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My new leather chairs, and off to Nashville

I went to Alt Summit last week in Salt Lake which was pretty awesome.  I’ll spare you all the ‘i met so many incredible people’ and ‘hung out with people who i have been following for years’, and ‘spent quality time with blog pioneers’ – just trust me that that is all true and it was 100% worth it.  HIGHLY recommended.  And the Grand America hotel was great.  Thanks HGTV for asking me to go, oh and thank you HGTV and Sherwyn Williams for bringing me to Nashville this week.  Ridiculously fun.   


But for now, i’ll show you the chairs (yes! A PAIR!!) that i scored on sunday whilst shopping at the Green Ant in Salt Lake.  They are the perfect color of worn caramel leather.  They are made of rosewood, they are incredibly comfortable and while they weren’t a steal ($950 for both, plus shipping to LA) they are exactly what i’ve been looking for and would be around $2500 for the pair in Los Angeles.  


Beautiful safari style leather straps, and the joinery is perfect. Morgan bought the sofa that matched that you can see in the background. Ultimately the week was so fun, and while i do want to post about it and give shout outs to all my new friends, i’m on a plane to Nashville for the week for some HGTV events and i only have 1/2 hour of free internet before i get kicked off, so this post will have to do.

Bring on the Nashville suggestions.  I’ve never been here (but you know i love me some South) and Brian came with me this time (YEAH!!!) so we have our nights to scoot our bootie.  But to where shall we scoot it? Think old school – there are good restaurants and good food in LA, we want the SOUTH.  


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