofa

Best Sofas under $600_budget sofa_modern_midcentury_affordable_roundup_emily henderson

I couldn’t believe how popular this post was – hundreds of thousands of views and shares. This was the kickoff to our design mistakes series which is going strong in 2016, too.

2. Design Mistake: Painting A Small Room White

painting a small room white_bad_1

painting a small room white_good


Another ‘Design Mistake’ that garnered a ton of attention.

3. My 10 Go To Paint Colors 

Favourite Neutral Paints

I want to do more of these because I know how difficult it is to choose a color and I’ve done so many projects that I have a wealth of colors that I love and don’t love in my brain. Stay tuned for more of these.

Curbly Living Room

4.  Design Mistake: The Too Small Rug

Rugs_too small_examples_1_with copy

Rugs_right size_2

America finally learned how bad, exactly, they are messing up on their rug size.

5. Design Mistake: Hanging Curtains All-Wrong

Emily Henderson_Design Mistakes_Curtains Rod Too Low

Emily Henderson_Design Mistakes_Curtains not long enough


‘The Float’, ‘The Kiss’, ‘The Puddle’. With a roundup of my favorite inexpensive curtains.

Emily Henderson_Best Curtain Panels Under 50_Roundup

Those five are the most popular posts, the ones that got the most traffic and views, but they aren’t necessarily my favorite posts. These five are the posts that I’m the most proud of.

Weekend Crashers: Mid-Century Eclectic Artist


before & after living room



I loved that makeover very much.

Weekend Crashers: Nicolette Mason’s New Home





We got to play in a kookier style for a project and man, that was fun.

San Fernando Valley Mission Makeover: Playroom





A project that I will never tire of thinking about.

Good Housekeeping Feature

Unknown subject





The time that I took all the color out of my house. Ish. Party House Makeover





The most insane reveal/project to date.

So those are my five favorite projects and corresponding posts of the year. It was a good year, indeed. Am I missing any that you guys loved?

I’m off til the 4th for some much-needed family time. The blog will be shut down, which is often when I come up with new ideas for series. We are going to blow up the blog next year – more content, more contributors, same amount of personal posts but just more design posts. So let me know any requests you have so we can start brainstorming, conceptualizing and scheduling. I’m very excited.

Happy Holidays, friends. Thank you for such a good year. xxxx

Fin Mark


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Great recap! In 2016 I’d love to see a post in the design series for large rugs under $1000!


Schoolhouse electric has an 8×10 for $650 (or is it 850?) and it’s beautiful in person! Maybe not the highest quality rug in the world but it’s wool and great for the price!!


Emily, Thanks for the look back. I’m very happy that it included Charlie photos…
Enjoy your time off. I’m looking forward to all the post in the new year.
May you and your lovely family have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and merry New Year. Victoria


Thanks for this, it’s been a great year. I think it would be great to see more about how to avoid design mistakes or even ideas on how to put things right when they have gone wrong (cheaply I mean). Stuff on spotting good vintage is always useful for me, (more craiglist style posts); help on decorating more period houses is good too, including (more small rooms that are often dark over the winter), and finally more bathroom ideas. My list of demands is long and my design needs are many. Have a great break, see you after it’s all over!


Loved the series where you answered user questions. And the quick makeovers, so it was good to see those were your favorite posts of the year! I am excited to see more makeover takeover (I’ve especially enjoyed Sara’s, maybe knowing she is not on the design side in the same way has made it feel approachable), but I wish the pace of that series was faster.

My favorite post of this year was the Spanish style house. So beautiful!


I second this!!!!! I have so many questions!


Hi Emily, Thanks for a year of fantastic content. I discovered your blog last year around this time. (I redecorated my living room over the Christmas break while I was off of work. I googled “what size rug should I buy” and found the video of you and Orlando talking about just that.) You’ve truly been a highlight of my year. I feel like I have a much better sense of my aesthetic since I’ve been reading your posts and your book. Slowly over 2015 my house has started to look and feel more and more like me. It’s grounded and inspired me in a way I didn’t anticipate, and I feel really creatively energized now that I live in a space I love. I also really appreciate the honesty and humor in your writing. When you write about your mess ups or things that just didn’t work out as planned, I can’t tell you how validating that is to read and go, “Well if this happens to the divine Emily then it’s definitely okay when it happens to me!” Your honesty has allowed me to forgive myself for my design mistakes, move on, and keep thinking creatively without feeling… Read more »


Didn’t you launch The Flea in 2015? Would love to see more things added to that shop in the new year. Happy holidays!


Yes please!


Weekend Crashers: Mid-Century Eclectic Artist was my FAVORITE! I want to live in that space. If I could have just thrown out my whole living room and replaced it with that one, I would have. I loved everything about it! Anytime you’d like to come weekend crash my house in Portland, feel free! Happy Holidays.

Hannah Koonce

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’d love to see a post about how to pick out hardwood flooring! There are so many different types of woods out there, it can get overwhelming when looking around. I’d love to hear from someone who is in the design field about which ones are more for show and which ones make sense for real life (dogs, kids, normal adults being klutzy). Can’t wait for 2016!


I love the Makeover Takeover posts, even the cute titles; Brady Picks a Gray, only design people would get excited over such a title!

Loved the Mid-Century Eclectic Artist and also anything about your home

Have a great break.


Used some of these tips when I was hanging some wall art in my apartment a few weeks back!

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

What. a. great. year. Your book is equally amazing and most of all, your “little birdie” is in the world now! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thank you always and more power to you, Emily! Have a lovely Christmas and a blessed and wonderful year ahead!

Julia R

String art might be saying ‘hang me a little higher’? 🙂 So pretty. Jen’s (?) sparkly silver jacket is crazytown good!


I’m with some of the others in that I like your “mistakes” just as much as your successes. I love the family posts (especially now that you have 2 kids) and love Orcondo! I would like to see posts about how to make a cookie cuter home unique, how to deal with heirlooms we all have inherited, etc….
Until 2016,… Mele Kalihimaka!


Ever think about partnering with MoveLoot? I live in the Raleigh/Durham area but I know it started in LA. I’d be surprised if you never heard of it, but it’s a great place to find inexpensive finds. And they deliver! I always see awesome pieces on our site and I think, if only I were a designer and I could buy all these fun finds for someone. Just a thought.

Mary Stewart

Great recap may steal a few ideas.


I agree with your favorites Emily! Enjoy your time with your family! What I would like to see you do in 2016 is design a room that has no existing character. No pretty fireplaces, no curved archways, no fancy windows… for those of us with “basic” homes. Now that’s a design challenge!

Great projects! I love the weekend makeovers. The living room sponsored by Oprah was also really pretty. I agree with the others about enjoying posts where you reveal mistakes and anything behind the scenes (like Brady used to do). Enjoy your winter break!

Hi Sir,
Thanks for sharing this post. I was missed to read most of the post from this. Its really exciting to check the best of 2015. It’s a great way to update all the most important post.
Thanks for consolidating these amazing post at one place.

I’ve enjoyed almost all of your posts every day. My favorites are your personal stories and I am looking forward for more of these next year. Have a wonderful holidays Emily!


Happy Holidays Emily! I’ve checked your blog almost daily in 2015, and am looming forward to next year! May this time off bring you tons of rest and relaxation, and also some inspiration!

I would love to see a post on furniture placement in a living room. I’m dealing with a partly rounded wall on one side, a stovepipe that goes from floor to ceiling (the furnace is downstairs) in one corner and another wall of all windows and am scratching my head as to what the best placement of furniture is! Thanks!


For 2016, could you cover more about where and who designs the vintage peices…if you can’t read it can you take a pic of it? My favorite peices in your home are vintage and I’m having a hell of a time trying to identify them. Pretty please 😉


Just like to add, that I am such a huge fan! I tell my hubs, what Emily Henderson buys, I buy! (As a warning for him not to try toneven stop me from spending) My decor is almost identical to yours the way you had it 2013 with the wool souk rug, blue sofa, arrows and woven hanging! This my dear, is why I have to know about all your vintage peices 😉 huge fan probably is the most sane way to say it. More like obsessed! I used to be all about the apartment therapy blog but it doesn’t even compare anymore so I barely even go to that page. ALSO I have a contractor coming out this week to build the exact same built in shelves and cabinets you have in your hallway.

rachelle bell

I read a lot of blogs and yours is BY FAR the best… written wise, content wise, topic wise. You have done an incredible job of continuing to evolve while remaining true to your brand. Thank you for your work!


What a fab year you had! My fave was the office! Holy cow, that one was SUPER fun! I loved seeing how it changed after the shoot, too.

Echoing everyone else, would LOVE to see you do a plain, builder-grade room with no features! We can’t all afford to live in older buildings, we have to make our own character! Also, how to fix mistakes – like the recent shelf decorating post, it would have been awesome to see you ‘fix’ an over cluttered bookshelf! That might need a video b/c I think the text would run long.

Enjoy your holiday with your family! Don’t know if you’re still here, but we’re on day 24 of straight rain in PDX!

Such a great year for you! I’ll be looking at the couch and paint color post as we get closer to closing on our first home this next month.


Kate Lim

Yes, more design mistakes posts. I generally like posts that you talk about your inner feelings (non sponsored). Makeover Takeover could have a faster pace, I almost forgot how the last post looked when a new one pops up. I can’t relate to Craigslist, I’m from Southeast Asia. More weekend makeovers, more photos of your wonderful design works! 🙂


Thank you very much for being such a huge source of joy in my life. It’s literally Christmas morning and I’ve felt like my kids as i anticipated your design reveals over the years.
One reoccurring post theme I especially treasure are the that contain “the look for less” Often it’s my chance at getting it.
Thanks for all you do!


Thanks for such an awesome year of blogging!
I’d love to see more on rug placement for awkward living spaces, how to pick the right light fixture for bedrooms, and baby proof chic.


I’d like to see more diy things next year, maybe more landscaping/plant posts and just things that are generally more affordable to middle class families.

Have a nice vacation!

Sarah D.

Happy Holidays!

I loved the Spanish house – the kitchen & bathroom tile. Also, Curbly’s master bedroom and the gallery wall in their dining room.

For 2016, I think a series where your design team weighs in on a reader’s design dilemma would be fun to read. A reader would submit a photo of a room or area that isn’t working and you’d post a few solutions. I think most of us feel like there’s something missing or not quite right in our homes and would love a second opinion!


What styles will be in 2016? Give us some hints 😀

Ellie K.

The Weekend Crashers: Mid-Century Eclectic Artist was by far my favorite. You did such a fabulous job with it!

I would be interested in more reader dilemmas. I know you have said it gets difficult get everything you need to do a blog post on these but I’ve really enjoyed those that you have done.


You already have the best content on internet, so thank you. Things I want to see more of: 1. Redos of normal people homes – bad lighting, no character, no vaulted ceilings, etc. 2. Limited budget renovations. Show us how a room can be pulled together at various price points. Start with a blah room and show us what $100 of emily magic can accomplish, what $300 can do, what $500 can do, etc. It will help us regular folks know how to prioritize purchases on a budget. 3. More mistake posts. It’s great to see that design is subjective even in the pro world. 4. When you look back at a photo and call it “dated” please point out how it is dated and what few changes could be made to bring it on trend (is being trendy even important if you love your space?) If your work is dated then my world is archaic. We middle Americans are just now grasping that white is the new gray is the new brown. And espresso furniture is still almost all you find here in our land. Meet us where we are at; lead us, guide us, walk beside us into… Read more »

Ellie K

2. Such a great idea!!


I agree, idea #2 sounds like a good way to show how we can change the style of a room at different price points.

Such a one of the best post i ever seen.

This is really great work you done in this blog. Thank you for sharing such a useful blog with us.

Such a excellent job you done to share your views in this blog.

This post is a helpful overview of the particular topic and very actionable. Interesting approach.

Your blog is really very informative and useful for me. Thanks for sharing this valuable blog.

They are all great!Lood forward to your updating the blog:)

Those photos are stunning!

Great photos. Lovely and inspiring designs.

I love what you’ve done for us in 2015! In 2016, I would love to see a post on where bedroom furniture goes. I feel like everything in our bedroom is probably in the wrong place. Looking forward to your content in the new year!


This post was a great reminder of some of your best work this year! I still drool thinking about the Fig House – was that 2014?? That was one of the posts that most made me wish I had MEGA MONEY and could replicate every detail in a very large new home of my own.

I go nutso for all the design posts in people’s homes, like that weekend crasher and one-room makeovers. LOVE. I also like the how-to posts on specific things, like sofas and shelf styling. I’d love one on lamps, side tables, or bedding!

I also love to see the work you do for local charities, like the cat shelter (vet?) and the mission makeover. And yes, I do like to read and see photos in your gushy posts about little Charlie 🙂

I’m not crazy about the promos of vintage shops around LA – they’re nice, but I don’t have access and just skip them entirely.

Basically just keep doing what you’re doing. I’ve been reading your blog regularly for YEARS and you always keep it fresh and beautiful!


Happy new year Emily!! I’m a huge fan! I totally love your blog! I come back to your posts about rugs and sofas all the time and I’ve watched your video about matching patterns again and again!!
May I suggest that you write a post about decorating glass top round dining tables? There seems to be so little information online 😉
Also, I’d love to see a post about arranging furniture in small spaces.
Keep up the amazing work, greetings from Greece


The blog design could use some navigation updates. There is not easy access to archives or a way to go from post to post chronologically. I’d love to look back at all you have done to your house but there isn’t an easy way to do that. Thanks!

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