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'New York Cool Meets California Comfort'

Many of you have tweeted or emailed me the past few days saying that all of a sudden there is a new Secrets from a Stylist in your DVR.  Suprise!!  Its one that never aired. It was our first episode doing 1 look and strangely because we were making so many adjustments, on the fly, it was a big hectic and i think they didn’t air it because i was incredibly tired and i was very ‘meh’ on camera.  

I watched the episode and wanted to jump into the TV and shoot some adrenaline into the arm of my previous self.  I loved this family – they were so funny and smart and lovely and INCREDIBLY grateful and fun. So my exhaustion had nothing to do with them, but we had super long nights that week (3 am-ers) and i was crazy tired and you could tell.  Sorry, guys. 

But the room turned out really fun, yet sophsticated and perfectly them. I loved it.  

The sofas are from HD buttercup and before you guys freak out about white sofas in a house, know that i had them stain protected – a $500 process for both sofas, but they are like guaranteed to wipe up otherwise the company pays to be reupholstered.  The sofa’s were around $1500, but its been a while, i don’t totally remember.  

That amazing rug is from Madeline Weinrub.  and was $1800, for a 9×11.  

The leather ottoman was a vintage purchase for $200 (it was a request from the family for ‘family friendly reasons’.  I wish it was like 2 inches higher.

That wall color? Totally teal by Glidden. It is gooooood. The fabric on the drapery is a bery colored chinoiserie (cheap fashion fabric, like $8/yard from Michael guarantees its still there) and we turned them into blackout drapery for privacy and light control.  


All photos by Terilyn Fisher  And both huge watercolors by Danielle Walsh.  

In case you missed it set your DVR for more episodes of SFAS. I think there are 2 more that haven’t aired, two of my favorite actually.  I have no idea when they are airing, but i’m trying to find out and i’ll let you guys know.  UPDATE:  i think there is a new one at 6am on wednesday mornings.  I mean, that time slot is just begging for huge ratings…. set yer dvr. 

What did you guys think?


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