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My holiday wishlist … Gifts that I really want

Like any other upstanding, self-respecting blogger on the interweb i’ve been working on my gift guides all weekend for y’all. And like any upstanding, self-respecting shopaholic my picks tend to be things that I want for myself. Sure, it starts out as specific things for specific types of people – ‘For the college student’, ‘For the homemaker’, ‘For the tech lover’ – but ultimately unless I really want it I don’t really bother putting it on any list. I think If I were a 22 year old dude would I want this? And the answer has to be ‘Yes.’ in order for me to include it.

This first gift list is full of things that I just really want. Some of them are fantasy (that awesome $1400 lamp) but many are things that would make me really happy – things that I probably wouldn’t buy myself … or maybe I would (and will). I do very sneaky things when i’m alone with my business card. My ability to rationalize purchases is totally magical.

While I am still categorizing them in posts for you, I decided to put them all under a general gift guide on which is like Pinterest except just for purchases. You can follow people, boards and they all link to the actual stores and then BOOM, you just done checked Uncle Sandy’s gift off your list.

So, Brian, while a new house and a baby are probably sufficient/life changing ‘every day feels like christmas’ kinda gifts, if you feel so inclined to spoil your lady i’m pretty much putting some keys to my superficial happiness on a gold (brass) platter right here for you.

1. Woodstock Pintuck Top | 2. LED Flashlight | 3. Gold Make-up Brush Set | 4. Turner Side Table | 5. Wooden Candles | 6. Leather Dopp Kit | 7. Loeffler Randall Grace Oxford Flats | 8. Tina Frey Ice Bucket | 9. Aureux Carving KnifeChristmas Wish List

10. Cashmere Sweatpants | 11. F/K/A Table Lamp | 12. Glass Water Bottle | 13. Spherical Ice Tray Set | 14. Polaroid Camera | 15. Wool Striped Pillow | 16. Gold Hairbrush | 17. Flash Bobby Pin Set | 18. Cashmere SocksChristmas Wish List

19. Brass Ballpoint Pen | 20. Leather Kirigami Hanging Planter | 21. Sole The ADMIRAL Bike | 22. GROWTH No. 1 Art Collage | 23. Lacquer Playing Card Box | 24. Striped Cup and Bowl | 25. Kork-Ease Shawna Boots | 26. Alhambra Throw | 27. Muuto Gloria Multi-Candle Holder

That’s really just the beginning of what I wouldn’t mind having someone buy me. I don’t really plan or expect anyone to buy these for me, and instead i’ll probably just put these in different gift guides for others. But meanwhile all y’all can check out (and follow) all my gift giving ideas at HERE.

This post was in partnership with but all words, thoughts and hidden motives are mine. 🙂

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