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Open Sky Announcement!

Well friends, I have a big announcement: No, i’m not pregnant. Unless “pregnant” means “I’m curating and selling a lot of my favorite things on Open Sky, ” which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. But I was raised sheltered, so I could be wrong.  

Here’s the story: Open Sky is a shopping site that has experts in all different fields: home, food, fashion, healthy living, and kids. You choose the ones you want to “connect” with — like me — and they’ll recommend products that they love and use.  

In this case, I, Emily Von Henderson am the “Expert, ” and I have been working with Open Sky the last few months to pull together pieces for the home that I love. No stores have paid me to sell their product; it’s all just stuff that I handpicked because I love them, and Open Sky did the footwork to find the companies that make them, and subsequently get us a 20% discount. It’ll be small pieces of furniture, accessories, textiles, and tabletop. And it’s all 100 percent awesome stuff I use everyday. Like these pieces:

I’m psyched about the first collection which goes on sale on Friday. 

It’s all GOLD! And by “Gold, ” I mean brass, gold painted, and gold leafed, anything that is glitzy in a sophisticated way. I love it. I need it. It’s pretty much a neutral to me. It’s what I add to every room to create warmth and the feminine touch. It warms up my cool blues and grays, and it reflects light to add texture and depth. I wear it (my jewelry), I drink out of it (my bareware), I accessorize with it (1/4 of my furniture), and I eat it (I’m very rich so sometimes I just eat gold, when I’m bored).  

Starting Friday you too can own some of my favorite gold pieces — all on sale just for Open Sky followers. Click here to follow me, and then get your glamour on.  

Because you don’t have to be rich to be glamourous.  


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