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My Friends Scott’s Very Pretty, Pretty House

Every time i come to New York, which is often these days, I stay with my friend Scott Horne in Brooklyn Heights.  They have this awesome first floor (and a half) co-op in a brownstone that is easy to fall in love with.  Nothing too fancy or pretentious but just really good architectural charm and then yes, they have good shit to fill it up.  Scott is a prop stylist, his boyfriend is a hair stylist and they are handsome and well, stylish.  

So yesterday i took some shots of his place. I didn’t really style it, and no, i don’t totally know how to work my camera (or re-size to where it works with my blog) but i figured you should see it.


Pretty, right? His sofa is from Room and Board.  His bench/ottomon is from ($259 i think and i’m about to buy it for a client…thats a great price).  His rug is Ikea, but not sure they sellit anymore.  And i forget where he got the chair.  

That staircase is ridiculous.  My favorite thing about their place by far.  


He mixes, obviously, modern and vintage, new and old and his style is much more masculine and simple than mine and he more restrained with color (for now) but i love how cohesive and yes, my favorite word, EFFORTLESS, it feels.  

That’s just his living room.  I took one shot of his dining room but girlfriend needs to learn how to use her camera before she can go much further.  

 Waddya think? Pretty right?







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