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The Link Up: The Unique Napkin Folding Idea Emily Is Stealing, Jess’s Surprisingly Soft & Well-Fitting Top, and A Very Merry Record Recommendation

Hello all!! Happy Hanukkah to those of you who celebrate! Hopefully everyone is celebrating this holiday season with lots of family, friends, and love filling the air. We have some fun links for you, so buckle up buttercup and let’s jump right in:

This week’s home tour is a gorgeously renovated 1907 California craftsman that is full of awesome paneling and warm tones. The home is inviting yet modern, and has a cozy but updated vibe. The home is designed by Patrick Bernatz Ward, and is just spectacular. Plus that hood in the kitchen is chefs kiss…

From Emily: I can’t tap ‘like’ any faster on this instagram account called @westwingde who folds napkins or wraps presents in such beautiful ways. Its wildly satisfying to watch and its something we all could do and kinda need to do soon so the task is so achievable versus a lot DIY I know i’ll never do. Birdie is super into table styling so i’m going to steal her tree shaped cloth napkin tutorial for christmas. It’s just oddly refreshing to find a new content creation account that is mesmerizing, doing high quality work in a really unpretentious yet beautiful way. It’s inspiring

From Caitlin: My old friend Tommy published a book and it’s a must-read for any lovers of history or politics! I worked on a record for Tommy’s band almost a decade ago and learned YEARS later that he was a Harvard law graduate who was, uh, SUING THE FORMER PRESIDENT OF BOLIVIA for his role in the massacre of indigenous people. (Casual. NBD. Totally normal. He won, too – it’s the first time an ex-president was held accountable in a U.S. court for human rights violations!) Anyway – he’s been working and living in Bolivia for years and just wrote this incredible account of the October 2019 coup and the year-long struggle to bring democracy back to the country. It feels especially prescient in these times – if you’re also a fan of Sarah Kendzior, this would probably be right up your alley. (Alternatively, if my grandpa were still alive, this woulda been right up HIS alley, too. Great read for all, TBH!!)

Also From Caitlin: I grabbed this silky leopard midi skirt in a Black Friday sale and it’s a winner!!! Sometimes I feel like this material can cling in a way that makes me feel self conscious or uncomfortable but this one is a miracle. It sits at my natural waist but there’s no belly button imprint even though it’s really lightweight. Excited to wear it with tights this winter and then all summer!

From Jess: I am a forever fan of Katie Gong fan (the creator of the wooden squiggle) and I wanted to remind everyone that she started making ornaments last year and is back at it. So for around $15 you can have or gift a little piece of art and support a small business:)

Also From Jess: As you are reading this I am back in my favorite city, New York. I’m surprising one of my best friends for her birthday:) However, I was in serious need of a couple winter-friendly clothing items. I bought this top from Madewell hoping it would fit well but also not holding my breath (traditionally fitted button ups aren’t great on me…too much awkward pulling or too baggy). So boy was I surprised at the great fit, softness and really nice weight of this top! Highly recommend if you are looking for cute, casual, and warmer tops.

From Mallory: Who’s ready to get merry AF??? I love the holidays more than most people (also Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate! I just celebrated my first one last night and it was very fun :)). So if you celebrate Christmas, I have a very good record for you. I found this bing crosby album at my local record store a few months ago (it was too good of a deal to pass up) and I just played it on my record player for the first time and it is INCREDIBLE. The sound of Christmas on vinyl is also just a fantastic experience. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to get in the holiday spirit!

From Ryann: I’ve linked this tinted serum before, but since I just finished the bottle and am ordering a new one I figured it deserves another shout out. I don’t know how they made the lightest formula that gives great coverage AND lasts all day long but they did it. It’s pretty affordable at $20 and it actually helps keep my skin hydrated too. 10/10 my friends!

One More (Again) From Caitlin: Ordered my first-ever set of holiday cards this year after being #emfluenced (yeah, it even happens to me…but like, did you SEE how beautiful the Henderson family is???) and was blown away by how quick and easy the process is. The envelopes came pre-addressed and everything – all I have to do is pop them in the mail!! Just a gentle reminder in case you’ve always been, like, the “I wish I could get it together enough to send cards but I have too much to do” type. You can do it (if you want)!!! I think Em’s discount code still works, too – EMILYHCARDS.

Opening Image Credit: Design by Patrick Bernatz Ward | Photography by John Daniel Powers | via Remodelista

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1 year ago

Ryann – I’ve become a fan of that serum, too. I like it better than foundations that I’ve spent 2X-3X on. Bonus for being able to grab it on a Target run.

1 year ago

Shout out for the L’Oréal tinted serum. I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks now, and it’s really the best. I’ve spent tons on expensive foundations, but this serum gives just enough coverage, looks natural, stays on, is actually good for your skin, and doesn’t feel heavy. Maybe I’d better stock up now that the word is out.

1 year ago


  • Read Kazuo Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun, the March 2021 Good Morning America Book Club pick about an AI robot.
  • Read Julia London’s It Started with a Dog. She is the New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of more than fifty romantic fiction novels.
  • Listened to Ruth Ware’s The Lying Game read by Imogen Church, the August 2017 Reese’s Book Club pick. Info about this book’s creepy setting: 



1 year ago

Just an FYI – WestWing isn’t a ‘her’ its a European online interiors/home/decor company!

Vicki Williams
1 year ago
Reply to  Elaine

Oh well…:))

1 year ago

I did those tree napkins last year (thank you, Martha Stewart) and they were a big hit with our guests. I used green linen napkins and my daughter made star-shaped name tags to go on top. Super easy and cute.

Erin Dae
1 year ago

There has been a lot of criticism in the comments lately so I hope this can be viewed as constructive feedback. As a reader who celebrates the religious aspects of the holiday season, it is jarring for me to see “AF” used as a descriptor for them. I am not trying to be preachy. I am not saying religious folks don’t swear. It is just major cognitive dissonance for me to see Mal’s comment about celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas use this phrase. I also love Mal’s perspective overall! I feel like one of the things that is cool about this blog is the variety of perspectives shared and the desire for it to be a safe place where all humans are valued. This faith-based human felt devalued. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.

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