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My Spring Target Picks

Since I’ve started to work with Target I get a sneak peek into what they are launching before it comes out in the stores – sometimes months before. But strangely some things fly under the radar and I don’t really notice them on the lookbook. Then months later i’ll cruise the aisles and see a porcelain bunny with gold ears and pretty simple linen pillows and all of a sudden what was just a small image on a PDF is my new unnecessary hoard. Things sell out there, and often they only have some designs for a season so I always snag first and think later.

I pulled together my favorite picks of what they have online and in the store right now. It’s pretty darn good stuff, at very good price points, and it’s just a lot of great pieces that are easy to style in your home.


1. Comfort Mat 2. Canister 3. Glass Pedestal Bowl 4. Textured Throw Pillow 5. Pebble Throw Pillow 6. Textured Throw Pillow 7. Mini Printed Bowl 8. Printed Bowl 9. Flower Candy Dish 10. Bunny Jar 11. Pouf 12. Basket 13. Tray 14. Lampshade 15. Lamp Base 16. Gold Accent Table 17. Linen Office Chair


1. Dinnerware 2. Anchor Throw Pillow 3. Geometric Throw Pillow 4. Embroidered Throw Pillow 5. Rope Throw Pillow 6. Accent Rug 7. Ceramic Tray 8. Gold Whale 9. Ceramic Plate 10. Flatware 11. Woven Pouf 12. Round Accent Table 13. Anchor 14. Lampshade 15. Lamp Base 16. Rattan Basket 17. Storage Ottoman 18. Ceramic Shell 19. Desk


1. Gold Coral Figure 2. Hammered Serving Bowl 3. Hammered Serving Tray 4. Flatware 5. Display Case 6. Lampshade 7. Gold Cage Lamp 8. Dinnerware 9. Ikat Throw Pillow 10. Bar Cart 11. Pouf 12. Bench 13. Basket 14. Patio Rug

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  1. Lovely roundup! Would love to see you style something with some hammered bowls like in the Refined Pop set. I have some hammered bowls I’ve found at thrift stores, but not sure how to best use or display them.

  2. Love these collections and love Target. I am soooo sad they are leaving Canada. I hope they make shipping available to Canadians in the near future!

  3. Why isn’t there Target in Europe.Why?? I love the stuff they have and the prices are great. I guess I will have to continue drooling (and crying) over the pictures…

  4. Emily Henderson!!! I am going to need to insist that you e-mail these Target fabulous item posts directly to me, and ONLY me. Because there is so much pretty stuff, and by the time I can afford to buy it all, it is sold out!!!! so SSSSssssshhhhhh, don’t tell everybody else, ok?
    O.M.G. So much amazing good stuff, I can’t stop looking at it all!!! I am totally buying 2 of those gold lamps/bright pink shades, my bedroom NEEDS those.

  5. I love all of these collections. I am so going to get that bamboo table. I really want to mix it that navy storage ottoman with the nail head trim. Do you think the mix of metals would be okay? I posted the other day that our media room is going to be Hollywood Regency meets coastal. Strange combo. But I’m diggin’ it. What are your thoughts on mixing metals…when is it “too much”?


    1. I think you just have to do it consistently throughout your room and then you are fine. If you have a ton of gold and then all of a sudden just one big thing of silver then it could be weird. But if you mix everywhere you’ll be fine. xx

  6. I have the turquoise square versions of that amazing X-bench. I dragged them out of my home office into the living room for a party this weekend, and everyone was fawning all over them—even my husband! That part really amazed me. 🙂 Also, that linen desk chair is a freaking steal.

  7. Only discovered your blog a few months ago, but Emily, I am overly obsessed. You’ve given me so many ideas to decorate my apartment & i LOVE LOVE LOVE your work with target, as it’s always affordable!

    I’m totally your newest, BIGGEST fan! Great job

  8. So I’ve bought one of those Target poufs, and it’s gone completely flat. All the beads got squished. Now it’s useless. Does anyone have an idea on how to make it poufy again?

      1. Maybe it’s because Charlie isn’t jumping on them while he plays Minecraft on the X-box? Like suspect my 10 year old did… 🙂

  9. All these pretty and sparkly things are brightening this girl’s gloomy grey “spring” day. Thanks for sharing Emily!

  10. As soon as I saw the gray desk chair in the store I had to scoop it up! Such a great price. It’s not the most cushioned chair, but it works fine for what we use it for. Love the poufs!!! I think my cats would shred them though.

  11. As an American living abroad, this post kills me. I seriously have dreams about secretly driving to Target. And it looks like Target is getting better ever year. ahhhhh I tell people all the time that Target is one of the things I miss most about living in the US.

  12. I love the look of everything in your post but there probably isn’t a single thing that isn’t imported from China. I can’t justify spending a dime on any of their home goods as much as I’d like to. Target – how bout you make stuff in the US? It might increase your business which seems to be suffering.

  13. The Pretty in Pastel collection is calling my name! I’ve been looking for some mint lamps just like those. Target? Who would have thought?!

  14. My fiancé and I are currently in the midst of “registry hell” (although it’s more fun for me… he just doesn’t get it) and I’ve been hesitant in registering at Target because all of the items I would register for (like that gold-eared bunny… helloooo Easter perfection) will be gone before we know it!

    Any Target “statements” or items you think are registry-worthy that might stick around?

    You’ve highlighted so many items I love. Xxx

  15. It hurts my heart every time I see someone blog/Instagram/tweet about their new Target finds. I am a Targeteer who has just moved to Sydney from Chicago and although they do have Target in Sydney they do NOT offer the amazingly affordable and on trend homegoods like back home. In fact, guess where Sydnians go for cheap textiles/frames/pillows??? K-MART!!!!!!! it hurts…….I’ve even emailed and begged them to stock the stuff the U.S gets. Emily, you have the “in” please tell them to give us the American Target!! xoxo Sad Target shopper

  16. Oh wow. Thank you for this amazing roundup, Emily! I love everything you picked out! (I think I’m going to pick up a few of those Arkita flatware sets today. They’re so pretty!)