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My new house, unrated

This week has been cuckoo with the move, the Rue/gap shoot and two outdoor makeover shoots for (one i have to run to in like 5 minutes) 

But i figured i’d take quick litte iphone pics of the house as is.  Not styled, kinda messy actually.  But its progress and it might satisfy somebody’s inner voyeur. 

Walls have been painted (white diamond, Benjamin moore) and otherwise stuff is roughly thrown into place.  THere is a grumpy man on the sofa, however.  Smile, Brian, ’til friday after all.  

Our bedroom. Still deciding on a king bed, so for now this is our queen (which will go into the guest as soon as i decide).  Yes, we have awesome Dwell bedding and a dope rugs usa rug.  I’m getting new lamps (custom shades being ordered) and i want an amazing upholstered headboard, but i found an awesome wood one at good will last week that i might paint for now. I’m over my DIY headboard.  

Not a lot of progress in here yet.  It’s going to be the guest bedroom (come visit us!!…well, not everyone at once).  It’s painted ‘Aegean Teal’ and i love it. Super warm and cozy.  

My office, which needs help (they all need help) but i love it already just because its so full of light. West Elm Dining table, but i like it as my grand desk. Because i am very fancy and grand, indeed.  

Must run. But i figured people love seeing ‘in progress’ stages.  Excuse the extremely terrible iphone photos and complete lack of styling. I lost my good camera so i’m waiting to get another one, and then i’ll be taking some amazing photos then.  

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