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My Lulu & Georgia furniture wishlist

Whats more  exciting than cuddling a baby? Probably cuddling a baby panda…  I’ve done it … trust me that its INCREDIBLE. But, what is a close third? Decorating my own house for the first time in my life. We have a lot to do, folks – everything from gutting both bathrooms to straightening lampshades. So I’ve started my online shopping and I’ve curated my favorite pieces from Lulu and Georgia to start the process going.  It’s a pretty great online store with simple classics mixed in with some trendier pieces.

My goals for the house (just to reiterate in case you didn’t see yesterdays ‘before’ post) is for the house to be calm, surprising and happy. Most of the ‘surprising’ pieces are going to be vintage and every piece has to be happy so here is a collection of pieces that are calm to help the space feel as open, airy and quiet as possible. That way Brian, Charlie and I’s chaotic personality as a family can really take center stage.

1. Rana Pillow  Because I need more bronze and less gold in my life. Its the right tone to offset all my blues.

2. Pally Cowhide Rug  Many of you know this but cowhides are practically indestructable and unstainable and white rugs generally are not. Therefore white cow-hides are one of your only options for white rugs if you have kids.

3. Marty Button Chair, Graphite It modern, simple, inexpensive and soft. That’s one of my house resolutions – every chair needs to be comfortable. So as much as I love a sculptural dining chair, I do, but after 2 hours of sitting on one, gossiping about how Kim Kardashian’s instagram is mainly just a feed of her new and improved body, I want a pillow under my non-Kardashian heiny.

4. Kenza Moroccan Pouf, Dark Tan It’s kid friendly, warm caramel leather, and you can throw them anywhere. Feet, butts, add a tray for a table. These things are versatile.

5. Aise Pedestal This is a tray tablebecause how will I receive my breakfast in bed without a tray table? I like how modern and simple it is and leaves enough space for Brian to adorn it with a $18 dollar a stem peony. Oh, how I’ve trained him to buy me peonies.

6. Linear Oval Rug, Blue Sky This rug shimmers all pretty and yet it’s so simple. This rug is perfect because it has enough texture and depth to still do something in the room, but its calm and quiet at the same time. Plus its soft, and Mr. Henderson and probably Jr. Henderson insist on soft rugs.

7. Naja Ottoman, Au Lait. I’m also bringing in a ton of natural fibers like wicker, rattan and seagrass in the new house so this guy feels right AND again its kid friendly – round soft and won’t hurt the baby. Lulu & Georgia Moodboard8. Svende Table, Walnut Not sure where I’d put this because it’s not terribly kid friendly, but it’s just so pretty with those sleek midcentury lines.

9. Soledad Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Aqua Quiet, serene, simple, pretty, classic, inexpensive and durable. That’s a lot of plus’ going on for one rug. 

10. Riverway Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Sky. It has a pattern but barely – which is just want I want these days. Keep the big pieces in subtle patterns so I can go not so subtle on the smaller pieces (like art, pillows and accessories). 

11. Stepping Stones Rug, Steel Blue Another great rug. This one has metallic in it and I’m debating it for my guest room. Its organic with a little bit of glam in it. Like Keri Russell.

12. Kenza Moroccan Pouf, White  Because again, you can’t have enough of these lying around your house to make you look oh so bohemian and glamorous. Plus i hear they are great for when kids start standing – to help them while they are learning to walk, which Charlie will be doing any second now I’m sure of it.

13. Pillowtop Ottoman, Navy For the foot of my guest bed? In my hallway? Because i’m addicted to benches?

 14. Odine Vase, Short It seemed crazy not to include at least one smaller accessory – and since my new decor is all light and sophisticated this would work perfectly.

So those are my picks for our new house. Go onto the Lulu and Georgia site and check out all their other awesome pieces (including a lot of lighting). Meanwhile when you purchase anything don’t forget to enter EMilY20 to get 20% off until 1/15/14. 

This post was in partnership with Lulu & Georgia but all opinions and words were mine and Charlie’s. 


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