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My week in review; TGIF

Here’s what I did this week, via Instagram:

I bought a baby. I figure until I have a baby I’ll cuddle this painting. A strange man told me once that if you buy a weird $5 painting from a flea market and rub it all over your belly then you’ll get pregnant. I’ll let you know if it works and if it does expect a giveaway of a magic pregnancy-inducing baby painting. 

We shot at the Rose Bowl flea market with Good Housekeeping for a before and after feature that I’m very excited about. I be getting crazy DIY and crafty the next couple weeks. 

And yes, I bought these amazing chairs for my upcoming One Kings Lane Tastemaker Sale. Now to pick fabric … emerald green velvet? Methinks yes.

Watch the video:


On Tuesday we almost finished a 9-year-old girls bedroom that I’m very excited about, in partnership with Land of Nod. Check out the post and enter the giveaway (it ends today):

On Wednesday we shot at a house we’ve been working on for a year and a half and are totally, finally, 100 percent finished. Hey magazines, expect the story pitch in your inbox because it done turned out pretty. But only sneak peeks here:

I want this desk chair:

And this sofa and lamp:

Those instagrams are from my lovely photographer Bethany’s feed. Follow her on instagram @bethanynauert. Stay tuned for the real pics. 

Then yesterday I made some more decisions over at Bri’s house. This adorable little flea market find is going a crazy color. Can you guess?

And yes, we will both be posting the hell out of her house when it’s done. I mean, I don’t do this for my health. Be prepared to pin. 

That pic’s from Bri’s feed because she is WAY better at Instagram than I am so I steal her pics. 

And then last night I found this creature in my dryer:

I mean … BEARFACE YOU ARE SO CUTE. Do any of you just shout “YOU ARE SO CUTE” constantly at your pets? I know it’s not healthy to do to kids, so I need to get it out of my system. Cut to me dropping off my 14-year-old in front of the high school, screaming out the window, “EMILY JUNIOR, YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!” Because she will be — until she stops speaking to me because I’m the crazy mom that shouts out the window.

All in all a very productive and fun week. You’ll be proud of me that I also shot two mini how-to videos on the new montaj app that is being released next week (more on that on Tuesday), and two behind the scenes videos with my videographer Tessa, and we are doing one more styling video today. It’s a new year here at Emily Henderson and I have so many new great people working with me, so stuff is happening. 

PLUS, Bri is done with my new blog design (what what?) and it’s being coded as we speak. Moving to Wordpress friends and very excited. 

AND you’ll be proud to know that my book proposal is in the final round of sprucing up and then it will be sent out. New years resolutions all over the place.  

Got to run, shooting “How to Style Your Nightstand” today with Bethany because you know, everyone’s dying to know how you style your nightstand, which reminds me of this Instagram I took at the house we finished …

… because everyone uses vintage leather travel clocks to tell time these days. Obvs.


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