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My Moving Sale, Part 2 … Lots of vintage pieces

The countdown has begun and we are officially down to about a month before we move in to our new house and 10 weeks before Charlie/Oliver/Starke arrives. So, the second part of my moving sale is in full swing starting today and here’s what we have for y’all to win, er, buy over on  Check out the first sale here as there are a few pieces left (and yes, i’ve went ahead and slashed some prices):

1. Golf Leaf Bar Cart $300 Because while drinking hasn’t been on my radar for 7 months now, it should be on yours. I love this guy and the only reason I’m not keeping it is because I actually can’t think of where it would go in the new house. And if you are worried about that glass on there, don’t because it’s actually super high quality and unscathed lucite. S’rights. Gold leaf and lucite.

2. Low Ball Glasses with Gold Detailing $100 Um, probably to go on above bar cart, right? Drink up.

3. High Ball Glasses with Gold Detailing $100 To match above glasses, right?

4. White Parrot Table Lamp $350 That picture of it on white is really not selling it. It’s such a pretty lamp and worth A LOT (I paid more than that for it). And I’ve had it FOREVER (well, 3 years) so i don’t know what would inspire me to sell it. I’m just in the purging mode, and favorites are going. If I were having a girl then obviously it would go in her room, but I’m trying to go more MCM in the new house.

5. Blue French Antique Porcelain Lamp $200 It’s like I’m slowly emotionally killing the inner crazy lady inside of me.  She’s silently weeping as this lamp sells.

6. Brass Table Lamp with Asian Detailing $125 That finial is worth $125 in itself.

7. Vintage Velvet Bench $175 I bought this for the bridal suite of Fig House, to be recovered, but we laid out the room the other day and now don’t have room for it.  Whoops.

8. Brass Film Reel $160 This is solid, you guys. Its heavy and awesome. The perfect gift for the movie lover in your life. My Moving Sale Part Two (2)
9. Aztec Inspired Wall Hanging  $350 WHAT???? I know. Brian doesn’t like it and I’m trying to “include him in the house” and “let him have some imput”. So if he HATES something even though I love it seems like that is a sign that a household that only has love for it should welcome this amazing piece. In case you haven’t seen it in my living room, look HERE. I mean, it sells itself.

10. Burl Wood 70’s Deco Inspired Nightstands $600 These are just too low for my guest bedroom bed (like 6″, not even close) so I have to give them up. I’m assuming some Kelly Wearstler lover out there will snag these up.

11. Grecian Head Sculpture  $200 Oh, pardon me, sir. How very solid, heavy and serious you are. Which is exactly why I liked it. You know I have a baroque-loving, greco-roman-loving person inside of me. SOLID cement, by the way.

12. Blue Glass Demijohn Bottle  $210 This will be BEAUTIFUL on a dining table with one big branch in it. Its a huge vessel and all you really need to style your dining table.

13. Petit Point Side Chair $250 I bought this rather traditional chair because of the beautiful color of that wood and its simple shape, but then WHAM you have some 60’s mushrooms embroidered on it. I found it first at the vintage store and Scott immediately said “John Derian would sell that for $400”.

14. Pair of Vintage Green Danish Arm Chairs $850 You probably remember these from my old guest bedroom. I love these chairs, I just have too many pairs of chairs. That green is the perfect color, just perfect. And they are in such good condition except for a few buttons that need redoing. I actually just bought green fabric and put it inside the hole because I was too lazy to take to my dude to fix (which would be cheap, by the way).

15. Vintage Metallic Regency Lamp $250 Maybe it’s the mix of the color with the brass, but I think this lamp is seriously beautiful. Its been in storage since I sold its friend a year ago so somebody needs to appreciate it.

16. Leather Safari Chair $500 Sells itself. The only reason I’m selling this is because it makes that mood board look really good. I actually totally want to keep it but I’ve already committed to selling it. Its one of those chairs that can go in any corner, the scale is just perfect. Hopefully it doesn’t sell. 🙂

To see the entire collection of sale #1 and #2 go HERE.  Also if you could please send photos of how/where you used these pieces it would help me sleep at night knowing they have a good home. These pieces are much like a beloved puppy that your child is allergic to – just because I’m giving them up doesn’t mean I love them any less …


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