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My top 10 pins of the week

Sometimes you travel on planes all the time and sometimes you don’t have time to blog so you just put your favorite pinned images as a blog post.  Rumour has it.  

At least this time.  

Anyway, these pics inspired me and got me all hot and bothered.  

Follow me on Pinterest for all the credits.  Emily Henderson is my name (no doy). Oh and on instagram i’m emhenderson and i’ve been seriously trying to instagram like 5 times a day.  i just instagrammed now. and now. and now. 

Repaint it every 5 years a fun color….. 


That painting kills me.  Via Apartment Therapy

Minakani wall. Minakani is a Paris based studio.   Frédéric Bonnin and Cécile Figuette have launched their walldecor line 2 years ago and offer custom size and exclusive motifs printed onto high quality non-woven paper. (via Le divan Fumoir Bohemien. 12/02/2012

Mural or tapestry, i don’t care i need it. And that green velvet sofa? shut up. 

Rue Magazine (January/February 2011). Decorated by Anna Klossowski. Photographed by Emily Anderson.


awesome painting



this person is interesting.

this is ridiculous.


such a good mural

amazing magenta shelves

such a pretty plant wall

Such a pretty photo.

And sometimes all you need is a pretty crepe paper garland on a simple chair….and a talented photographer. 

I fly back home tomorrow and god willing i’ll have internet on the plane and can work during those 6 hours.  Otherwise i will be watching Dawson’s Creek – a show i thought i was way too cool for in college but now I see the errors of my ways and am watching it for the first time.  I’m not cool enough for Michelle Williams circa ’98. 

Design Star review tomorrow, hoping to watch it online tonight…..


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