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my non-mood board.

working like a dawg.  sorry, this week is n.u.t.s.
here’s my mood board right now, in case that is interesting to you.  it looks a lot happier than my exact mood right now, my new printer breaking is killing my morning organizational buzz.  i suppose i could call it my inspiration board, but that doesn’t really sound like me.  maybe its just a ‘cloth-covered-chuck-of-homosote-that-i-put-pretty-pretty-things-on-that-make-me-happy’ board.


Its just a sheet of homosote from home depot wrapped in Navy Linen.  I change the linen every couple months.  It took me WAY too many years to figure out that Navy looks good on blondes, but once I did i haven’t turned back.  Navy, I love you, you sophisticated color that works with anything, you.
My friend Terilyn Fisher took this photo when she was over the other day.  thanks Teri.


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