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One Kings Lane Sneak Peek

My one kings lane sale is finally upon us this week, folks.  First off the date has changed to September 20th (at 6pm) instead of the 18th, Sorry, i was wrong. So you have a few more days to save your pennies, get your friends opinions, sell your pets. etc.  I was looking at the prices today and am kinda worried that i underpriced things, but that’s good for all of you guys.  Don’t get me wrong, i’m not giving it away but there are a lot of affordable things to buy and i probably didn’t mark things up enough. I have SUCH respect now for store owners. It’s all such a risk, but i think it will be worth it.  

So here are some more sneak peeks of some of my favorite pieces.  

And some lampage. I’m dying to keep that first top left brass lamp, i am.  It’s just so good.  But the chrome dome? Stop it.  And that yellow mid-century lamp is awesome. Oh and so is that thin brass squared off piece.  ALL. OF. THEM.

I want everything.  EVERYTHING.  Please help me and my hoarding problem…..

You have no idea how hard it is to give up those brass trunk side tables and the green freshly upholstered sofa.   Plus that amazing blue velvet 1970’s sofa.  I tried and tried to convince Brian to trade out this sofa for ours, but he strangely loves ours (and i do, too) so no go on that end. The burl coffee table is from my studio and it will always be nastalgic for me.  So hard to let go.  Wood beaded curtains….stop. 

I kinda want to interview each person before they buy to make sure that these are truly appreciated. Perhaps you could all send me photos of these pieces in your house after you buy and recieve them? Oh yes, i can frame them, create a photo album of them and these pieces will forever be immortalized.  

Unless i decide to track you down, camp outside your house and stalk the pieces, making sure you appreciate them as they should be appreciated.  



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