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Our first home, part 2

You all saw the living room yesterday (and thank you for all the VERY enthusiastic comments — we are insanely excited), so here are the bedrooms:

That’s the master. It’s super simple and totally a blank canvas. Get some hardwood flooring, re-paint or stain the dark ceiling beam, and call it a day. I’m going to have it painted white for now, but I think grasscloth is in my future.

master bedroom hallway

The only changes we are making before we move in are the flooring and painting; everything else I want to live with for a little bit to make sure we are making the right decision. I can be hasty, lord KNOWS, girl, I can be hasty, so I’m going to sit and stare at things before the plan is made. I’m growing up, folks.


Outside the door you see in the first photo is the main outdoor area — this massive deck with these insane views. Now, obviously a yard is more ideal for baseball playing, teaching bike riding, and other such cliche Americana that we will definitely be participating in, but you can’t have everything in your first house. Plus, there are many children that grow up playing in parks so if we are here when he is old enough to do such activities, he’ll probably live. Eventually, when I’m done redoing this house, we’ll probably want a new project and that house will have a yard, but for now we have this pretty awesome deck.



Meanwhile this space, below, is going to be turned into Jr’s backyard: outdoor patio

I know it looks terrifying now. We are going to take off the top layer of wood so there are just the big horizontal slats and there will be a lot more light, but not direct sunlight (if he is anything like his mother then he’ll be deathly allergic to that fireball). We’ll probably add some sod/grass (and yes, I’m even thinking of splurging on the expensive artificial kind) and build a pretty adorable little play area back there, with a cute ‘gate’ and all. We’ll be out front on the deck drinking mimosas while Jr and friends are in the little closed off ‘backyard.’ It’s all under control.

Meanwhile there are two other bedrooms that need to be a guest room and baby room, but we can’t decide which should be which …

There’s this guy:


That leads right out to the backyard/deck, which could be good for toys, etc. so we can drag out and back in, etc. BUT is it weird to put your baby in a room with sliding glass doors? The deck is safe and no one can climb up to it as you can see (it’s on the extreme left of this picture):

emily henderson house

It’s gotta be safe, right?

And then there is this room, the second  bedroom (and the one closest to us, although they are both pretty close to us):

baby room

Nothing too special, but totally good.


All pretty much blank boxes, ready for some serious personality. So many GD decisions to make and I’m so busy with work that I literally haven’t had time to think about them. Part of me didn’t want to get too excited about the house until we had keys in hand … just like I didn’t want to get too excited about the baby until he started kicking six weeks ago. (It just doesn’t seem real until then.) And now, it’s all just TERRIBLY exciting every time that little sucker moves even an inch, just WAVES of chemical happiness. And same with the house … every time I think about it I get so unbelievably excited and then I think ‘I have to decide on, order, and install flooring in the next month, choose paint colors and get it all painted even BEFORE we move in.’ And in that same month I’m packing, spending an week in Minnesota redoing Curbly’s house, spending a week in New York designing Joanna’s house, finishing the pregnancy documentary, and obviously keeping up with the blog and all my clients and partnerships here …

All of a sudden I want this pregnancy to last four more months … What seemed like the longest pregnancy in the history of mankind just got so much shorter. It’s on, folks.

It’s on.



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