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My New Cut and Color. Help.

In my 20’s I dressed like a hipster clown, and generally the reaction was ‘only you could pull that off.’ But I really think that I did. Were my parents mortified when, at my brothers college graduation, I mixed a red sequin tube top with an oversized camo shirt (tied in a cute knot) and a knee length, home-made, preppy blue and white polka dot skirt? YES. Years later they copped to being embarrassed. And maybe that one was too far, but generally I took risks, was super on-trend, and gave zero effs because I had no money. I couldn’t experiment too much artistically in my tiny apartment, so I put all that creative expression onto my body.

My story isn’t unique – you are more creative and risky when you don’t need to look very professional. The higher up you get in a career the more you want to be taken seriously, which means dressing less ‘totally unhinged’ and more controlled. Don’t get me wrong, I like ‘my style’ but I’m going through a bit of a mid-blog crisis, and after years of playing it kinda safe with hair/makeup/fashion I’m ready to be more creative. For a while there was a voice in the back of my mind that said ‘sure, thats awesome, but YOU can’t pull that off anymore‘ both in beauty and fashion… But you guys, I SHUT THAT LADY UP. If you are confident enough you can do anything, right? RIGHT???

But today is not about my style revolution in general – it’s focused solely on my blonde locks. It’s very important.

I’ve been too long with the same ‘do and it’s time for a change. My New York hair and makeup artist Agata Helena first told me it was time.

I’m collaborating with Kristin Ess to help design her studio, while she re-designs my hair. Because if there is anyone in the world I would trust to do the whole shebang (the cut, and color, and style of my hair) it’s her. I don’t think that she is necessarily taking clients (girlfriend is busy with red carpets and product lines at Target) so this was an OPPORTUNITY I was not going to say ‘no’ to, but more importantly not one on which I was going to waste getting a good version of what I’ve kinda had FOREVER. She could give me something new. Cutting Edge. Forward.

No pressure, Kristin.

Here’s where I started being photographed regularly, but long-ish blonde hair has been on my head since college.

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Before Grid 1

Over the years I’ve gone blonder and learned how to put on makeup properly (excuse me while I fire Sara for putting that 2012 photo in that collage, despite my approval) but generally I’ve done the SJP in SITC meets LA with sometimes a little too RHOOC. So many letters, not enough change.

If you really want to know, my hair is naturally curly, and it’s fine (as in, not full) but with good texture (so I’m told). It’s naturally very blonde, but if I don’t highlight regularly it looks dull. I have fair skin and zero eyebrows or lashes – before spray tanning existed I was mistaken for an albino quite often in middle and high school. I’m that fair.

So the blonde hair has just gotten blonder while spray tans keep me from becoming all one pale color, and generally I’ve felt that it’s a good thing.

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Before Grid 2

Above is where we are right now – well, actually it’s shorter than that. I like it. I’m not saying that in a narcissistic way – she is just a nice looking blonde lady. But lately I’ve been so inspired by both young and older women taking more risks and the voice in my head is now saying ‘GO FOR IT.’

Emily Henderson Rue

Remember when I did this shoot above for Rue? I LOVED it then and still do now, and you know why? Because it’s more editorial. It took some risks, but I still looked like me. Then I thought to myself, my job is editorial – I tell visual stories for a living, so why shouldn’t my hair follow suit? I know you might be thinking what Brian also suggested, which is ‘why not experiment with hairstyles and not cuts and colors?’ Indeed.

But it’s mostly because the ends of my hair are thin and I just need a haircut to keep it healthy, and while long hair will never be ‘out’ I do think this mid-length hair is very happening, and as an all-of-a-sudden-super-edgy-lady I obviously need to be in on that action. Plus… bangs.

My hair appointment is Monday. Kristin is VERY opinionated and she sent through lots of styles she thinks will look good one me.

First up? The shaggy with curtain bangs:

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Shaggy With Bangs2

Now it’s hard not to love that look. Also because they are all such stunning models. I definitely want bangs, that is one thing that I don’t need your help on. But is the rest of the hair wavy, or curly, or is it blunt or layered? I know that Kristin has opinions and I’m personally loving the blunt look, but I’m not convinced it will work on my fine hair.

The below gets my heart pounding in both excitement and FEAR:

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Short Lob With Bangs

Those girls are so cool. That hair is so beautiful, feminine, French, and forward. The key to that for me is keeping the texture super messy and even frizzy (I recently have been using Kristin’s texture spray, and it really does give it this effortless frizz that looks modern and less real housewives). It’s neither straight nor curly. I mean, it’s prefect.

But let me tell you a story:

One of my best friends, 7 years ago when she was 33, impulsively went from a long ‘Zoey Deschanel with bangs’ style to a cut similar to the bottom right (above). Now it could be because it wasn’t trendy at the time, or maybe it was an off cut, but she admittedly looked 10 years older INSTANTLY. Her commercial agent who reps ‘edgier’ actors told her that she had to get extensions ASAP or he wasn’t going to be able to book her. He said she instantly looked like a Texan soccer mom (obviously no offense to Texan soccer moms, but she wasn’t a mom yet … although she is from Texas). Her husband agreed. She agreed. Even I agreed. She got extensions, went back to looking 26, but it was a terrifying lesson. Does long hair always make you look younger? I’m currently in the ‘I don’t think so’ camp, but for years I felt that way.

As a blonde with larger boobs and two kids, I’m super scared that I will look more suburban when my goal here is to look more fashion forward. I will say that I’m willing to put in more time on my makeup and fashion, which some of these hairstyles require. As if now is the time in my life when I need to spend more time on my looks (because as a mom of two small children I have SO much leisure time).

The following is the riskiest of all, and the one that most people are pushing me towards – based on fashion and my particular texture.

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Curly With Bangs1

Curly with bangs is a thing right now that I’m seeing amongst the hippest of folks. Pretty sure that last sentence disqualifies me from joining this group. That top left photo is what I want, I LOVE it, I’m just terrified that I’ll look like this:


Yes. that is me photoshopped into Meg Ryan’s hair in Harry Met Sally, and if you are terrified imagine how scared I am. WAIT, imagine how scared BRIAN IS. That dude would be effing terrified if he read this post. Will medium length curly hair with curly bangs make me look like an 80s mom???

Follow up – is 80s mom a cool look right now? I mean there was ‘norm-core’ and now ‘meno-core’ with mom-jeans and oversized button-ups flowing from the runways, so maybe ‘early 80s mom’ (you know, with a 70s bent) is exactly what I want to be.

Then we have a question of color. Do I keep the same natural blonde look or go blonder? I mean, when in Rome … Or should I say Norway …

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Blonder

I don’t think I can go platinum, but I could amp it up a bit – although that would take more maintenance, but if it looked THAT much better then maybe I should?

Or I could do the opposite, something I’ve never considered ’til right now – the BRONDE.

Emily Henderson Hair Cut Bronde

Typically this means brunette with blonder highlights, and it’s probably the #1 request in LA right now. Justin Anderson, who I recently went to for color (who I LOVE and is good friend’s with Kristin), said it’s the only request he gets, even with extremely brunette women. They all want to look sunkissed. For me that would be Kristin putting in darker undertones so that my highlights could stand out. I will always be blonde around my face, but I wouldn’t mind some deeper tones too…

So Sara, upon my request, which I realize now was a masochistic one, photoshopped my face onto some of these hairstyles. Enjoy:

2x2 Square Grid 2500 Pixels

With all that is happening in the world, I sure am grateful/ashamed that this is what is properly occupying the ‘worry’ portion of my brain.

Head to insta-story to see my hair right now and what it looks like with extensions (which I’ve currently been rocking), as well as what it would look like if I cut it.

Obviously the question is WHAT DO I DO?

Bangs? Lobb? Darker?

None of the above truly show what it would look like on me, but if you had to pick one or a couple for me what might you suggest? Monday is the day – and while it’s just hair, now that I’m writing this post it’s all of a sudden too soon. I don’t want to be safe, but I also really don’t want to regret it.

Dear world,


Your consistently normal blonde, with fine but textured hair, who wants to look fashion forward but is afraid of looking dated and older,

Emily Henderson


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432 thoughts on “My New Cut and Color. Help.

  1. I like #2 the best on you. But maybe a bit blonder. Deciding to cut bangs is scary business. Good luck on Monday!

  2. Top right in the photoshopped photos. Love the strawberry blond or go with a version of bronde. I think as you age going too blonde ages a woman.

    1. I think you would look amazing with strawberry blonder hair! You have the complexion for it and I think it would make your eye color pop! Whatever you choose, I know you’ll rock it out

    2. Agreed! Yes to strawberry blonde! So natural with Emily’s coloring. And somehow more playful which suits her ebullient personality. And I love that wavy, banged lob.

    3. Plus one. This is the best cut, and I think as you get older, blonder washes you out (we lose color in the face with age). Bronde or strawberry would be awesome one you.

  3. Hi! Chicago hairstylist here. I have a few thoughts and a suggestion for you. It’s important to realize that wavy/curly-with-bangs and straight-with-bangs are a styling difference, not a cut difference. You should be able to wear a layered cut straight or wavy or curly! The real questions are a. where on your body (neck/collarbone/chin/boobs) do you want the cut to hit, and b. how much density are you willing to lose from the bottom to give you that full-on-top super layered look. Kristin can guide you on the layers, but I would suggest a collarbone length. My other suggestion for you is a color one. If you want to try something that will look and feel very different, but be easily reversible, talk with Kristin about a demipermanent strawberry blonde. It would look gorgeous on you and be a BIG change, but it will also fade out quickly (Demi-permanent is good like that) and be easy to remove from your hair if you don’t like it. If that’s unappealing, my vote is for blonder over bronder 😉

    1. This is what I was going to share too – as a person with fine curly hair with bangs – it’s fun to wear wavy, curly or straight and gives lots of options!!

      1. As another wavy/curly head w very fine hair, I got bangs for the first time in my life at 35, a year and a half ago, and I was shocked by how much thicker my hair looked, somehow?? I switched to a new stylist and she convinced me to go for it after 15+ years with my hair in a bluntish plain cut, usually around chin-length. My hair texture/cowlick situation is such that I do need to straighten the bangs, even if I do leave the rest of my hair curly. But I grew them out to prepare for the arrival of baby 3, and I’m itching to go back to them next cut.

        Definitely try a shorter length to have more fullness/fewer wispy ends, and go for the bangs for the fun of them! As my stylist said, even if your hair is pulled back it will make you look like you made an effort. I bet your hair will look thicker with a slightly darker color, as well.

  4. All of those cuts would suit your face so well, so my vote goes to colour: go super blonde!! I think that’s what will keep it looking fashion-forward and not momish.

  5. My 2c (I don’t even think they are worth that much) – I’m reminded of the Dax Shepard tweet, A man’s main job is to protect his woman from her desire to “get bangs” every other month. You have a lovely Keri Russell like forehead, WHY WOULD YOU HIDE IT?! (Are you watching the Americans? I’m obsessed). But if you are going to do it, I like the bottom left photoshopped picture, with the bangs slightly parted and lighter.

  6. I love the dark lob with bangs! So I’d obviously advise to go darker, bangier, lobbier 🙂 Generally I’d say for the scariest haircut you can find – because it’s just hair, it grows back! Also you have access to hairstylists you trust, if you lived with the new cut for a week and still hate it they can help you turn it back into something you like.

    I am so looking forward to seeing the new cut/colour/style.

  7. Bronde, shag, bangs.

    BUT – you live in LA! Go see Kristie Streicher and have her work on your brows. More than hair, brows do the most to frame the face. She’s a freaking genius – you can get microblading to make the ends thicker, and she can also advise you on makeup to make them look thicker overall – yours are too “comma”-esque right now – (thick on the inside, and then a dramatic curve to thinner on outside)

    (note: only commenting on this b/c you asked for feedback!)

    1. Yes! You are beautiful, Emily, and a slight change to your brows could enhance that. One of my friends had hers tatoo’ed and it made a tremendous difference. Microblading is less risky. And for what it’s worth, I’m a brunette who has started lightly filling in her brows so that my face is framed better. I’m 34, but I’ve noticed that my brows have started to become less full (grr!) and that has aged me.

    2. I have to second this. You’re gorgeous, Emily, and those brows don’t do you justice. As for the hair, I love the shorter cut with bangs but I’m not sold on the curly hair with bangs look. I agree that it could go terribly wrong terribly quickly. Loving the strawberry blond look or the platinum blond, but I also think your hair color now is gorgeous so I don’t think you need a massive overhaul of everything.

      1. OMG. this is hilarious. OK. i literally talk about getting my brows micro-bladed every week. I’m terrified. I’m so fair and i’ve only seen darker haired women look amazing (during the day). Obviously I would go to Kristie for it and maybe you guys are convincing me. I can’t really get my brows ‘done’ because I have none to do. Like so few hairs (I haven’t really plucked in YEARS) so there isn’t really anything to shape. I hear that something called ‘micro-feathering’ is the new thing, but I want to give it more time before I risk it. I’ts PERMANENT and its on my face. Now THAT is terrifying. Maybe for now I fill in more or have Kristie show me how to fill in?

        1. I was going to say exactly the same as above! Go see Kristie for sure, brow genius that will no doubt have a solution. As for hair, you will pull off any but I def think shaggy lob with bangs all the way!!

        2. You should go for a microblade and microshade. I’m brunette and it looks amazing but my person (here in Portland) does everyone – check out instagram to see how different shades look on different people. The microblade will give you the look of individual hairs, the microshade will enhance that and look as though you’ve filled them in a bit (and I noticed I needed that starting at age 35 where mine starting thinning a bit. They can do both on people with literally no brow hair.

        3. I’m jumping in on the “brow” train!! I get mine tinted (lashes too) because they are so blond and nonexistent otherwise. Is tinting totally 2015? I don’t know but it makes a HUGE difference!!!! It saves me time in the morning b/c I don’t have to fill my brows in every day. You can always start light and gradually go to a dark color and it completely fades after about 5 weeks so not a huge commitment. Just don’t plan any photo shoots / big events for the same day or next day b/c you might look a little Frida Kahlo but otherwise it is awesome!

          1. I tint my brows, too! If there are two of us doing it, that means it’s definitely not totally 2015, right??

        4. I’m a blonde who has had hers micro feathered! It’s such a game changer!!! Also it’s only semipermanent so it fades away completely in 1-3 years depending on how light you go.

          I agree that your brows need that extra bit of love, just make sure you go to the best artist in your area, you get what you pay for.

          For your hair – I too was a platinum blonde for over a decade, I went back to my natural a couple years ago (a darker blonde) and it has made me look so much younger, I think it would do the same for you!

          Love the idea of bangs, a blunt short cut just below your jawline.

          Congrats on deciding to go more fashion forward, you will rock it and look like one hot mama I’m sure!

        5. You could also try something like RapidBrow which is a serum to help brows grow back. I used something similar and it worked for me and my brows are fuller than ever!

        6. First of all, Emily: you’re GD adorable. You are quirky and fun and “weird” in THE MOST amazing way. I must live vicariously through you, as I live in the sad and unfashionable armpit of the south. (Burlap and camo and monogrammed EVERYTHING SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US..)

          I’m certainly not an expert, but I’m going to agree with the brow bit. You don’t want them too thick or dark because that’s not your face. That was never your face (maybe it was, but I’m willing to bet that it wasn’t..) so certainly the “on trend” dark, thick brow is going to make you look little strange. BUT, if you had them microbladed to closely resemble the brows from some of these photoshoots (specifically the second 2012 and the 2017 photos from above..) I think it would do a lot!

          I wouldn’t go any darker than “bronde.” I feel like one of your first physical identifiers is “blonde!” And, I may be thinking too far into it, if you go too dark and lose that, would everyone still recognize you as you? I love the natural blonde on you, but if you want to change it up a little, I would go lighter!

          If you’re afraid of looking dated I would skip the bangs. I think that a lot of the clothes you wear really push boundaries regarding fashion eras, and if you had bangs you may feel like you land a little TOO hard into some of those eras. Like if you wore a really structured shirt or jacket AND had may look like you were going to a 80’s costume party? But your hairstyle staying more classic (no bangs) and current (beachy waves) helps to keep your overall look from leaning too far in to any one decade.

          Also, I feel like bangs on us thin-haired folks takes away hair from the rest of our head. Does that make sense? Like it’s taken from multi-use hair to single-task bangs.

          The short lobs you posted are really good!

          My completely amateur opinions in summary: consider microblading some light brows, keep it blonde because it definitely works for you, stay away from the heavy bangs, and lob it! Whatever you (and Kristen) decide, we will all still love and support you!

        7. Emily – microfeathering – what Kristie does – isn’t permanent – I think it last 8-10 months? In any case, go see her – she has exquisite taste and will be honest with you!!!! GOOD LUCK!!! Would love to see that as the subject of a post…

        8. LIVE MY DREAM!!! Please, please go see Kristie!!! Then tell us all about it so I can live vicariously. I’m begging you!

        9. Ok but the best thing about bangs is less eyebrow maintenance! Don’t go all out on eyebrow stuff until you figure out how much they actually show with your bang cut 🙂 (This from someone with bangs who thinks about her eyebrows like twice a year)

        10. Check out Chalene Johnson’s eyebrows. SHe gets hers microbladed in LA somewhere. Now I am also blonde and you can barely see my brows and she hows a large brow with a big arch but they look good on her. Several of her blonde friends have had them done and they all look good.

        11. I started using eyebrow serum to make my own grow in to get a more natural brow about a year ago and it has been amazing! I use rapidbrow and you can buy it on amazon or at ulta beauty. I can’t reccomend it enough! Also taking biotin will help them grow.

        12. Please try it and report back!! I’m interested in microblading, but at the same time totally terrified/horrified. Literally someone is going to make a gazillion tiny cuts? On my face? That leaves a scar that will never go away?!

    3. I have to agree, I have always loved the hair. But the “comma” brows have bugged me a bit (and I know that says a lot more about me than it does Emily), and they have been too dark lately. I think some help there could go a long way.

      1. Haha ok whoa I am not “bugged” by the brows at all but I do want to echo the earlier comments re: you being gorgeous but the brows not enhancing anything. Also just wanted to note that my mom did microblading and she is also very fair – Irish with fair skin, blue eyes and “silver” hair and very minimal brows. It looks amazing and natural and not tattoo-ish at all. Give it some thought!

    4. Yeah! As a gal with thick, dark eyebrows already, I always thought that brow makeup was not for me. But holy cow, it makes such a difference! If I want to make my eyes and/or hair look more dramatic and edgy and polished, a darker brow does it in an instant! I am all about the fuller, darker brow thing. I think it would make your eyes shine brighter and help with the “editorial” vibe you want.

    5. Ah – not so sure of the microblading! I love the Streicher brows, but it’s alot of look!! Their signature is heavy and dark and I think it is sometimes just too much, esp since Emily is SO blonde.
      Also, I’m curious how microblading fades over times – we all know what tattoos can look like when they age – blurry and discolored – may microblading is too new to really know what it can look like years from now??

    6. i recognize that this type of post probably makes people feel like it was an opportunity to bring your brows up (and emily, you engaged like a real graceful champ) but just flagging that you really are beautiful without exception. that might make me the patchouli candle and bead curtain friend who needs to get a grip but all the “you’re gorgeous but the eyebrows are not” kind of bummed me out. i say this all as someone who highlights her hair and pencils in my brows daily with an occasional spray tan so i’m 100% on the train of doing what makes you feel good but it made my heart hurt about how many people opined on your brows without being solicited. xo

      1. +1 Mollie. All I could think of were all the little natural things about my face/body I never thought of as “wrong” or noticeable until people pointed them out.


    7. I think Sarah may be onto something here with the eyebrows. Soccer mom eyebrows are probably worse.

  8. Hey Emily, I love your look now and I think it is stylish. BUT, in the collage of your face in the hairstyles, the bottom right with the Zoey bangs is my fave. 80s mom is my least fave. What if you try one thing at a time, to see which change looks better? Like, bangs first, then color change, then shorter. Ps is your new weekend house in Arrowhead? I’m so curious. My MIL lives up there and it looks very similar. Okay I hope you have a great day and I will love you even if you end up with a hairrible mistake on your head!

  9. Something must be in the air, because I have been craving a new do, too. When I told my 9 year old daughter I was thinking of getting bangs, she said she thought I would look like a “common household mom”. Uh, that took the wind out of my sails quickly!

    All that being said, I loved the bottom right mock up of you with the blonder hair. You can definitely rock that look. It would look a little edgier and is so in with people like Jennifer Lawrence (hello, goddess!) rocking it! Can’t wait to see what you do, lovely lady!:)

  10. fun post, and now i want to cut MY hair like one of these pictures! i vote no to the curly with bangs. although i don’t think it would be bad to let your natural wave/curl come through sometimes with any of these cuts, i don’t think the top left curly/bangs photo should be your goal. the reason is because her hair is an incredibly different texture and thickness from yours. i have incredibly fine hair, too, (but a lot of it), and i have learned my lesson over the years to quit bringing pictures of thicker-haired actresses into my hair dresser and expecting my hair to look the same. i don’t think your hair will look like any of the curly pictures. the meg ryan picture is hilarious and made me laugh out loud, but i’m honestly afraid that’s what your hair will do if you don’t REALLY style it each day. now, i am REALLY into the shaggy or short lob with bangs looks…since your hair DOES have texture, you could make these work without worrying about having it be a straight up curly lob, if that makes sense. in fact, i think the bottom left pic where you are photo-shopped in (with more of the curtain bangs parted in the middle) looks great! i’m excited to see you go for it, and maybe i will be inspired to change mine up, too–i, too, have been a member of the “long, blonde hair club” for so many years i can’t even count.

  11. I say embrace the curls!! And I vote for a light brown color or strawberry blonde. The good thing about hair (just like paint) is that if you don’t like it on the first go you can pretty easily change it again and it’ll always grow out again. Good luck!

  12. Lady, this was me last month. I decided I wanted side-swept bangs, and for them to actually be seen (normally when I request bangs, possibly due to my thin hair, I get a couple of wisps and it winds up looking unintentional). So, yeah, I requested more / thicker bangs than what stylists normally give me. The results? Well, despite me promising to use a straight-iron to do my bangs every day, that happened exactly zero times. On a good day, I’d perfectly air dry them. On most days, I’d use bobby pins to push them back and call it a day. I don’t regret getting them (I had some post-baby breakage going on anyways), but I do feel surprised by just how little follow through I had regarding the ongoing maintenance. Oh yeah, and that free trip to the salon I was supposed to make this week to get them trimmed? Nope, not happening.

    Regarding the bronde versus blonder debate, I think it’s solved once you decide on a cut. If you go shorter, then I’d probably go blonder. If you go longer, then I think there would be enough vertical distance going on to really play with the bronde thing and let the color change and catch light differently along the length of the strands.

    About the cut, I have to say that I generally don’t like curly with bangs (I think curly is great without bangs, but not good with bangs). I do like the lob with bangs pic. on the bottom left (it’s the longest of the lob pictures). I am wondering if the whole lob thing is over its zenith, and if it’s now passé? I can’t say, but I do like that particular picture.

    1. I once asked my hairstylist for bangs and she said no, she knew I would not take care of them and it would make her work look bad. She did have a valid point.

      1. I cut bangs a year ago and I have naturally wavy hair. SOO glad my bangs have finally grown out. Though it was kind of a fun change, just know if you go into it that bangs with wavy hair are seriously high maintenance and every time you go somewhere that is humid or windy they go crazy! Every time you go to the pool you need to figure out what to do with your bangs cuz they”ll go crazy! So just be prepared with lots of headbands and bobby pins.

  13. I laughed out loud and snorted the coffee I had just drank at work when I saw the photo-shopped Meg Ryan photo…

    1. BUT it perfectly showcased my fear of what Emily will look like post-hair cut. Esp on days she doesn’t feel like doing a damn thing to her hair. p.s. This may be the practical/boring part of me, but would you want to style your bangs EVERY DAY? Or would they end up looking totally crazy instead of totally adorable? I also have fine, curly hair and I fear these things for you.

  14. i’m cracking up over the photoshop images and your freaking out. i’m hesitant to say go blonder because you’re already pretty fair. but i can’t see you going bronde! what about going rose gold. that’s like my OBSESSION!

    bangs are definitely tricky. I know for me.. it’s a no go! you, it could work, but i’m telling you it’s high maintenance! i’d go for a cut that hits right at the collarbone.

    Me, i’m going in for a drastic hair cut next wednesday and gonna get the side undercut! and my theory is if i can’t do tattoos or piercings, hair is the next thing i can have fun with!

  15. My vote for color is bronde. I also think you could totally rock the curly hair with bangs—just part your hair in the middle, like the models in those photos. Bangs grow out so quickly, so I feel like you could experiment without too much commitment. Just grow ’em or maintain ’em, depending on how much you like the look!

  16. To me, you seem to be a person that does well with *some* mess in her hair, rather than either *none* or *a lot*. So I do think you would look gorgeous (even more so, I mean) with something that is more in the “naturally effortless” area of looks rather than the “deliberately messy” (or “super controlled and minimal”). Some people really look awesome with super messy hair, über cool and all that, others look more like they did their hair in the dark (I know I do… the latter I mean, sigh). I think your current do really suits you, which is probably why it was allowed to stay for a while 🙂 As someone who has found “her” cut (floral dress Lea Seydoux in Cannes 2013) and sometimes still longingly thinks of going crazy with her hair, I am excited to see how you’ll decide!

  17. As a curly haired person who has had my fair share of bad haircuts, I would definitely NOT get bangs unless you want to be constantly taming them. I would vote for the bottom left of your photoshopped options – it could definitely be worn curly or straight and you’d be letting go of some length without going too drastic. I also like the bronde idea! I think going blonder may wash you out since you are so fair.

    That being said, you do you! It’s only hair – if you end up not loving it it will grow back. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

    1. Definitely agree with Bethany! The bangs make me nervous–curly has a distinctly mom vibe and stick straight is very pixie/woodland fairy. I don’t associate your style in clothes or homes with either of those. The longer split bangs would be my vote, channels some Sienna Miller vibes, but with littles myself, I could see them constantly being in your face as you bend over. But what about bringing up the length/playing with layers? I also think the bottom left bronde could be a nice change (for fall). What look would make you feel like the beautiful, successful stylist/designer/mom/woman that you are right now? I just chopped my hair and am loving playing with my new do to fine just the right look that’s me + fun + not too mom bob. I can’t wait to see what you pick!

  18. I like bronde and curly with bangs. I think with a proper cut you will not look like you should have starred in an 80’s movie.

  19. Top right with shaggy bangs looks good. With a lot of styling and product you can do anything. If you don’t like to spend too much time on hair then no matter what you do your curls will overtake the haircut. I wouldnt fight my natural hairstyle too much. Don’t cut off too much as you’ll have less control over your look. I’d try the longer shaggy look. If you like it you can always go shorter next time. As for color I like the lighter options. I think you’d need to color your hair darker then do highlights for a sunkissed dark blonde look to be natural. Other wise it will not look very natural on top. Thats why lighter color might be better. Good luck. It’s an exciting change

  20. Of the four bottom photoshopped pictures – I like #4. I think going lighter will keep it edgier. And it looks great with your skin.

  21. I LOVE the bright blonde with bangs!!! Initially I leaned towards the shaggy cut with low lights because of your face shape, but the bottom two photos are gorgeous. Plus if you get a wild hair (no pun intended), you can shag it up, throw on some denim and pull off the modern 70’s look.
    Vote for bright blond with bangs!

  22. You’re making me want to get a haircut! But I’m in the same boat as you – I have twin toddlers so when would I ever have time to actually style my hair? Thus I keep my long bronde hair because the most important thing is the ability to style ponytails and braids that take no time but make it look like I’m actually trying.

    My $.02 on your hair: I feel like your fair skin and blonde hair is your signature look. If I were you, I’d consider going blonder instead of bronde. If everyone in LA is going bronde, all the more reason to go platinum. Few people have the skin tone for platinum, but you could pull it off. However, I think the success of a platinum haircut also relies on proper makeup so that your facial features don’t get lost.

    I thought you looked so cute trying different styles lately – the half up/bun for the dorm room post and the fun looks Agata created for you in NYC. Whatever new style you try, don’t be afraid to style it different ways. You still look great with your hair pulled back even though you never do it, and just adding that option to your styling repertoire would give you a lot more flexibility to get “editorial” or even just fun, youthful looks without a dramatic chop.

    Regardless, I can’t wait to see what you pick. At the end of the day it’s just hair! (Unless you’re Felicity…)

    1. Yes! Emily looks spectacular as a bright blonde. She looks luminous rather than washed-out. It’s young and very natural looking on her.

  23. Please tell where your extensions are from? Would have never guessed ?

    I also vote for short lob with bangs.

  24. Yuu mean wavy with bangs. Ain’t nothing curly about those ladies hair says the woman with corkscrew curls (me):)

    I love wavy with bangs and your hair always seems to have the loveliest wave.

    I personally never brush my hair, other than combing my fingers through it when putting in conditioner. When I get out I don’t squeeze it dry, just flip it over and flick at it with a towel like I saw in a NYT curly hair video. Scrunch with some deva curl and my fingers, flip back over and get the part right and let it air dry. Voila… perfect curls. Give it a try some time… with your waves it would look amazing I’m sure.

  25. I just got to say that bangs are super cute but soooo high maintenance! I have 4 kids and a career so I get the busy Mom thing. Can you commit the time to make them look cute everyday? Bangs are needy.
    PS- Lob with Bronde, no bangs.

  26. When it comes to hairstyle change, I say, …’go big or go home….’. Remember, it’s just hair– it will grow back if you don’t like it. Also, remember you have such a pretty face with lovely features– hard to go wrong with that! My fave for you is top right in ‘short lob w/ bangs’ and platinum– way fashion forward!! I think cutting some length off of hair, makes it lighter, more fresh and modern. Top left in ‘Curly with bangs’ is lovely, but part of the appeal of that model’s cut is how thick her hair is, you’ve described your hair as fine, right? Be careful of that…. Also, I know you love hats, as I do, consider how your cut will look when you sport some of your cool hats. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  27. I’m fair like you and started going bronde a few years ago and I love it. I just get lighter pieces toward my face so I don’t feel like it’s too dark. I have thick, wavy hair that grows super fast so bangs aren’t for me but I think you could totally rock them.

  28. Not very helpful, but you sir made this 39 week pregnant mama smile this morning, so thanks. Whatever you do, just no shoulder pads and you’ll be golden. Or bronde. Or whatever

  29. Curly with bangs and bronde.
    Unless you’re scared you’re copying the current T Swift look

    Definitely more depth in color though. I’m no photographer but it’s probably a good thing for pictures, no?

  30. I think a lob with blunt bangs would looks awesome (like Anna Faris but go shorter!) I just got blunt bangs and my hair is very wavy. I wear it straight and wavy, and have found my bangs very easy to style! Good luck!

  31. HAHA! These pictures made me LOL multiple times! I love the Meg Ryan one. You’re gorgeous and will look awesome no matter what. But given that your hair has generally been the same for a long time, I’d go shaggy with bangs and you can always go shorter over time if you want.

  32. I have very fine hair and a stylist, without asking me, put in layers…I’m still coping with that 5 months later. So I’d just say no to any kind of layering. I’m also not a fan of super blond but I am one who prefers it look naturally. During the chunky highlights phase (and currently here in Seattle the grown ups with purple/pink/blue highlights!??), I’m am staying way far away from that one. It’s just me and my brown/blond/red/grey self.

  33. As a hairstylist who is terrified of change with my own hair… my first instinct is a short lob with bangs and keep it blonde. Because of your fine hair, the length needs to go quite a bit shorter. You can still wear it “curly with bangs” at this length, too. Keep it a light bright blonde because that’ll keep the cut from looking too “soccer mom”. You can always add lowlights and some darker colors back into it once you’ve had the cut for awhile and gotten used to it. Good luck with your decision! You’ll look fantastic no matter what!

  34. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I think we have the exact same hair (and lack of lashes). I’m anxious to see what you do. I’ve never colored my hair, but I have always wanted to go early 2000s Dixie Chicks platinum but have never had the guts to because people tell me that they pay $$ for my natural hair color (it’s the only thing I have going for me…so I’m not bragging…I’m just saying it seems like it ain’t broke, so I’m not going to pay $$ to fix it.). SO, therefore, I vote MORE blonde for you, just because I love MORE blonde.

    Bangs scare the daylights out of me, but if you feel like maintaining them and taming the random curls that you will end up with (In 7th grade, I always had wings, the tips of the end of my bangs on both sides curled out), the go for it! And tell us how you do it because every time I get bangs, I pin them back in half a week.

  35. I thoroughly enjoyed this post – because every. single. one of us has been there. To chop or not to chop? To bang or not to bang? (The hair kind, not the dirty kind)

    My personal, and very non professional, opinion is the curly with bangs. Hair can grow out, might as well see if you love it! And ‘bronde’ on the color, it’s my favorite. So low maintenance!

  36. Shaggy with bangs, and blonder!! Like the lower left photoshopped photo of you. Good luck, it’ll look great! 😉

  37. As a 30-something mom of two, I recently let my layered, lob-length hair go curlier and wilder (its natural tendency) after two decades of round brush blow dried, STYLED hair, and I have never gotten more compliments in my life (especially from twenty-somethings). Go curly and bronde, like the top right photoshopped pic – you won’t regret it 🙂

  38. I think the shag with curtain bangs would look awesome on you! For color, I think either light blonde or bronde would look best, but if you’re worried about looking too suburban then I’d go with the bronde. Someone else also said strawberry blonde, and I agree that it would suit you so well!

    I am a fellow pale-skinned lady and I have a pale pink wavy lob with curtain bangs. My hair is also super fine and it works, but there is definitely upkeep. I’ve found that dry shampoo is my best friend (keeps the bangs from being stringy or plastered awkwardly to my forehead). For myself at least, I’ve found found that heavy, straight across Zooey Deschanel-type bangs don’t work with the pale skin, light hair, fine texture combination. I could never get them full enough. I’ve started cutting them curtain-style so there’s a little triangle of forhead showing in the middle and it looks much better.

    Good luck on Monday! Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  39. I say blonder and shorter. Maybe the shorter lob. But I know cutting bangs is scary. Maybe try doing bangs the length you could push to one side if you don’t like them and then you could always go shorter. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  40. Definitely bottom right with the super blonde with bangs. It still looks like you but updated.
    The other colors look dowdy. What I love about your look is that it has an effervescence just like your personality:) good luck on Monday.

  41. All the ideas you posted look good–the question is, which will look good on YOU? I like bangs in theory, but I personally just can’t do it. With all the compliments you got for your teenager top knot, I’d think that showing your forehead is a good look for you. I’ve had this experience: get all excited about bangs, dream about how great I’ll look, get bangs, look in the mirror, feel really stupid and convulsed with regret!!!
    I think you have a sweet, child-like face–add bangs to that and you might just look like a seven-year-old girl. Waamp wamp. But hey, if you really can rock it, that’s great.

  42. I know this post is about hair, but I want to know more about the makeup application techniques that you learned! My makeup currently looks like 2010-Emily but desperately wants to improve to 2014/2015-Emily. Like you, I am super pale, and it’s hard to find things that don’t look too yellow or green!

  43. I think the first style looks so cute, but in reality, how much TIME do you have to do your hair in the morning? With two kids and a demanding job, you probably just need to make sure whatever “editorial” cut is easy and quick for YOU to do in the morning. I’m excited to see how it looks!

    1. Totally agree with this. Two kids, busy career = no time for fussy styling. How about a longer lob with light, longer, sideswept bangs. You can go curly or straight, lighter or darker. Thick, straight bangs might be trendy but they are still frumpy imo.

  44. Love the short lob with bangs! Also I think bronde is a good idea; it looks more soft and flattering than the super light blonde. This post was a lot of fun and had me laughing, especially the Meg Ryan photoshop!

  45. Sorry to say, I am not crazy about any of the 4 photoshopped styles for you but if I must choose it would be bottom left. (P.S. IMHO, the upper left style is just plain awful.)

  46. Personally I love the really curly shots of when you were more “edgy”. You look so fun and unique, and I think that’s a good thing. I also love the short lob with bangs. Just GO FOR IT. Try something new, fun and different. And as my mom, the hairdresser, ALWAYS says: It’s just hair. It will grow back.

  47. Bang! Its only hair. Ask my daughter who had waist long beautiful hair that she recently lost to treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma.

    Anything really will look great, you are lovely. 🙂

  48. I’m anti bangs, but agree with others that it would be good to get your eyebrows a stronger, more defined shape. I think you would a rock platinum-ish color, but bronze would look awesome too.

    1. I’m anti bangs, but agree with others that it would be good to get your eyebrows a stronger, more defined shape. I think you would a rock platinum-ish color, but bronde would look awesome too.

  49. Hi Emily, have you ever considered getting your eyebrows feather tattooed to thicken their look? Its supposed to look extremely natural! I also have invisible eyebrows and would love to get mine done

    1. I am also super curious about your thoughts on getting your eyebrows done. I have invisible eyebrows and am thinking about getting them “microfeathered” but haven’t had the guts to take the plunge. Almost all of the before and afters are girls that have dark eyebrows. I have yet to see someone (like us) with invisible blonde eyebrows.

        1. Get a cut with bangs and THEN try out microfeathering. That way you will have something to cover them if they look weird 🙂

      1. My friend had invisible red eyebrows and she got them microbladed. They were a bit too dark for the first couple weeks but they have faded to look super natural!

  50. 1). Wavy lob with bangs and strawberry blonde hair.
    2). Short, blonder, and no bangs (a la Jennifer Lawrence)
    3). A perm to make your hair curlier (like in the Rue photos).

    I think all of those would be more distinctive, and they wouldn’t age you or make you look too much like a mom. Good luck!

  51. Bangs, lob, blunt, blonder. I feel like more extreme platunim color would take suburban fears out of it and look good on your fair skin. Good luck!

  52. Super blond, pixie. It can grow back if you hate it but your face could support this look!

  53. Well well…I’m in the same position but as a 30 years old (first time writing it!) who got super dark, fine, a bit textured hair. Got an appointment on Tuesday and I’m thinking of getting highlights to make me look less severe (you know, brown hair, brown eyes, brown eyebrows…).

    As for your case, I would go for a blunt cut (helped my fine hair a whole lot), a bit darker with the bronde and bangs but not too bold.

    Makes sense?! I hope so 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the results!

  54. Shorter lob, and darker!! I think the darkest “bronde” you posted, or even darker! And even shorter! Go big!!! Close second would be curly with the shortest bangs you posted, so cute! I don’t think you’ll look older because you look great and you’re having such a pro do your hair <3 good luck, and thanks for the Inspo as I’m also looking for a change

  55. I think bronde would make you look too generic- since it is the most popular color in LA. I agree with the poster who suggested strawberry blonde for you – I am picturing you as Nicole Kidman. No bangs.

  56. The Meg Ryan Photoshop killed me!!! So hilarious. I totally get it. I have learned after a lot of good and bad cuts that the one constant variable is trusting a talented hair dresser. It is like trusting a good interior designer. Give input, but let them do their craft. The best hairstyles and color have come from just trusting talented hair dressers. I love the #2 cut btw, and I think bronde would be lovely. So excited!

  57. I’m always against bangs because of the maintenance… I always cut them, love it for a day, then regret it…. and I feel like there are few people that actually look better with bangs than without. I love your hair the way it is, but if you were looking to switch it up a little I’d go bronde and a little shorter. I can’t wait to see what you pick.

  58. I think that going Blonder with any edgier cut will keep it younger/hipper. The bronde might actually make it look more matronly bc its less upkeep (aka mom friendly).

  59. i was reading all about the curly hair with bangs and then scrolled down after you said you wanted top left but are terrified of looking like this…saw the picture and now I can’t stop laughing! …oh my gosh I just finished reading the paragraph about Brian being terrified! NO 80’s Mom is not a look right now. But what do I know…I’m a 50 year old Mom! Bangs will make you look 50 (again, experience here). But honestly…it’s hair, it grows back. I love the bronde or strawberry blonde for you. You’ll rock whatever you choose. Most importantly, please keep being funny! Even if you do decide on 80’s Mom and all you can do is cry!

  60. short lob with or without bangs and bronde!! no matter what kristin was will rock it. can’t wait to see it!

  61. I am 39, have 3 kids, and have hair that’s pretty thick and quite wavy/curly and I’ve had pretty much every style you’ve got on this post, including your current longer hair, and even shorter funky bobs. I also have an awesome, cooler and younger than me hairstylist who I’m always telling “Don’t let me look like a frumpy mom who gave up” haha. I think you can do any of them. In my opinion a good cut is essential to avoid the “soccer mom” triangle hair of the 80’s but you also need to style more when it’s shorter to avoid looking frumpy. I find that I have to work on the ends of my hair with a styling tool and some type of pomade to make it look piece-y (is that a word?) and not have that 80’s look. I also have to blow dry my bangs which takes about 2 minutes and is no big deal even with curlier hair. Sarah James of Whoorl has some great bang blow drying tutorials. The one thing – when I have my hair shorter, I rock more eye liner and edgier clothes and I CANNOT let it air dry without styling or I look like a really bad version of a Molly Ringwald movie.

  62. Hair grows 0.5 inch a month or 6 inches a year. That means the if you get bangs and hate them, in a year they will be well past your chin so you won’t be fighting with them that long. The flip side of that is they need to be trimmed every 2 weeks MAX to stay the correct length. I got bangs 3 months ago, love the look – I actually think I look younger- but am letting them grow back out because I’m too chicken to trim them myself and too busy to get to my stylist that often. Since you’re on photoshoots frequently, you probably have professionals around so this is less of a concern, but it’s worth mentioning.

    Of the cuts I actually think a blunt cut is fabulous with fine wavy hair. Growing up I had super fine, straight hair and it just hung there, but now that I have a little more wave it’s a style. My favorite is the shoulder length lob. I actually adore the Rue pictures too, but I understand wanting a bigger change.

    Color-wise I’m torn. Bronde is actually a little too in. I probably lean towards blonder, but that may just be because I’d love to do that, but it’s too much maintenance for me so I want to live vicariously:)

    It sounds like you’re in good hands. My stylist will fight with me if she things a style won’t work with my face or hair type and I’m sure Kristen would too.

    I’m going chin length in a couple months and it’s fun to analyze someone else’s options. I’ve spent way too much time trying to classify my face shape.

  63. My opinion is NO to the Brond. Darker hair is aging. As women get older they go lighter. I used to have dark espresso hair. My natural is plain brown. Now I’m light brown with highlights. Ask any woman over 40. Next, no curl. Not flattering unless you are 5’ 10” and long. You look about 5’ 6 1/2”. I’ve never been a fan of curl/wave. I did the 80’s, trust me on this! The bottom right (bangs, straight, lighter, from photo above of you photoshopped in grey zipper jacket) is my pick. If you are determined to do a dramatic look, than I like the French cut on the top right, but about an inch longer. Can’t go wrong going blonder. Can always change the color. Either of the two will look great. The cut is the big decision! Good luck. From a suburban mom of a teen. Haha! I get what you’re saying! You look amazing though. Your outfit seshs are hilarious! 🙂

  64. I would give Kristen a general idea of what you have in mind, but not mandate what should be done. She is an expert. Give her the same amount of creative space that you request from your clients.

  65. Glad to hear you’re considering a new do. I say go blonder and do the curly with bangs. It will look amazing and won’t look 80’s mom in a bad way if you use the texturizing spray and keep up with the spray tanning. Please no bronde. It’s what every blogger has along with that ubiquitous long wavy cut.

  66. One more thought – I’m always hesitant to tell people, “oh you look like so and so” because it doesn’t matter that I think that person is beautiful, if they don’t, I just insulted them, but I’m going to risk it. I think you have similar features and coloring as Kirsten Dunst and she has tried a wide variety of hair lengths and styles so you might browse her pictures on Pinterest and see what you think.

  67. I vote short lob with bangs! And definitely add some brown back in keeping it really blonde around your face and this will give it more depth and appear thicker and more healthy.

  68. I’d say just trust Kristen. She’s amazing! I always ask my trendy and talented hairstylist what would look good on me and let her work her magic. But you could wear any of those hair styles. 🙂

  69. IF you can be convinced don’t do bangs!!! They take forever to grow out and there will be an awkward phase for so long when you don’t want them anymore.

  70. No bangs- soooo high maintenance with kids and a nightmare to grow out. Lob/bob! Kristen bell-Esque.

  71. I think your answer is the upper right hand photo in the “blonde” quadrant! It’s chic, it’s sexy, your hair has the right texture to give you that cool little flip, and if you hate it, it’s relatively painless to grow out. I think it would look great on you. And it would not require a lot of work every morning! I fear those curly bangs… especially if your hair is fine, it seems like maybe that’s a style that requires a lot y of heaviness to the hair in order to keep the bangs from being too fluffy? Anyway, I really feel strongly about that cool bob (lob?) – I really think it would be fabulous.
    Can’t wait to see what you choose! Good luck. ?

  72. No opinion on what you should do because I’m currently in the same confused state with my hair, but please share the extensions you posted on Insta! My hair is very similar to yours and I could use some. Thanks!

  73. I like the color in 2014 – a warm, soft blond. Not harsh. Your hair looks smooth and healthy.

  74. I’m a blonde and have experimented with color (brown, bronde and red – loved the red for a bit) but never felt truly good and myself with out my blonde hair. I feel like this is a common theme amongst blondes so I say experiment with cut and not so much on color. Maybe is more about the way the highlights are executed – more sense or shall we say more considered and painterly – i had one hairstylist for year when I was in NYC (his name is David and he’s now at Sally H) and he created the most amazing color on my that always grew into a fabulous ombré if I waited too long between appointments. For cut, I say curly, textured lob for your hair makes the most sense and is a great start while, you’re in the chair and then maybe then add the fringey bang at the end if you feel a lob is not enough. I think the lob is most versitle and you’ll able to be sexy, casual, hipster, young, etc. The bangs are a very jump towards hipster and fashion forward. Otherwise you know you’re in good hands and I can’t wait to see it! Good luck.

  75. You can pull off all of these looks. I tend toward what your natural hair would do so I really like curly with bangs. I think because you have very natural curls it would look beautiful!! I love your hair super blonde but I really like the bronde too! Good luck, your pretty whatever you decide!

  76. I don’t have any suggestions, but I loved this post, it had me cracking up the whole time. Thanks for the laugh this am.

  77. I think you will look gorgeous no matter what you choose. Since you’re asking, I love the bottom left. I think it can be worn curly or straight. All the styles are great though!

    For colour, I think light blonde is your signature and will keep you looking younger and more fashion forward. (I also love that light blonde makes your daughter look even more like your mini-me!) As someone who also has naturally light blonde hair and a similar complexion, I always find myself coming back to that colour. I’ve tried everything from brown to red to bronde. My stylist likes to say “Once a blonde, always a blonde, leave it a blonde.” But experimenting is how you find out! I say only try bronde if you keep your hair longer, that way you can see more of the colour variance with the lowlights and highlights on longer strands. On short hair, it may look more “blah” and less dimensional.

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  78. Shaggy and long-ish with bangs and a blunt end! I think that the Meg Ryan risk in the shorter/curly/bangs scenario is very real…

  79. Oh my gosh, Emily!! I’m monitoring a middle-school quiet study hall right now, so I popped over here to read your blog and could not stop laughing at the Meg picture! Like red face, can’t stop, and now kids are looking at me weird.

    I will say, I have been cutting and growing out my bangs for twenty years. I have this odd, regenerating optimism that “this time they’re going to look so cool”! I had a mom come in for her kid’s conference recently, straight from the salon, with a great blowout and thick bangs, and I went home that day and cut my own bangs with my kitchen scissors. It’s a compulsion, I tell you. I’m cursed with some badly placed cowlicks that make me have a bangs/horns combo (especially in Nashville’s humid summers), but I do love me some brow-skimming bangs!

    I’ll add that I personally wouldn’t go too light if you do have bangs. In my opinion, a little color contrast between hair and skin (when you have bangs) looks good. It makes the bangs stand out a little more.

    I could talk a looong time about bangs. Somehow my fellow teachers just aren’t interested……..

  80. Curly with bangs. I have naturally curly, fine hair too and when I went back to curly (as opposed to straightening it or doing beachy waves) this year, I was super nervous. Now I love it to death. A lot of the cuts above just remind me of what EVERYONE else is doing. The curly with bangs is unique. If you can rock curls, go for it. Curly hair rules.

  81. I have no real opinions on the cuts – I think all the ones you suggested, with some good styling, would look great on you.

    But! I have strong opinions on the color! Of all the blonde pics, I think you look just stunning in that very first one from 2010. That warmer blonde really warms up your skin and makes it look glowy. It looks like you’ve gone cooler and cooler over the years, and while I love the blonde on you, I think the warmer, slightly darker (but not brownish!) blonde looks (by far!) the most striking with your skin tone.

  82. I just want to say that I think you are EFFING BRAVE for posting this and subjecting yourself to random comments on your appearance — asked for AND not asked for.

    It’s gotta help that you are a TRUE beauty and that you are used to seeing yourself on the blog and in the media. But GURL. You’ve got guts I don’t share.

    Can’t wait to see what you choose!! I don’t see how you could possibly go wrong. xo!

  83. I THINK IVE GOT IT!!! In the pics of color of blonds top right also do that hair cut length but maybe a little longer. Would love a side part with a long angled bang. Similar to your picture above comments.?

  84. OMG…the Harry Met Sally/your face comment had me in tears! Your face is so gorgeous, who cares about your hair! ?

  85. Lob with minimal layers so it will look thicker, no bangs (too high maintenance and it will make the front thinner), a little more brown for fall. You have great natural wave and you’ll look great in whatever you decide!

  86. The woman in the green sweater. Mid-length, wavy but not curl, and the strawberry blonde/bronde coloring. I think of your current look and how you light yourself – seems that the edgiest thing you can do that’s within your style is to go darker with your hair, and cut it shorter so your jaw line shows – in other words, go for the shadow not just the light. You might look a little older, but you will surely look more artistic and more worldly.

    Love the way you are letting us opine. Thank you.

  87. I vote for blonder with a shorter lob and bangs! I think it would be a really fresh and feminine look! I have fine hair as well but I’m terrified to cut it. I guess that’s how one ends up stuck in a rut 🙁 Go for it girl! You’re in great hands!

  88. I think curly with bangs and just a touch of “bronde” would look so good. Congrats on taking a leap into the hair unknown,both terrifying and exciting!

  89. Looks like you’ve done blonder before (been there). I’m drawn to the strawberry and collarbone length. Like someone said before, it’s all in the cut that will allow you to style it wavy/curvy/curly/etc. I think that will give you a fresh look that’s on trend.

  90. I notice that the first few sets rely on pretty even volume through the crown of the head to about halfway down where the volume begins to peter out. I think that’s one of the big differences between it being “edgy” vs “80s suburban mom” —the volume is pretty equal throughout for the latter. Also, there’s a big difference in the bang texture —they are pretty weighted and smoothed; which means a fair bit of maintenance.

    Now im all of your plantiunum color options there’s considerably less volume overall but definitely at the crown of the head. The bangs are a *just a bit* curled under and the rest of the hair is fairly straight and blunted. This could be a function of the dye job—it often blasts curls into limp straightness, so you can’t get more volume or more curl.

    Since you’re in LA obvs. it could make sense to go “bronde” though I personally think it’s horrible. But then I balk at most LA hair trends—so much brassy blonde—and it showing up in other places. Also, frankly, I think that kind of chunky highlighting and low lighting is going to push further into suburban mom (though maybe mid-90s).

    I think the real question is how much maintenance—and what kind—do you want to do? The shaggier, shorter ‘do’s will definitely need daily styling to keep from going that 80s mom look. A starker blonde, with a long bang, needs more frequent trips to the salon.

    There my 2 cents.
    Hope it helps.
    Good luck.

  91. Emily, I pinned so many of these same hair inspiration pictures and I recently did the lob and i love it, with your wavy hair I think it would be lovely on you and a great update. I would say stick with same hair color or slightly darker, and I too have been filling in my brows and fantasizing about trying microblading! Go for it!

  92. Very hard vote for that lady’s hair in the “blonder” section with the sunglasses. Marilyn Monroe second day hair? I’ve also thought that shorter hair needs to be BLONDE or DARK to be cool.

    Laughed so hard at your face on Meg Ryan’s hair!

  93. Color:
    I like too right in the Bronde Quad.

    I like the Girl Boss look. Long Shaggy Shag

  94. Ok Em, here’s my thoughts.
    Last fall I totally got a bug for the shaggy bang look. I have the exact same texture and color hair as you and our figures are very close in size. Well, I got the cut and although it was cute I found two things. 1.) so much more fussing and styling time because my bangs would require me to blow them out after showers and use product in them. Otherwise they’d be a weird, wavy mess. 2.) I thought I looked older and less hip for exactly the reasons you said. Bigger boobs, not a size 0, and in my 30’s. I take chances with my outfits and I love the mom jeans and all that. I felt self conscious, like I had to wear clothes that made me look younger and not as risky and fun.

    I will also say that thin blond hair in bangs isn’t as great looking as thick dark hair. Mine got piece-y quick and looked dirty.

    So today my bangs are grown out again. You know what? It wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t even mind the in between stages of the bangs. I am glad I satisfied my curiosity.

    Take the chance! 🙂

  95. Straight bangs and super blonde or super blonde/leaning strawberry blonde, hands down. Darker ages, and the bronde tends to look mousy on a lot of people. Good luck! What a fun post!

  96. Ice blonde (yes you can totally do platinum), chopped, curly with bangs. Hair grows back, don’t overthink it! And just to really shake it up, I’d love to see shorter than the lob you usually sport.

    As a faux strawberry blonde myself, I also think you would look rad joining the tribe. It’s a unique shade and you rarely see people who have it. I’m sure Kristen can mix you up something amazingly custom but my shade is Wella Tahitian Red (my hair is naturally dark blonde), fair skin but not quite as fair as you, green eyes.

  97. I first want to say that I love your blog and IG because of the girl talk like this. I don’t have enough of this in my life!

    I recently cut my all-one-length long hair to a shag with bangs and I love it. I think you will, too! Here’s the thing: I have mostly straight hair but I can bring out a curl in this style by using a product like DevaCurl after washing. So you can kind of get the curly with bangs cut also if you ask your stylist to make it versatile! Mine also showed me a way to create waves with the curling iron that I had literally never seen before. So I have at least 3 ways to wear my hair now. As for color, just remember bangs add a lot of color around your face, so if you go darker, that will be a big change along with the cut. Maybe stay lighter blonde and once you’re used to the cut, change the color to bronde if you still really want to?

    Can’t wait to see what you decide! You’ll look beautiful no matter what.

  98. I like the top right photo best, but I really believe you’ll look stunning and fresh no matter what Kristin does! Have fun on Monday and I can’t wait to see the results!

  99. Can you please post some pics of younger you in creative outfits? I would love to see that!!

  100. I see a lot of comments about how shorter or darker hair ages you but I’m in the opposite camp at times – I think trying to keep your hair looking a specific way to be younger actually makes you look older. It’s the trying to hard kind of thing.

    I love the idea of going more natural with a style BUT I highly recommend practicing with your hair now. I’m a natural curly girl but wore it straight for a while. It’s hard to get used to the styling time and technique differences. I’d suggest doing a transition cut at first – go shorter but choose a style that can work with straight or curly just in case the maintenance is too much. Maybe do a longer bang so you can decide if you want to go shorter or just grow them out. As you grow more confident in your styling you can do the Phase 2 look.

    On color, I think going dark might be too much drama and change all at once. I think it could be fun to play with a change like a more platinum shade, though I notice you often have roots showing. Instead of the bronde looks you are showing, a platinum balyage could be a fun look. One issue though – most balyage is based on straighter or looser curled hair so it may be difficult to know what that would look like with a curlier style. It’s why I haven’t gone that route. Plus I hate maintaining a color because I’m lazy.

    Remember that it is just hair. I know it’s part of you and your brand but there are easy styles to wear when you don’t love a current haircut. I identified with my hair in a certain way, then had cancer, then grew to love my hair again but I never place too much identity in it now. The best thing about hair is how much you can do with it so why not have some fun?

  101. Holy cr@p, curly bangs is MY hair right now. I had no idea it was popular! FINALLY. (Although someone said I look like Jennifer Beale the other day. Talk about 80s hair.) As a fellow fine, wavy headed lady I do have trouble keeping the top looking full. Totally curious as to what sort of product would help give me body and make the waves look more defined… that texture spray? KRISTIN, ANYONE, HELP ME. Emily – gorgeous as always. 😉

  102. Def to Blonder, always yes to blonder (coming from a blonde addict). I think you look similar to Malin Ackerman, so I say YES to the short curly with bangs look.

  103. Curly with bangs 100%. I’m a mom of 2 and have a professional job that includes working with young adults (so it feels slightly important to at least appear cool/with it). I have this cut and it’s amazing. I tend to be more wavy than curly, but I do NOTHING to style my hair and it dries just as if I’d spent time on it. Perfect for the craziness of getting kids and myself ready in the AM.

  104. I love the top left pic in the ‘short lob with bangs’ images for the cut. For the color, definitely BRONDE!

  105. Shaggy with bangs would be adorable on you! And maybe a more blunt medium-long cut? On another note, I have to second the strawberry blonde/red thing. Probably too big of a change this time, but one day you should totally give it a go. Kind of like Gwenyth Paltrow in Ironman. Thought the red thing was super flattering on her and could totally see it working for you.

  106. I like top right in the ‘blonder’ section. More of a swept fringe, sorry bangs, but more of a bob length. I think a short crop makes people look super chic too. You could go REALLY short too and look AMAZING ?

  107. I vote for lob and blonder — but no bangs — I think you’ll sacrifice too much volume below to get that full bang look in the examples you’ve shown.

  108. This post made me laugh bc that’s what it sounds like in my brain 99% of the time.
    Thanks for the laugh. Go for the curly with bangs because if Emily Henderson thinks its cool then i can stop feeling embarrassed about that picture from seventh grade when i had bangs, curly hair and braces.

  109. I wholly understand craving that moment of recognition in the mirror -the one where you feel a spark because what you see confirms something intrinsically “you” (the first time I shaved my head, I enjoyed a Joni Mitchell “unfettered and alive” moment often when I saw myself in a mirror -though the second time I shaved, it was more like “omg, i’m just bald!” : )…. Buuuut, I’m wondering if it might be significant that you do not have bangs in any of the non photo-shopped pictures of you here, or in fact almost anywhere else online.!? Actually, there’s one picture from a Fig House blog post circa 2013 where it looks like maaaaybe you have bangs..? (and yesss, I did a quick internet search of you -but I swear not in a creepy way! just to confirm my suspicion that ‘Emily Henderson with bangs’ was not a common sight ; ) Also, I might/almost/maybe/vaguely remember you once asking us to remind you Not to get bangs (possibly because you didn’t have time for them at that juncture in your life)..? In my experience wearing a version of the same hairstyle over the course of many years, often suggests it’s working. In which case, I would perhaps consider staying more in the neighborhood of your current style cut-wise and playing with color instead..? Just a thought though as I totally support your ‘Go For It” attitude!!! I’d be interested in seeing you bronde but can’t wait to see what You decide : )

  110. This may be my favorite blog post for you yet!! Hilarious. All of the cuts look gorgeous, but I like the shaggy with bangs for you. Anything that’s not straight across at the bottom, which can turn into Texas mom real real fast.

  111. Oh hell yes to shutting that lady up and rocking any look you like with confidence. Full support on that one. It’s liberating! Jennifer Lawrence color and cut with bangs is my vote! Or why not go brunette like a ton of the styles you showcased!!!

  112. Bronde with the Alexa Chung cut. If your hair is truly curly, you could always style it curly or make it straighter.

  113. Hi Emily,

    I say YES to bangs! I have curly hair (thin, frizzy, wavy with ringlets) and I recently got bangs and a short lob and I love it. I’ve had bangs before (8 years ago) and I liked it, but thought I couldn’t pull it off with curly hair so I straightened my hair everyday and completely ruined my hair. My best friend is a hair dresser and has been trying to convince me to try curly bangs for a while and I finally did it and I’m telling you, I’ve never gotten so many compliments from complete strangers about a haircut. Also, family members have told me it makes me look younger (I’m 29). Also, another reason why I love bangs and don’t think I will ever not have them is that with curly/wavy hair, I felt like my hair wasn’t stylish, just kind of boring. But with bangs, I feel like it makes more of a statement and has so much more style than just long curly/wavy hair. I feel like I’ve been taking more risks with my wardrobe now that I love my haircut! It’s made such a huge difference. Good luck, and I know you’ll look great no matter what you decide!

  114. A hairstylist here! Blonde suits you so well. A shaggy bob with bangs some hilights and low lights would look amazing

  115. Ok first off… that last grid of your faces in the hairs. I am dead.?? although I think you can pull off any look bc you’re beautiful and have great facial structure , you should def go w bottom right (in said grid).

    I’m a FTM and did the shaggy lopped lob (sans bangs bc those things look good for two seconds then it’s bobby pins for the next 3 years of growing them out) and it REALLY did make me age- instantly! Just as your friend experienced.

    Best of luck! Here’s to all your hairs being edgy and wonderful

  116. I vote short lob with bangs. Maybe shorter on one side. Something funky and edgy. It’ll make you feel fun and spunky! My theory with my hair? It’s just hair and it will always grow back! ie. If you hate it, it won’t take long to make it better.

  117. My favorites in the photoshopped bunch are the two on the right. Good luck!

    Ps it’s only hair, give it 8 weeks and you can change it again.

    Pps I had the same crisis when I turned 40 I said f it and went the most beautiful shade of rose gold / pink and love it

  118. Emily, you are in the perfect position to try this! You have your hair professionally styled quite often and a great hat collection for the off days. Also, bangs are great for messy buns. There is NO downside. I vote a darker lob that can be styled curly when you want to go bold. If Brian hates it wear too much eye liner.

  119. LMAO…….dying over the photoshopped looks. The Meg Ryan one slays me, because I’m sure I tried to emulate that style, being just younger than Meg. You must go blonder and I don’t think shorter will age you. You have a great neck. I would love to see you in the lob……SEXY

  120. Hey Gorgeous!

    Super blonde, shaggy with bangs!! I love bright blonde on you and think you could rock long bangs 100% – parted down the middle and the side! Very French and chic! Bronde I think will dull you a little, since you’re so fair.

  121. As someone with fine wavy/curly hair who is constantly tempted by bangs and has fallen prey to those desire in the past, I would strongly advise AGAINST getting the shorter cut with bangs unless you want to be prepared to style/blowout/wash your bangs (and maybe even all of your hair) every day and throw your hands up in despair in humidity when your bangs are sticking to your forehead in weird frizzy lumps or small curs instead of the effortless texture that the models have in those photos. DON’T DO THE BANGS!!! In real life one never ends up actually looking like Alexa Chung or Sienna Miller unless said person has amazing thick smooth hair and amazing cheekbones.

    I personally love the third photoshopped look on you (bottom left picture) in terms of hair color. I say BLONDE!!! all the way (and I am someone who had BRONDE long before that became the term du jour).

    I am kind of ashamed about the overuse of capital letters in this post but I don’t think you’ll mind 🙂

  122. I love the bangs idea! I have a love hate relationship with them myself but I think they would offer a big enough change for you to feel fresh. And I vote more blond! I don’t think the brown undertones would looks that great plus you want to still look like Emily Henderson. Your blond hair has become pretty iconic i think…

  123. Shoulder length. Bronde. No bangs.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ll go for and no matter what, you’ll look stunning because it’s not the hair that does it, but your personality:-)

    Best wishes.

  124. Top right in green sweater, hands down. Top left is gonna be real hard to pull off. And maybe try the ‘bronde’ look? You could always go really blonde later if you’re not into it. Also, you are awesome Emily and always make me laugh. I love how open, honest and authentic you are in the way you move through the world. Can’t WAIT to see the new look!

  125. Get a great cut that you can wear straight, wavy or curly – maybe a long bob (look at Senena Miller’s haircuts). Not too blonde- looks look like you’re trying to hard. I vote somewhere in the bronde spectrum. Bangs?! Hard to grow out, so keep them to one side & long. Have fun!

  126. As a woman who has had the ash blonde hair, to violet red, to black and brunette, I can tell you to go with your skin tone and features. I think you would look great with platinum, or even strawberry blonde (more natural blondish gingery-not literal pink). As for cut/style- well some of us do look older with shorter hair. I am one of those women who looked 17 at age 13, 20 at age 16, etc. My hair cuts for sure made a difference. I’ve grown it out to my waist, and chopped it all off. I can tell you, while a bob might be popular, you could look like a a bad 90s hair do. I finally found at age 32, that my hair NEEDs to be longer than shoulder length with movement, or I look much older than I am. I also looked into bangs myself, and it was the oily forehead, thick hair that has held me back from that maintenance. For you, I liked the Sienna Miller cut, which is long enough to grow out-if you hate, it allows you to curl it up like the Rue shoot, and just enough cool bang to ease into the look, allowing you to have versitility to change it up from straight, to wavy, to curly.

    Remember at the end of the day, it grows back, and you can color it again 🙂

  127. Yay! Go for it! I understand why you are thinking long and hard about this, but at the end of the day, it’s only hair and it grows back, so if it’s not so good at least it won’t last forever. I’d like to see you in a short lob/bangs with waves, not curls, and a slightly darker color (bronde). The problem with very blonde curly hair is that it usually looks over-processed, dry, and frizzy. It doesn’t matter what your haircut style is if your hair doesn’t look healthy. As for looking like an 80’s mom, it’s the frizz that does it in that picture….again due to being over-processed (perm)….instead of a relaxed wavy look.

  128. Short lob with bangs and bronde OR super super blond. Just enough different without being heart-attack inducing.

  129. While I think the eyebrow length bangs are fun and would look great on you I don’t think you’ll love them after the initial newness wears off. Everyone I’ve known who gets shorter bangs that essentially cover forehead grows them out in short order. The shortish bangs are high maintenance. You will be constantly messing with them and trimming them while long bangs are easy like Sunday morning. Same thing with shorter hair. Long hair is just so much easier to deal with. Every time I cut my hair off I eventually regret it and start growing it out. That said, it’s nice to make a change and so I think you should go for it. I’m sure you will rock whatever style you go with.

  130. Bronde lob no bangs I think would look really great. Coming from a fine-haired person myself, bangs always sound great in theory but they end up whispy me hard to style. Going slightly darker will allow your hair to take a break from the bleach, because that’s the worst enemy of people with fine hair. It just makes it thinner. Good luck!

  131. You should go stalk @montanalower on Instagram. She has the cutest hair and i think your texture looks very similar. That being said I think you should do shaggy bangs and hair and go bronde! This coming from someone who has had no bangs and longe hair for like 10 years and finally decided to be like one of the cool kids haha. Good luck!?

  132. Girl, do not, I repeat, DO NOT cut bangs into your hair. You will regret it, I promise. I do this to myself every 5 years or so to remind myself not to do it. I think something shorter, possibly angled from the back to the front, a little natural curl and BRONDE. Low lights are the BEST! But to echo what so many have already said, you are beautiful just the way you are…eyebrows or no.

  133. I don’t love any of these as being fashion forward. It takes hella work to make curly blunt bangs work and not look 80s mom. I think that one is definitely out. I would go for the bronde, but cut shorter, into a lob. It’s a modern classic. Maybe do a long bang but I don’t think it’s necessary. Your texture will make it look edgier automatically. As will a smokey eye. The hair alone won’t manage that editorial look. You have Kristin Ess! She does this everyday! If she cuts it like Lucy Hale, Jenna Dewan Tatum, etc you will NOT look 10 years older but more likely 10 years younger. Can’t wait to see!

  134. Of your photoshopped options, I like the top right best. The top left is teetering into Meg Ryan territory with the curly bangs. I also like the idea of the blunt cut since it may help your hair look fuller.

  135. First thing I noticed is that you picked a Goldie Hawn picture for inspiration-and that lady has been rocking the same haircut and color for ages–because it ages really well!
    I think longer bangs could work well on you and, if you hate them, you can pin them back or to the side which would work with your hair since it’s got texture. I have a “fivehead” so mine are non-negotiable. Plus, as a 41 year old woman in LA with no Botox (aka, a unicorn), it means my “eleven” lines are less noticeable. I mean, I don’t want them gone forever because it’s important that people know when I’m annoyed with them. =>
    I wouldn’t go any shorter than Alexa Chung’s length. I think with your height and shape, something a little longer than shoulder length will flatter you most. I agree with the other commenters who mentioned the brows. Mine are light too, and it’s a pain in the rump to fill them, but it makes all the difference. It might be fun to experiment a bit with your make up too–a long wearing lipcolor that you might now normally try. Long wear is a must for me because I can’t keep refreshing that nonsense!

  136. Here’s a hairstyle that would be great for you:

    The cut with the green tiger shirt is very cute for your face but I wouldn’t go strawberry unless it’s a temporary thing for fun.

    To avoid an aging cut: don’t go too light, too dark or too short. Basically, go to Whole Foods, check out the hairstyles of women my age, and don’t do that 😉 .

    It’s just hair 😉 . A different cut will either look fabulous or make a funny post five years from now.

  137. First, you are stunning and will look great no matter what you choose.

    I like your hair bright blonde and bangs will look good. That said, you might want to embrace bronde now. I always hated my dark roots until, gasp, I went grey and ombré, bronde, off-the-roots highlights are no longer an option.

    Finally, what color is your 2014 lipstick?

    Good luck, can’t wait to see the end result!

  138. Don’t do bangs (please) Go shorter. (In the blonder collage, the two right looks) And definitely darker. Even bronde. It’ll look amazing on you. And if you are dreading it too much, remember it’s hair. It will grow back and you can change it again (Amd wear extentions if you dislike whatever you get done at all) 🙂 Best of luck!

  139. Take it from someone who gets bangs every other year (after seeing a pic with someone with bangs that looks so pretty) and then waits to let them grow out..I hate them..found out I have a colic and they never lay right. I love your blonde long hair..maybe just throw in some low lights!

  140. Can I just say that I *cackled* at the Meg Ryan from WHMS picture…it’s really the humor that keeps me coming back to this blog (of course, the incredibly style always helps, too). That is all to say, kudos for keeping things a little real and zany around here in a sea of near-perfect bloggers.

  141. On the “Shaggy with bangs” quad I like top right. That’s my pick for you. I think the cut and the warm honey blonde color would look amazing on you.

  142. This post was exactly what I needed today. (Also you with Meg Ryan’s hair cut nearly made me spit out my water!)

    I love the idea of a short lob with bangs! Though as someone with fine hair I know that might be tricky! The colour of your hair is so pretty that I’d really hesitate to change it. It’s so you! If you do, I vote blonder over bronder. Maybe some strawberry blonde? But I don’t know… That tends to suit people with a warmer complexion (I’m a pale blonde too and think it would look awful on me).

    Can’t wait to see the reveal! Xx

  143. As someone with wavy hair, I will try to persuade you NOT to get bangs. They will be hard to control and doink in directions you can’t control (it will make you crazy as you try to control them). I vote for going shoulder length and slightly darker, the Bronde color. It is appropriate for fall. Also, when you are fair, and go blonder, you have no contrast between your hair and your skin. The color is difficult to keep up and it doesn’t look natural on anyone over the age of 12.

  144. First off, all your ideas are brilliant and I have all the same pics pinned on pinterest!!! Our hair is very similar. I just switched from a grown out choppy lob to curly with bangs, and I love love love it!!! I think it would also be stunning on you. I have curly wavy hair and I love the way the bangs move with the layers so much. I can air dry or add some product to volumeize. Also I have three kiddos and this hairstyle is sexy and fun. I’m a huge fan of color dimensions. I have dark blonde hair with natural looking blonde highlights throughout, blended with my natural root color. It’s amazing, I only have to get color a few times a year. Between coloring I get deep conditioning treatments and clear glazes. They keep my hair healthy and shiny. Ok, that’s all. Seriously, anything you do will be splendid! Best of luck and enjoy yourself.

  145. Play with your natural texture – shorter would be refreshing and it can always grow if you don’t like it. The bangs- please don’t do the heavy bang, they seem to own your face in the photoshopped set. The slighter bangs fit better.
    Color- less maintenance the better, in my opinion!

  146. Ooooohhhh top left definitely gets my vote – bronder & curly would look so great on you! Thoughts from a curly girl: consider how often you air dry/do minimal styling and would you mind spending more time on it daily? Wavy/curly bangs can do some pretty interesting things when left to their own devices (especially if you’re prone to frizz), BUT it’s also sometimes difficult to style them without creating a noticeable difference in texture from the rest of your hair.

    Regardless, you’ll look gorgeous!!

  147. You are the rare unicorn – an adult with naturally bright blonde hair and (as a natural blonde who is now an unfortunate “dirty blonde” and since gone red), I say embrace the gift you’ve been given! : ) Additionally, I think a curly bob or short lob with bangs could be a fun change. Good luck!

  148. Super fine hair benefits from blunt cuts–immediately makes hair look thicker. Keep that in mind!

  149. The top right corner is too perfect. I think the color tames the ” possible 80’s mom” narrative. No way to the top left option. It looks like you are debuting in The Lion King in Broadway.

  150. I like the shaggy bangs w Lob. Straighter/messy and not curly hair. And I think it would look nice a bit blonder? But you might want to wait until spring for that, so try more low lights. Excited for the end result as I’ve been thinking about changing mine before my new babies arrive!!

  151. I say hit the wig store and try on a bunch of different wigs! Different colors, lengths, etc…. while you are there buy some false bangs and wear them for a week. I have fine curly hair that I straighten. If I cut bangs it really thins out my hair. It is so hard to commit!

    Your hair is lovely. Change is fun though. Blonder would be bolder and edgier.

  152. ROFL! “Texas soccer mom!!””

    As a Texan (albeit a misplaced one right now) who has kids who play soccer, I find that *hilarious*! In truth, most soccer moms wear activewear to everything and wear their hair in ponytails OR have a stacked bob thing where it’s shorter in the back and longer in the front. You’ll find very little fashion on the soccer fields. Hell, I get criticized all. the. time. for “looking too put together,” and I wear jeans with a tshirt, a scarf, and usually some kind of cardigan/jacket thing.

    And I just learned that I’m a bronde! My sister (super fashionable) pressured me to get my hair hilited and to grow it long. She says I look 10 years younger with this hairstyle (I’m 44).

  153. So they kest set of pictures by far top right, the one in the green sweater, I love everything about it, my second choice is the one underneath it!

  154. 1. I love you doing this kind of post! It’s so different and fun – not saying your interior design posts aren’t fun b/c I LOVE them, but I like this addition to your line-ups.
    2. I think you should go with a Bronde Shaggy w/ Bangs!

    Short lobs with bangs make everyone look way older than they are, no matter who you are. If you look at the photos above for that hairstyle, those girls are probably late teens to early 20’s, yet they look mid-to-late 20’s. Are they still gorgeous, yes! But they still look older than they probably are.

    Can’t wait to see your final decision!

  155. I vote for just above the shoulders, bangs and CURLS! Modern and works with what nature gave you!

  156. I like the bottom right option. I recently went platinum blond and yes it’s more maintenance, but the whitish blond is so refreshing and I feel like you can wear anything and it really makes a statement. I can’t wait to see what you decide as I’m sure it’ll look great either way!


    Here’s why – Shaggy with bangs can totally turn into curly-with-bangs whenever you want it to, and you know what blonder will look like, but Bronde will feel like something super fun and new. At the end of the day it’s just hair and will totally grow out so you can change it again…

  158. I like #2 & #4. Funny, I just got a shaggy shoulder length hair cut, but no bangs. I just got the courage to go in and ask for bangs.

  159. You are so pretty, so lots of these choices will work out well! But I think you should consider going just slightly strawberry blond/lighter, to emphasize your lovely fairness, and not darker. Also, with fine hair (mine is ultra fine, stick straight, ugh), I’d steer clear of cutting many layers in the top–you want to keep some of it longer for volume. Your photoshopped Meg Ryan photo made me hysterical! 🙂

  160. NO BANGS….everyone I know who has recently tried them expected to look like the picture they showed their sytlist, very hard to pull off as most of the photos are movie stars or models. A great stylist will tell you exactly what you need for the texture of your hair and your face shape. You have beautiful eyes that you don’t want to hid. I’d do a short lob with highlights and low lights. Good luck, can’t wait to see the outcome.

  161. Emily — excuse my caps — but I WILL BE 65 ON SUNDAY, + I am going to get bangs, too. Glad to know they are a ‘thing’ again. Don’t judge me, because I don’t want to be younger + sluttier, but younger + looking like I still care. Anyway, thanks for this post, as it + I will be zooming to hair girl, stat.

  162. I think if you wear your hair curly you need to use proper products so that it doesn’t look fried, stringy and frizzy which I think your hair has a tendency since it’s very fine. Coming from a naturally curly and thick haired girl (that is probably most known for my hair) – a frizz free product and a diffuser is everything. My prerequisite styling product is Devacurl Frizz Free Volumizing Foam. It’s light, doesn’t harden and gives great lift. Do the combing of your hair (with your fingers) in the shower, flip your head over and scrunch out the excess water, do NOT towel dry because the towel separates the curls (creating the stringy frizz look). Finger/scrunch in the volumizing foam and then lightly diffuse dry your hair. It will create soft bouncy, natural and most importantly frizz free curls. I think you can really pull that off but curly hair takes trial and error and I’ve got 32 years of experience! I see so many people on the street with stringy curly hair that I just want to help so badly – because they don’t know what they’re doing or they’re new to the curly game. I think keeping your hair light in color is also key because of your skin tone. It think anything darker will make you appear too harsh. Also, your face is so small I’m having a hard time with the bangs. But as long as they weren’t too obtrusive maybe you could pull it off. I definitely think natural is key and you should embrace the texture/curl of your hair! Go get em girl!

  163. love love love the blonder pictures and think they would look great on you with shorter, shoulder length hair. i like the bottom left in photoshopped pics since you have decided you need bangs. but strawberry blond could be good too. as someone with fine hair with good texture (apparently thats a thing), i find bangs to be a styling nightmare for me. i can never quite get them trained enough to hang any particular way. that being said, good luck!

  164. We have a very similar hair type (sort of a wavy/curly/straight mix)! I say bronde, with a longer lob (textured but less layered) with bangs! It’d look so fab on you! I’ve had a long history with bangs and I would personally avoid super short hair with bangs… it looks chic on models but when I did it I always felt somewhere between a chubby faced child and one of the guys from spinal tap. ?

  165. I love the bronde look. If you want to go more edgy, stay away from the 80’s look of curly with bangs. It definitely ages you. The short lob with bangs is really cute and you can do a lot with it. I have your same hair and this is my cut. It’s not *too* hard to maintain, but you can def edge it up if you go super straight for an occasion.

  166. I used to be blonde (unfortunately dirty water blonde) with thin, babyfine curly hair. Except for the color, my hair looked like yours – before I found a Curly Girl expert. I have never regretted it. I’m not so much to look at, but, oh! how I get compliments on my hair! All! The! Time! I do not lie.
    My hair is dyed near the color I had in my youth. It has gold highlights which complements my warm toned skin. I have a Curly Girl cut. It takes an hour because my stylist cuts each and every curl. After conditioning (no, I don’t wash my hair – curly hair is dry hair), I put fizz free products on, let my hair drip dry, and then shake it out (your stylist will show you how) to open the curls. Not a lot of fuss or time and so easy peasy. I don’t look the same two days in a row but most times I have just below chin-length ringlets of cascading curly/wavy hair. No one else does.

  167. I say the top right in the “shaggy with bangs” photos. And bronde would look awesome on you.

  168. Go big or go home…short “bronde” with bangs. For a REAL change. Chic, sexy, and way different than when we first all saw you long ago on HGTV! You will look great in any new do, but this will require a leap of faith with a big payoff!

  169. Blonder with a lob and curtain bangs! I think the blonder you go with the bangs makes you look edgier/fashion forward. I think it’ll feel too suburban going bangs and darker. Can’t wait to see the final result!

  170. #2 is my FAVE and you would look amazing like that in either super blonde OR bronde. #1 would be runner up and I’m so sorry, but I just dont like #3. Maybe because I have naturally wavy frizzy hair that i’ve been fighting all my life and it looks like that when I do nothing to it, and man it does not look good on me (we have similar fine blonde hair and fair skin tone, fyi). But I’m sure whatever you pick will look great because of your styling sense and fun personality.

    Good luck…I just did the lob myself and after about a week, I’m into it. The first week was tough and I wondered if I looked suburban mom (didnt help that we also just moved to the burbs after 12 years in the city).

    Cant wait to see!!!

  171. I’m voting on the short lob with or without bangs. I’m also voting for having a professional shape your eyebrows. I always do a better job filling mine in after having someone else show me how to do them.

  172. Here’s the deal from an elderly woman… You have kids. You have a loving husband. You have at least two homes. You have a successful career. Why the obsession with a haircut? Hair grows. It is not a permanent deal. If you make the wrong choice, you have a team of people who will help you with color, extensions, et al. What would I do? One of two things. 1) I would go SHORT. Yep, maybe pixie short. Why? The first time you get in the shower (after you finished the requisite “what have I done” crying), you will wonder why you didn’t do this earlier. No hair for kids to grab, to get caught in various places, to make your neck sweat, to detangle/condition/mask. Yep, it is amazing how much time we spend fussing on hair. Your face radiates – let it show! 2) Avoid shags and too many mid-level layers. You will never be able to yank your hair into a ponytail when you just need a few things at the store. Or, quickly pin it up when you’ve gone one more day than you should with the washing. That collar bone length looks great when styled but on the days off – you will acquire quite the collection of bobby pins and barrettes! It droops in your face when you bend over to talk with your kids, hangs in your eyes when you are trying to create a vision, and is just plain hot on your neck. Regardless, enjoy the change – you have lovely face and anything would look stunning!

  173. Emily. This. Is HILARIOUS. And bc I’ve been in the *exact* same boat I have many thoughts and ideas and every single one of those fears. I am 43, a natural blonde, fair skinned, larger boobs, a mom, I think I have good style, I like to be edgy, I love (and had already pinned) every. Single. Hair picture. You have. Like: every single one (minus a Harry Met Sally ?) here are my 2 thoughts: you are just a blonde. You are bright and sunny and you are just a blonde. I went brunette 8 yeas ago for “fun” (ugh) and both me and my actual hairs are still recovering. Tread very carefully when going darker. Also: young beautiful skinny models can pull off anything as we all know—bc a young beautiful hip girl makes anything young beautiful and hip. I have noticed as I try and pull off some of these “mom” trends that unfortunately without the irony of being a 20-yo wearing mom clothes that it just sliiiiiiiiiides right into looking like a mom. Not in a good way. You know all this already I’m sure but I guess I’m saying all this bc I kinda can’t get over it. I went from being able to pull off anything to…..not being able to. It’s been a shocking adjustment. Also: that last bottom right pic with straight hair and bangs? Slightly sleek but also kinda 60s and French and light blond? That is your next look. You look GORGEOUS and it’s still edgy and fun and really seems like your texture would work with that. That’s my 2 cents! It’s so exciting for you—all of it! Congrats on everything.

  174. bangs? YES color? BRONDE length? I’m feeling Alexa Chung length, not shorter. But I think my favorite look overall is the veeeeery top right photo on this post.

  175. I like the bottom left photoshopped pic for cut, but I’m SO over bottle blonde. Like SO over it. I don’t think it’s trendy at all. I think it looks like women are constantly striving to stay young and hot and say they are blonde. As another commentor said I also think it makes us look older than we are when we just keep making it lighter as we age. I think a highlight of your natural color would look lovely, then go with a riskier/edgier cut. The model in the top right photoshopped pic appears to have a TON of hair and you say your hair is super fine, so I doubt it would look the same on you (however I also don’t think you would like like Sally either!).
    I’m excited to see what y’all do! It’s your hair after all!

  176. I’m going to go way out of left here and say that your natural hair you have in your stories is gorgeous! Sometimes a change is just working better with what you have. Anyway, If you are determined, I personally think the second set of inspiration photos, top two pics, would be a good experiment. You will definitely have to do your hair but it seems pretty simple with the texture and length being closest to what you have, not to much effort just some effort. It’s edgy without much of an awkward growing out phase if you don’t like it. As far a color I like your color just freshen it up. Go in with caution because you don’t want a situation like you had with your trees 🙂

  177. I have no idea why this is so exciting, but it definitely has us on the edge of our seats!

    I did the blunt bangs, red lip look several years ago. I just had to, it was so cool! In hindsight, was it my best look? Nope. Strongest opponents? My husband and dad! They were so confused and to this day comment on the unfortunate “bangs” era. Ha!

    There’s totally something to be said for going for it. You’re Emily Henderson for crying out loud. If something is holding you back/making you cry, I would go for the lob and refreshed color with a longer bang/layer that you can play with. If it’s too safe, chip away at the bangs until they work for you =)

  178. I could talk about this topic for days! (I’m surprised how many of my smart, worldly friends don’t want to. Haha) First of all, your hair looks great all the time. I love the blonde. Love the slightly messy, “oh, this just sort of happened” look you always seem to have. I recently broke up with my hair stylist for reasons I won’t go into. Around that time, I got tired of having to color my hair every 6-8 weeks. I didn’t like having 4 colors in my hair: highlights, lowlights, my real color and then more and more grey. I decided to see what a more natural look was like but haven’t made a final decision. Good luck with your new hair!

  179. The bangs scare me regardless of the which style you choose. I agree with others above, I would do your brows first. That may take care of your wanting bangs.

  180. Bangs, lob, darker?
    Yes, yes, yes!!!
    Unlike interiors, hair grows and changes without a complete re-do.
    Go for it!

  181. I say go ‘bronde’ because it’s Fall. If you don’t love it you can go back to super blonde just in time for Spring 🙂

  182. No bangs! A bob with clear lines and brondish colour! The present colour is too cold yellowish, a warmer brond and a fuller line would be great!!

  183. A bronde (more on the blonde side), short lob with bangs would be my favorite. It would look classy, but fun. The shag and curly bang might more easily look disheveled.

  184. Love that you are taking the plunge on a new look! I have this terrible habit of going to the hairdresser and making rash decisions! One such outcome was bangs, which were super cute for a week but then needed constant trims, lots of maintenance, and made me feel 10 at times. Good luck Monday, can’t wait to see what you decide! Don’t let anyone pressure you into something you aren’t sure of!

  185. I honestly love the color you have now. But it would look real pretty too kind of like the way Kaley Cuoco has been wearing hers recently. And a lob, with bangs. I feel like bangs would add some youth. And you can style them in a blunt or split them in the middle.(like in the last 2 photos) ?

  186. Lob with bangs and “bronde” I feel like it’s kinder to your hair to do something a little lower maintenance. And you have the texture to pull off a lob.

  187. As a mid-30s, mom of two, in a creative role, I feel your pain. I have very similar hair [wavy to curly (depending on humidity), very fine, but nice “texture” (whatever that means), consistently colored treated, but not terribly damaged, little post partum thinning], just darker than yours.

    I previously rocked a blunt bang in my 20s and after my oldest was born I went for them again. BIG mistake. The moment I walked in from the salon, she instantly moused them up. They stayed messy (and not in a cool way) from that point on. In previous non-kid world, I had time to flat iron each morning. With my hair texture, that effortless French look actually took a lot of effort. It just doesn’t work for my lifestyle anymore.

    I think the curly bang thing could veer bad 80s real fast. I have no doubt you could pull off, but I bet you’d look back on photos and feel regret.

    Think the sideswept/curtain bang thing would look awesome, give you versatility in photoshoots, yet still work in real (mom) life.

    I love a good bronde, but with fair skin the new darkness might make you feel washed out/tired. (But that might just be me – catching a glimpse of my wannabe French girl ombré and realizing I look more homeless dude than fashion editor in preschool pickup line.)

    Also, in the nicest way possible, PLEASE consider microblading. Investing in my brows was the BEST beauty/self care decision ever. I think I look 5-10 years younger, without the tell-tell sign of late 80/early 90s overplucked (damn Drew Barrymore) brows. A dear friend owns Feather and Blade Brow Parlour in KY. They have some nice work on blonde brows on their Insta profile if you need more examples!

    Good luck with the hair. So envious of your legion of fans to weigh in on the big chop. My sister/husband/dog are so sick of being my hair focus group.

  188. Ok Em, we have such similar hair and blonde eyebrows and eyelashes… let me tell you what I did this year and why I think you should do Norway haircut and color.
    I decide to do the shaggy bang cut in platinum blonde – and loved it! And I did for a while. But because I have naturally curly hair (just like your Instagram) it got to be an every day styling event and wasn’t easy to maintain. Plus on top of that I couldn’t get my eyebrows microbladed since I just found out I was pregnant. So basically I added to nub time getting ready with an already feisty two year old! I wish I had just done the platinum blonde with a new edgy Norway cut so my styling time was less!
    All that to say, I did get a ton of positive shaggy bang comments and felt awesome about that! Good luck and it always grows back!

  189. Absolutely the strawberry blonde! It would look so pretty and youthful. The same style as the top right photo too, perhaps not quite as ‘undone’.
    Whatever you decide, remember it’s not forever – hair grows!

  190. Oh yes and the only reason I don’t suggest going bronde or whatever it’s called , is because I did that and with the same fair skin you have – I looked like I needed a ton of eyebrow and eyelash help all the time!

  191. Emily,
    Who am I to give an opinion?! An 80’s mom! And now a granny. But I think what a lot of people are trying to tastefully say is that your hair isn’t what needs the attention. (Take the advice on the brows.)I think you should be realistic about how much time you REALLY want to spend each day on your hair. You are very busy with your business and family. If you cut bangs it will look “cute and stylish” for a couple of weeks but they have to be cut often and you don’t seem like the type who likes to fuss much over her hair and make up. You’re very pretty, so you don’t need to either. I think you should do what’s easiest, which I think would be the lob(is that what they’re calling it these days?) Then change around the part from the side to the middle depending on the look you want. Bangs will just give you another thing every morning to try to get looking right. Yes, they’d be cute but I don’t think practical for a minimalist like yourself.
    If you want to do something different mess around with the color which doesn’t need to be changed as often. I think you’d look adorable with pink ends. And it fades out fast. But stay relatively blonde. We brunettes can’t understand why a blonde wouldn’t embrace it. Not everyone looks good as a blonde. It’s your trademark. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

  192. Changing your hair can be SUCH a huge decision, but it usually pays off and you end up feeling updated and fresh! My vote is a medium/short lob with bangs in a honey blonde or bronde color. Can’t wait to see how it turns out ????

  193. So many good comments! I am not an expert, but I do have a short lob (or is it a long bob??) with bangs right now, which I worked very hard for after revisiting a pixie cut. I think the key to making it look non-mom-ish, though I’m also a mom of two little ones, is to always style the ends STRAIGHT. But, you know, defer to Kristin Ess there. So that’s my vote. Short lob with straight ends.

    I think amping up the blonde will keep it edgy. You’re already committed to some upkeep there, why not push the envelope a bit? If you were looking for something that would grow out nicely and give you the prettiest hair in all of human resources, SURE, go bronde. I say push blonder.

    Also, please ask Kristin Ess to make her wonderful products in a fragrance-free version. <3

  194. shaggy bangs would be good as well as keeping things a little soft. Its awful growing out blunt bangs or haircut, but much easier with softer layers. i’ve done both blunt and soft bangs as well as bobs and its easier maintenance when things are a bit softer. i vote #1 and #2

  195. I can’t WAIT to see what you choose! Be brave, it’s just hair and anyway, you’ll be quite safe in the hands of someone like Kristin. I’m so excited for you!!!

    Re: brows… yeah, now that people mention it, I do think the comma thing is an issue, but honestly it has never bothered me too much. You are just so gorgeous in general.

    Do you follow Courtney Adamo of Babyccino? She has very thick brownish hair, but her texture is similar to yours and she has bangs and I’m fairly certain she doesn’t do anything to them and she looks amazing always. Go check her out for some bangs inspiration.

    Good luck! You’re gonna look amazing and whatever you do I’m sure will inspire women across America to follow in your footsteps. 🙂

  196. Before I give my suggestion, I cannot proceed without acknowledging the fact that this was one of thee funniest posts you have ever written. Laughed my way through the whole thing. 😉

    Curly with bangs is my #1 choice for you and then long bob with bangs is my #2. And maybe a bit blonder too. It’s gonna be good. Just go with your gut! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  197. I like the lob with no bangs – you look good in hats bangs make hat head a real issues. Plus if you did the shoulder bob – you could always freshen up bangs in spring.

    Platinum is good – but I think you still want the low light for depth.

  198. I love the Sienna Miller, shaggy bang look. Maybe some darker lowlights, but blonde is lovely on you. You have fragile features so heavy bangs might be too much. Also love the Jennifer Lawrence bob. You will look great with anything. Just keep lighter pieces near your face- from one pale female to another ?

  199. Bronde lob, not TOO short, without bangs or with very long (kinda in your eyes) bangs. Don’t do the curtain bang. Its so hard to wear. Trust me, I just did it and hated it. And you can make your lob curly with product on days you want to do that. Just those blunt ends and a bit darker underneath will make you feel so updated and give you the edge you are looking for!!

  200. I love curly with bangs or short with bangs. Blunt with fine hair seems like a bad combo. It will never look as full as the above images if it isn’t thicker and somewhat coarse. I’m wondering if strawberry blonde might be a good idea… it’d tie into your skin tone more naturally than bronde would. And by strawberry blonde I mean not just peach platinum hair, I means true natural reddish blonde hue.

  201. I think you would look great with the shaggy (keep most of your length) and add curtain bangs. The curtain bangs are a little longer and split in the middle (sienna miller), so you can have more flexibility with styling. In terms of color, maybe tiger eye or something with warmer red tones. Yeah!!! It’s only hair and you will look awesome with anything! P.S. Don’t go too short with your face shape, just my opinion.

  202. That strawberry shade (in the photoshopped with the tigger sweater) looks great on you! It adds contrast with your skin tone. I love that cut as well, I just dont know if you have the quantity of hair for that thick of a bang without taking from the rest of your hair. This is my problem too. My hair is so fine, that cutting in bangs leaves me with nothing left. The awesome thing is its just hair! It will grow back and you should trust Kristin!!

  203. I personally think you should go with a more blunt cut like the top left photo of the “short lob with bangs” section. The cut is edgy and you should do it platinum. The combination of the bluntness and the platinum color will keep it modern and edgy and much more editorial and now. I think some of the other cut styles (specifically the curly with bangs) will end up looking 80’s mom, especially if you do the Bronde color with them. You have the coloring (pale skin, blue eyes) to go platinum and look more Swedish/Norwegian which is much more interesting than bronde, 80s mom.

    In all honesty, after seeing the photos you rounded up, now I want to do that cut and color myself.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Good luck!

  204. The two on the right (last photoshopped faces) hands down!!! look the most flattering for both cut and color!! Have fun!

    ps. this post is great haha

  205. HI Emily! I am going through the exact same hair dilemma (minus the being a spokesperson and on camera, etc. lol. I am a therapist but a young-ish (esp at heart) one.) So I need to look semi-professional but I want to look cool too (duh). I went with the Bronde color and I really love it. I love the color on the top right pic in that section! WANT!
    Now the cut-I prob wont do bangs but I have been looking at the same pics!
    The ones I think would look good on you (and NOT make you look Mom-ified) are:
    The LOB but def piece-y and shaggy so it looks more cool girl like the top 2 pics in that section
    Shaggy with bangs but more strait than curly.
    Your hair is almost the last style already-BUT if amplified I too am worried that you could end up looking like that HMS Meg Ryan pic. Yikes. I wonder if it is a color thing? The the models shown in that section all have darker hair-I think that is why THEY look cool with it.
    With this look we could look poodle-y as we don’t have thick hair, etc.
    So those are my thoughts/votes. 🙂 Good luck with the choice!!!!
    No matter what, you are honestly unable to not look pretty and awesome!

  206. I like the French girl bangs and more of a messy/beach wave/ curl! Go blonder but darken your eyebrows a tiny bit. You would look great with any of these!

  207. My friend just got a curly-banged-lob cut and its wonderful to look at. She’s brunette and a bit more curly, so theres a *subtle* flashdance feel to it but in a real good way.
    I vote shaggy with bangs, because you can style it out to be smoother or curlier. Strawberry blonde is no from me, but ashy bronde lowlights could be fun for fall?

  208. Now that I’ve seen the brows on your insta-story (and they look amazing. WOW Orlando!) I think a lob but NO bangs.

  209. You have gorge hair. It always look perfectly imperfect and beachy. I can’t grow mine, so I say leave it! I have thin, fine hair that does nothing. In 7th grade my perm fell out. That’s a thing. I have not straight but not nice wavy/straight hair.
    I brought a million of the above-style pics to my stylist too, and she cut it first to shoulder length, and I was instantly 100% soccer mom meets the Rachel from Friends. We had to keep cutting so it was edgier. After a few weeks of that interim solution, I blunt cut bangs and just looked like a super ugly Anna Wintour. You have a beautiful face, so these might work. I have a mediocre face, and the pictures lead you to believe you’ll look great but you actually look terrible unless your hair is “done” by someone who knows how to make you look like that. All these photos are styled. Your rarely see these in the wild! Now you prob get your hair done a lot for the blog, shoots, etc. but for an unknown like me, I just looked like a dork for two years. After growing it out for about six years, I was left with flat straight hair, so I recently chopped it all off. I have some version of the short JLawrence cut, and it’s the best cut I’ve had in years. I realized I have to wear my hair the way it looks good, not the way it looks good on others. Hopefully your experiment works out! I feel like anything would look great on you!

  210. We must be kindred spirits because I literally just made the same post with the same question about styles to do! I haven’t cut my hair in 4 years and it’s to the middle of my back so it’s time for something new! For you I love the Alexa Chung half moon bang with longer shag ?

  211. I would go shorter but no short bangs. One step at a time! The top right photo in the Norwegian grouping is a great haircut and you can cut bangs later if you wish. Good luck!

  212. I like the top right or bottom left of your photo shop photos. Definitely do some kind of highlights or in your case lowlights which will give it depth and texture. It is scary to take a risk with hair as most of us end up keeping a similar style like forever in my case. But in the end it is only hair and it will grow back. Chances are worth it because you might just find a new style that you totally rock!! Good luck and can’t wait to see the after pic.

  213. Thank you for expressing how all of us girls feel when we decide to go for something new! We know it’s just hair, but it’s OUR HAIR! hahaha! I love your willingness to step out and try something new. You will look beautiful no matter what you decide on, especially with Kristin on your side. I have my hair done at Super Cuts, so don’t ask me! But I can’t wait to see the new look! — Kate, a fan from

  214. The short LOB w/bangs razor cut – top right photo of the girl with dark hair and big sunglasses. Only leave it blond. Much more modern. Most women’s hair is waaaay too long. Just a guy from LA’s perspective.

  215. Definitely a short lob with bangs. And yes, go with the darker undertones. Your smile and the light in your eyes make you beautiful whatever you decide.

  216. I know you said that bangs were a given, but I feel like the bangs are what turn many of these cuts from funky to frumpy if not styled perfectly. Maybe consider no bangs to start?

  217. You could follow a haircut to a T and it still wouldn’t look the same on you. Everybody’s hair is different and the same cut could look wildly different on two people, depending on where your hair naturally bends and its texture. My advice to you is to look at YOUR hair, not pictures. Instead of showing your stylist what you want, show her what you DON’T want and ask her to assess your hair for what would look best on it. There are many many different types of layering and they can make all the difference, ask your stylist to explain to you the different layering techniques and what they result in. As for your friend who got the bad haircut, all she had to do was go even shorter with less layering and she would have looked 10 years younger again. That length with that layering doesn’t look good on anybody in my opinion, it’s very 60’s. I also wouldn’t recommend the curly with bangs as it could easily look much more unhinged than fashion forward. And since you have a lot of other options I don’t think you need to take that big of a risk right now.

  218. Go for an angled lob with long bangs. I would make your highlights blonder with dark strawberry blond lowlights. Go edgy for fun! It’s all temporary! Look for pics of Kate Moss with long bangs and a lob with very blond hair. You can pull it off and it will be sexy not scary.

  219. I expected you to say you were going pixie! Now THAT would be a change!!!
    Here’s my crazy advice: relax, and let the trusted professional do what she does oh-so-best.!
    Crazy, right?
    Ps You have so much community support it’s awesome to behold. Xo

  220. BRONDE – shaggy with bangs! I think it’s time for a change from complete blonde and slowly time to move to a darker look!

  221. I think a short lob with bangs would look so cute! Maybe go a little darker low lights. Good luck.

  222. I think the curly with bangs is your safest bet because you can also wear that straight & shaggy if you want. Versatile.
    Adding lowlights to your bright blonde hair would be beautiful & probably make you hat appear thicker. I do like that strawberry blonde look in the photoshopped shots – really pretty with your coloring.
    I get how you’re feeling about your hair – it’s a big deal & I’ve been there. Good news is that it grows back – and you can rock your cool hats and/or a ponytail if you have to in the meantime – so have fun!!! ??

  223. Bangs scare the s@#t out of me — every time I’ve had them, I have hated them. They NEVER look as good on me as other people. My daughter is exactly the same. Must be something to do with our face shape. Which sucks, because as you age it’s either bangs or botox to fix that wrinkly forehead and I’m just as scared of botox….. first world problems…!

  224. I love your hair now, but I totally relate to changing it up. I’ve found that the best haircut/style is the one that compliments your hair type the most. I can tell you from personal experience as someone with thinning, fine, wavy hair that bangs are a bad idea. It’s really tricky to get that wavy bangs look right, and I’m pretty sure you have to have thick hair that cooperates. I went with a lob a few years ago after growing my layers past my shoulders and it’s the best hair decision I’ve ever made. I used to make the same mistake with my hair as I’ve made with the clothes that I used to buy: selecting what I want to look good in instead of what’s best for my body or hair type. As far as color goes, I think you would look great with a bronde, definitely a hand-painted ombré coloring.

  225. I think “parted” bangs ala Goldie Hawn or Sienna Miller, as above, would be super cute on you. Not everyone can pull those off but I definitely think you could! I also agree with more blonde or strawberry blonde. I love the bronde, have it myself in fact, but I don’t think it would suit you as well. I’m really into the blunt textures bobs lately. I got my hair cut an “in between” length 2 months ago to ease myself into it! Hopefully it doesn’t age me too much ?

  226. What happened to my lunch time comment (about 5 hours earlier than this comment)?

    After I posted it said it was awaiting moderation and there are many more comments made after mine. I did not say anything rude or spammy. I posted 2 links to a fashion blogger who demonstrated how to choose hair color (i.e. by holding up hair swatches to your face) and how to choose both color and cut. 🙁

    It makes me a lot less likely to comment when I see things get deleted (as happened one time when some people didn’t like a blog post by Mel) or when a comment that isn’t trolling is moderated out. 🙁

    1. I see my original comment that was not spam, not rude, and may have been helpful, was never “freed” from moderation and my comment asking why not has gone unanswered.

      Not cool at all.

  227. I think “brondie” color would look amazing. I understand you are a natural blonde, but the VERY light/bleached blond just always looks fake to me, unless you are leaving your makeup/skin ALSO very light for a Scandinavian look, which I don’t think you are.

    I love the slightly messy curly cuts — with bangs or without — my concern would be how it would wear throughout the day. I have very fine, wavy/frizzy hair that I wear about shoulder length, and to get those gorgeous, tousled/beachy sort of curls, I have to a) straighten it and then b) curl it and even then, it doesn’t really last. So my question would be, what does the messy curls cut look like NOT STYLED or ten hours later?? Because it could start out like a French model but what if an hour later it’s When Harry Met Sally???

    If it were me, I’d go short lob w/bangs. You could amp it up to get the curl factor if you want, but also could have a simpler, smoother look if you are short on time/long work day/etc.

  228. BRONDE SHAGGY WITH BANGS! Easing up on the blonde color will also help your hair and keep it healthier!

  229. I would go shorter and lighter and that’s it. All of the inspiration pictures are woman with thicker hair so the effect won’t be the same. Bangs and with thinner hair never look quite right…. they look wispy.

  230. Out of all of the collages, the last one is the best. And the two options on the right look great on you! A little shorter and a darker blonde, curly, with curly bangs… very natural, frenchy. Also the longer option with bangs and platinum looks the most fashion-forward to me. But bangs are scary business, take it from one who knows. I’ve been off and on bangs my whole entire life! Good luck!!

  231. strawberry blonde or red, piecy bob with bangs.

    You look like you have pink under tones in your skin and red would look great with that. Plus you could lay off the tanning, fair skin is so pretty with red hair. I had red hair for 10 years, so much fun!!! Think about it.

  232. This was fun! You’re adorable, so trust the expert, have fun, and if worse comes to worse, it’s hair and it will grow back. 🙂

  233. I’m not digging the curly with bangs. I don’t think most people would read it as “fashion forward,” even if it is. You have a lot of normal people following you 🙂 I’m loving the short lob with bangs look!!! I just got my hair cut yesterday and now I’m feeling really not cool 🙂 I’d love to be able to do the short lob with bangs, but I have some hair issues that would never work with that cut. That one is my vote!

    1. I guess I specifically mean the top left and bottom right of the curly with bangs. Those seem very hard to pull off. I don’t hate the other two. But I still think the short lob with bangs is the way to go 🙂

  234. Bronde and lob with bangs! You can always style it a little differently with curly vs. wavy, but I loved the free feeling of cutting my hair off into a bob/lob. Go for it!

  235. You’re so beautiful Emily Henderson! Trust your intuition, go for the cut that scares you a bit & makes you excited! I love that you’re ready to switch it up. Excited for your bangs & can’t wait to see what you choose!

  236. Curly with bangs! You can always straighten it or make softer waves if you change your mind or simply are not feeling it…
    Personaly I think the blonde suits you, even though I allways lean towards the warmer colours. But again, why not try something edgier?
    Go big or go home, right? 🙂 In the end it’s just hair. It will grow back.

  237. ALessandra Mastronardi, Francesca from Master if None, has the most inspiring hair. There are several photos on Pinterest where she has long side bangs that look lovely with curly hair. I am just waiting for all of the post baby hair loss regrow to get a little less awkward, then I am all over the bangs!

  238. Short no bangs. Get used to one before you do the other to yourself! Like the photo above Jennifer Lawrence.
    For Gods sake do not do that Meg Ryan hair to yourself. We all tried that in the 90’s. It looked like mom hair on everyone but Meg!

  239. Cotton candy pink! More than strawberry blond or rose gold, I think you could totally pull off a true pastel pink! Bangs and straight/wavy. And that light of a dye would fade quickly, so it’s not a big commitment. Color is so fun, and I know you would make it look edgy and not tacky-DIY-box-colored!

  240. It will take you 2 weeks from Monday to read all our comments!! You are always beautiful & gracious! I vote for a short strawberry blonde lob with bangs; with all your pink undertones reddish blonde will be killer! Can’t wait to see what y’all decide!

  241. I definitely like wavy/textured (you’ve already got that naturally right now) or curly, shorter lob with bangs!

    Go darker!!! I think a strawberry or auburn tone would be gorgeous on your skin tone!

  242. Either bronde or supper light blonde, definitely the shaggy with bangs. You have good hair, you will look amazing… ??

  243. Hi Emily! We met at the Topa Mountain Winery a couple of months ago! I think you would look fantastic in a lobb, or just some sort of awesome wavy layered bob cut. You have the bone structure. I like a lighter brighter blonde! BTW, the photoshopping is excellent and made me giggle, especially the bottom picture of the woman in the sweater and purse. ?

  244. Top right photoshopped (in the last photo quad you put together) looks amazing! And you can straighten it or wear it less curly when you need a sleeker look. I just chopped my fine curly hair into a blunt lob and I love it so I can vouch for its versatility and fun!

  245. Just say NO to bangs!! They are so hard to pull off and look bad on most people. I say no bangs and go shorter.

  246. I need a survey to see what others are thinking. I vote BRONDER, bangs, and lob or curly. So cute!!

  247. From one blonde to another…..get those brows microbladed stat! You will not regret it 🙂 As for your hair, I just went from your shade of blonde to an ashed out lob. Game changer! Be brave…. you’re going to look amazing (whatever you decide)……. Don’t forget the brows ?

  248. First of allI love your hair, it’s very cute and you. I wouldn’t advice to go all out, too much difference in color, cut, bangs etc. Start with one, see how you like it and then maybe change something else. Not bronde, not if you won’t keep it long. I think or blonder, or long with bangs would become you. Very curious!!

  249. Short with bangs…if you going to go for change….go for change!!!! It will look great.

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  251. I’d say Bronde, no bangs but with a fun bob and slight textured layers. I’ve cut my bangs a million times and the next day I’m bobby pinning them back! Good luck…but I’m sure whatever you choose you will rock it!

  252. I say maybe hold off on bangs for now because they are a pain to grow out. I have thin and fine hair and last year went for a lob by cutting 10″. I love it and its now at my sholders. Its fun to style with beachy waves and also straighten. For the color you would for sure look good in bronde and could easily change it up if you didn’t like it because its not a dark shade. Good luck!

  253. Go for the short lob with bangs and definitely blonder! You could also do the short lob with new bangs. Just cutting it a little shorter makes for a fresh new look. I recently went platinum and eventually kept going shorter and shorter. Now, I’m a plantinum blonde with a funky, textured pixie cut. I wish I would’ve done it years ago!!!! It’s so freeing and so super easy. Good luck! Can’t wait to see and you would look good with a paper bag over your head, so don’t fret 🙂

  254. Oh my gosh! I laughed til I cried when I saw your face on Meg Ryan’s head. Then I took another peak and laughed again. So great.
    My advice is to think about the style that will make you feel the prettiest or sexiest. As a mom, I need great hair and/or makeup to counter the practical shoes and mud on my jeans.

  255. Blonder with bangs and in the last set of 4 pics (w/your face) I love the lower left .
    Actually you could be bald and still be beautiful- but I so understand your desire to change things up. I am pushing 60 and had shoulder length hair – 2 summers ago I went from brunette to platinum and chopped it all off for a pixie! Ahhh sooo radical but I love it.
    Have fun on Monday. I can’t wait to see which direction you go.
    YAY ?

  256. I think you should at least stay some shade of blonde. I’ve always thought you look so pretty with blonde hair. I’m kind of biased–I’m a true brunette, but all three of my daughters have very blonde hair (they get it from my pasty pale husband :)). Most people in the world have brown hair, so I just feel like true blonde or red hair is unusual, and people should keep it. 🙂

  257. I like the lean towards what is already your natural: beautifully fair fair fair. With your quirky style, I don’t know if you’d end up liking brown tones, a bright head of hair seems to match your bright personality. A super bright, as close to platinum as you are comfortable, head of hair with blunt bangs gets my vote. Out of the four photoshopped faces, the bottom right.

  258. I vote shaggy with bangs + blonder

    The shorter, blunt cut – I’ve had it – only looks good if you actually style your hair. I guess that could be said for all haircuts, but somehow it’s more true for this cut. Unstyled, it made me look older – like, “mom with depression” and I am not a mom yet, and I wasn’t depressed I just didn’t always have time to spend 40 minutes whipping my hair into shape! I like the curly with bangs cut, but I suspect it might also fall into the same category.

  259. Strawberry blonde with slighter darker undertones… and wavy… not sure about bangs. Have you considered glasses? And a deeper side part? Sometimes I just play with my part and wear bolder earrings on the days I feel boring and predictable. You are gorgeous and “grounded” no matter what. Have fun!

    1. On second thought… orange hair with shaved sides… maybe longer in the back? Just kidding. I’m so overwhelmed by skimming all of these replies. You now have everyone saying every. possible. version. of all options. So confusing! I’d put a bag over my head and cut out the eye holes after reading all of these. Geez. Good luck!

  260. I like Jennifer Lawrence’s hair style. It’s a good length, it’s clean and flattering! Bangs might be in style but i think that on most women they overwhelm the face. Unless you have a very round face, then full bangs visually elongate the face and are flattering, in my opinion. Pick your color, I think sometimes it’s just a matter of personal taste. Best of luck with your decision! Whatever you decide you will look beautiful!!

  261. I prefer the two photoshopped looks on the right for you. True story: I have totally photoshopped my face onto various hairstyles as well! I am mega curly and have always yearned for bangs. That being said, I am also LAZY – no time spent styling for me – and fear the 80’s mom frizz. So no bangs – will have to content myself with platinum highlights and a lob for now! PS: I am loving Nick Arrojo’s American Wave products – my hair is definitely thicker and coarser than yours but give the spray a try – it has sage & marigold in it and is WONDERFUL.

  262. I say go for “bronde”! It really seems to be a flattering color on everyone! Reading the comments, strawberry blonde is also an awesome idea. And I loooove the curly bangs look!!

  263. I vote for blonder/platinum if you want to go edgy. I think any of those style will not look suburban soccer mom if you have something really blonde. If the number one request is for the sun-kissed bronde, then you will look like everyone else and not the risk taker you were going for.

    I am naturally bronde. I still periodically add some highlights so I’m not dull just like you. I can’t go platinum because my skin is too olive. A bronde is a brunette that can’t go full blonde. If you can rock the platinum (and you can) do it.

    Also–no matter what, hair grows back! Go shorter than you think you want (if your expert tells you to do so) because it will grow out and then you get to live the short look for awhile and then you can be long again. But, I think that if I were you, the shortest I would go is shoulder length so it doesn’t age you.

    You are beautiful inside and out so I think this expert who does this all the time day in and out can just take over. It’s like you going into a house or set and you know exactly what to do. That’s how she’ll be with your hair/look. Let her start a trend with you that there are no pictures of because it will be your OG look. Have fun!

  264. As someone with thin hair I advise strongly against a bang. The reason is part of your hair becomes the bang, so visually it looks like you have less hair on your head.

  265. Like to see you in a lob with bangs in bronde color . Love the way Orlando filled in brows . Good Luck! I will be watching instastory to see what you decide.

  266. Tardy to the party with my comments but just thought I’d add my two cents…

    You look very Scandinavian to me. That is a sweeping generalization, but if there is a mental image of a very pale very blonde cheerful Scandinavian woman I mentally think of you. With that being said you have the EXACT coloring needed for platinum blonde. So I say go with your skin tone and go Scandi-platinum blonde. Like as light as you can make it. *and not too pile on about the eybrows but if you do that and the platinum blonde you’ll look completely refreshed and updated. Bangs or no bangs.

    As for the cut. I’m scared of the bangs you picked. They just never look as deliberate in real life as the photos. They always look like a Dorthy Hamill throwback. Big risk. I do like the idea of a blunt cut. Length is good, but only if the hair/ends are thick. If it isn’t then a healthy blunt cut looks best. I’d keep it at the collarbone so you don’t look like you have 70’s newscaster hair.

    Funny thing. As I scrolled to the end of the post there was a picture of you from another post that came up. The one titled to not touch up or something like that. Your bangs in that photo are perfect (too long really, but yet still perfect.) Longer side swiped bangs with a blunt cut and platinum blonde color and “finished” eyebrows …I think you’d look great. I feel like the other stuff is too trendy. Too try hard. Too cutesy.

    1. I agree!!!. I noticed that same post came up and loved your hair in the no retouch post! The long side swept bangs were flattering. You were beautiful in those pics- and always. Though maybe long bangs are annoying in life and hard to keep in place…

  267. I say if you’re definitely getting bangs then keep the rest of your hair long-ish otherwise definite soccer mom territory. Alternately if you want to go shoulder-length or shorter, no bangs with a center part would work on you. This is the same advice I gave myself a few months ago and Im happy with the result.

  268. Haha your face being photo shopped on the last pictures, too funny. That being said I like the top right ?

  269. I would leave it as is except cut bangs and go bronde! I recently did this and have not looked back…love it!!!

  270. I am DY(E)ING. I laughed out loud from the beginning through the end on this one. I have no opinion. I’m sure whatever you do will be great. Except for that When Harry Met Sally one. On a design note: How do you mix Parisian luxe into happy/light/bright cali (Emily Henderson) style? I’ve got the light, bright, happy, colorful and now I want the moody rich velvet jewel tones like in the latest Anthro catalog. Maybe a good blog post, since the Parisian luxe look is trending? Thank you!

  271. Late to the party with my comment, sorry if redundant. You did have bangs for about five minutes a few years ago, and if memory serves you weren’t super in love with them? A couple pictures of you with bangs made it to the blog, and then you were growing them out i think. I think your hair is fab the way it is! Bangs are kinda a pain to manage, imho.

  272. I think you’d look awesome with some lowlights. I think the picture in the last montage, top right looks so so cute. Of course, you’re adorable so you’ll look great no matter what. Have fun with it… I live for the terrified/excited feelings prior to a major hair change. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  273. I’d like to see you in a BRONDE, SHAGGY, WITH CURTAIN BANGS. You do long hair really well and have the face to continue to wear it long – don’t cut it, so many women looking at 40 do that and they simply age themselves. Going more blonde is also aging.
    Hope it goes well and you don’t get talked into going shorter.

  274. Of the last four photoshopped photos I like the lower right one best (super blonde, straight, with bangs). The other ones I think will go too suburban mom. And as a transplant from NYC to the suburbs of Seattle, please don’t go suburban mom (although there are some cool looking moms out there).

  275. I LOVE the two on the right…..I was feeling the same, did a similar style and I’m so happy, I did put a light pink through it as well ?? probably wasn’t the best idea (clients looked at me strangely) but it’s faded now… it was fun to try my mid 20’s colour! Xx

  276. OMG the Texas soccer mom comments made me laugh so hard. I have shoulder length hair with bangs, and I’m a Texas baseball mom (which I like to pretend is cooler than a soccer mom). I love my cut though! And everyone says the bangs make me look younger. They’re basically Botox without the needles. Do I have forehead wrinkles? NO ONE KNOWS. As long as your clothes are on trend and you leave some texture I think the haircut is very now. Of course, I also drive a minivan so maybe don’t take cool lessons from me.

  277. I’m 23 years old, and live on the East Coast. (I feel like it’s relevant.) I have desperately wished for YEARS that my hair could do the Meg Ryan! Not with the thick bangs; wispier, more like this one: Absolutely, I say go for it! At the end of the day, do you want to age like a regular mom, or do you want to age like an Iris Apfel? Take big risks! The answer is always Iris Apfel. ??????

  278. Love this post! I have a lot of those same hair pics pinned on my hair board! i have similar hair to yours, but brunette. I’ve gone shorter, i’ve done bangs, and now i’m back to basically what you have now! it is fun to go edgier with bangs (and i think bangs make you look younger), but know that shorter and bangs are A LOT more high maintenance. I’m a mom with two toddlers, too, and while i LOVED having bangs, I LOVE even more that I’ve grown them out and can do a quick bun on top of the head for school pick-ups, etc.! Keep in mind the maintenance of having to blow out bangs, even when you’re not totally styling the rest of your hair! Good luck! It’s great to have a change!

  279. Love this post, it made me smile and laugh! You are so much fun! It’s Monday and I think you will rock whatever hairstyle you chose!

  280. Oh girl….I have the same thin, fine, naturally curly hair with good texture which has been getting blonder and blonder over the years. I went through this exact phase and made the terrible, terrible, terrible decision to get bangs. The truth is that all the example images you pulled have relatively thick hair, which makes for great bangs. If you have remotely thin hair they look like strings hanging over your face. And when I would wear my hair curly it was truely tragic. Oh, and it takes FOREVER to grow them out. Just saying, you might want to reconsider the bang thing… from one super pale, thin/fine haired creative type blond to another.

  281. I say go with the wave, straighten bangs and tousel them. You’ll be good to go! GO LOB. LAYER LAYER LAYER the very ends.

  282. I think the two photoshopped pics on the right suit you! The strawberry blonde would be cute but the white blonde is nice too 🙂

  283. Emily! I love your new hair! I would love to now how you style, as my hair tyope is similar to yours…very, VERY fine. Everytime i try and curl it I end up looking like a ratty mess! HALP!!

  284. Norway blonder with bangs then a slight pink gray hue added later! Only way to go! Or a honey blonde!

  285. Love you in the very last pic! Cutting bangs is always so scary! But you look kinda french and sexy! Love the make up and clothes, too! Good luck!

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