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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson

Its a zoo around here. Seriously. I’m in New York shooting and I forget that when I’m shooting (on camera) I literally can’t keep up with any emails — let alone designing, writing, client stuff, Bearcat petting, etc, so thank god for Orlando (and Alexis, Monica, and Tessa) for keeping on top of things. The “I’m so busy” conversation is such a boring one, so I’ll shut up and show you some brass animals that are being sold at my new One Kings Lane sale, which has changed to MARCH 13th.

vintage brass zoo

The bull and horse are big, like a foot tall, but the rest are smaller. I’m having problems letting go of the giraffe bookends, or should I say un-born (and yes, un-concieved) child’s room is having problem letting those go.

But they must be set free.

Check out other sneak peeks to the sale here and here.

Which animal would you take home?

Oh that turtle … am I really going to sell the turtle? Imagine it holding your jewelry or paper clips or even just a pretty bar of soap …

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