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Newest purchases, for me.

And when i say ‘for me’, it means ‘for me until i find myself desperate and needing it for the show then its gone’.  Sometimes at night Brian sees my eyes darting around and he’s like, ‘wait, don’t shop…nothing is leaving.  no not that, Emily i actually like that…’   Oh Brian, clearly he doesn’t know that I can find another (insert fairly ‘boy’ accessory here).  Yes this means our place will never ever be ‘finished’, but when i need it, i need it.  

Right now my apartment is an endless rotation of pretty things for Secrets. Yes, there is some stuff that i will NEVER part with, but then there is a lot of stuff that i love, but the show is more important so if its gonna ‘make a room’, then sionara.  

These are my latest purchases for me an as of right now i’m not planning on giving them up.

Peacock oil painting, why you blurry?  So pretty and big, like 18×30″


Here she is in better context on my mantle.  I got her at the PCC flea market for $60 and was sooooo happy, the color palette the composition, the age to it….what a beautiful peacock.  (that was my G rated sentence, as i’m sure you can guess what i really wanted to type). Next to her is this new chick, Dolores, who was more of a splurge but that peacock blue dress i could not say no to.  She was $90 and Brian no le gusta.  


And then there is this lamp which was a splurge, too. And truthfully it will probably end up on the show because its such a beautiful piece.  But for now i’m fostering it.  I’m its foster mommy….Perfectly normal thing to say.  I think i have emotional problems and should probably just have children.  

She is a white porcelein parrot lamp, and she is huge, like almost 3 feet tall with the shade.  I’m in love and when she goes, it will be to a very very good home where she is loved and admired. I got her at 45 three Modern Vintage.  

All pics taken this morning at 6am, with  ma iphone.  So sorry if they aren’t the best.  

Lets hear it for Show and Tell.  What’s your favorite, if any?

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