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One Kings Lane Tastemaker Sale TODAY and a GIVEAWAY

Having a tastemaker sale on One Kings Lane is a lot like having a baby; so many months preparing — full of love, expense, work, pain, work, schlepping, driving, picking out fabrics, sending to the upholsterers, checking in on said upholsterers, shopping, hoarding, organizing, shooting, painting, framing, polishing, hoarding, getting nervous, counting down the seconds, wanting to panic as you look at how much money you’ve put into it wondering if it’s all worth it when … all of a sudden its here and you look at that sale with so much love and adoration that you can’t believe you ever wondered if it was worth it … til next week when you are coordinating the shipping.

At least that’s what I’ve heard about having babies. (And, also, I’M TOTALLY KIDDING, obviously).

My second tastemaker sale starts TODAY,  FOR THREE DAYS ONLY. There are so many pieces that I LOVE, many things I feel emotionally attached to, and even more things that I’m like, “Why would you sell that, Emily? You love that so much and have had that forever?” But I think my addiction to shopping trumps my addiction to owning pretty things, so this gives me allowances for my future shopping, which gives me even more money to shoot more interesting styling posts. You can only see the same things in shots over and over before you complain, so this is how I purge and make money for more. (Talk about over explaining.)

I have a thing for paintings of strangers. I think because people are like sculptures that you can recognize. They can be both abstract and photographic, but they are always something that reminds you of yourself, someone you know, or maybe no one you know, but the shape of the face is familiar because you, too, are a human. I mean, I may as well be teaching art theory at Yale. That shit was beautiful. Regardless, I’m selling some of my favorites, so go get them.

vintage oil paintingsFor the less “Stranger Danger” fans out there, these pretty paintings above are both more accessible and just very very pretty.

So the sale starts today at 8am PST (which is in about one hour from now as I write this). Here’s the link!

Meanwhile to help offset some of the costs, One Kings Lane is doing two giveaways of credit, one for $75 and one for $50. Just leave a comment with what piece you want to buy (or what piece you did buy :)) and you’ll be entered. We’ll randomly draw this Friday and announce on the blog.

I know it’ll be too late for you to use this credit on this sale, but I’m sure I’ll have another one very very soon.

Good luck and cross your fingers for me.


We have winners for our giveaway! They are Dominique DeLaney and Courtney Khail!


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