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Nightstands are trending …

I googled “Emily Henderson nightstand” (as I’m sure you all do often) last night and was surprised to find a bunch of bedrooms that I styled but had kinda forgotten about. So to get you in the nightstand competition spirit, here are some more to inspire you. It’s easy you guys, and already I have seen a few on the contest page that are awesome and worthy of winning the pair of Serena and Lily nightstands.

Ahh, “Antique Geek Chic.” I loved that episode. And yes, this “nightstand” is an antique store display drawer thing. Anything that is around the same height as the mattress and is a solid surface can be a nightstand, friends. Trust.

nightstand styling
photo by mark champion

Exhibit B.  A rolling typewriter table = nightstand.

green zen bedroom

This one I just found and totally forgot about — it was one of the few rooms that I forgot to shoot afterward. Oh, the screen behind it was just so god damn pretty. Anyway, these were a pair of crappily finished nightstands that we had sprayed green, and cost us around $150 each. Turned out totally cute. Although that is not my favorite styling moment.

chinoiserie bedroom
photo by Bethany Nauert

Again not a nightstand, but why not do it? That dresser looks amazing right there, adds more storage, and helped the layout of the room so much.

photo by bethany nauert

One can never argue with the power of the canopy bed. God, I could kiss myself, I love that bedroom so much. If I don’t have a daughter I will STILL have a crazy girl bedroom in my house. Maybe I’ll dress up my cat as a girl, who knows? Maybe I’ll take her out clothes shopping with me, you never know. Maybe all the neighbors will talk, Brian will divorce me, and I’ll get locked up in a loony bin, who knows?

blue tufted headboard

Ah, remember this? This was more recent, but still a pretty little moment. Don’t forget to lean cute art on your nightstand if you are into that sort of thing. Which apparently I am …

pretty gray bedroom

Ahhhh … that was my bedroom four years ago. Shot by Terilyn Fisher. I made that headboard as soon as I got back from “DesignStar” when I was in crazy productivity mode. Brings me back.

So you see, friends, nightstands are trending. Don’t miss out, style your nightstand for the contest and get people to vote so you can win some dope nightstands from our friends at Serena and Lily. You have til March 25th. Enter here.





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