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My first big glossy fashion Magazine plug, InStyle

There i am.  I’ve gone blonder, tanner and famouser.  

Nope. Here i am:

Under ‘TrendSetter Web Faves’   BOOM!

I did the interview a few months ago where i gave them my top 50 favorite online places to shop, and they chose these two to feature – and sprinkled a bunch of them throughout the magazine.  (OpenSky is a flash sale sight that is curated by ‘celebrity’ curators as opposed to submissions and sales, so its more hand-picked.  We are starting to work together so as soon as its official, i’ll announce it and y’all can ‘follow’ me).  And you know Velocity, they are generally great source for all things modern.  

As most of you know, i’ve worked for magazines for years, but being in them feels completely different.  

So when i opened this up and saw that i was in there grouped in under ‘Trendsetters’ with Zooey Deschanel, Tori Burch, Todd Selby, Andy Spade and ModCloth i was EXTREMELY happy – like as happy as Bearcat is when  I tell her that she and I are going to have a Vampire Diaries marathon all night including massive amounts of cuddling.  That, is very very happy my friends.

 I know you guys love me and i know my friends and family love me, but to get national press from a big glossy magazine that is more fashion than home, feels amazing.

I guess what i’m so proud of is that its from my hard work on the blog, its a ‘best of the web‘ and the blog is 100% my baby that i spend 10-20 hours (until 3 months ago unpaid) a week on.  I have to defend spending time on the blog all the time to people who don’t get it – people think its silly or cute or a waste of time, and yes it is a massive amount of work as a lot of you know – but its extremely rewarding, and totally worth it. 

It’s become something that has helped me support Brian and I (Thanks to Lana), something that i can control completely, something that helps me sleep at night because i know that no matter what happens to the show, i have this business that can thrive independently.  It actually gives me the freedom to feel like i can start a family because i can always blog whilst 9 months pregnant or with a 2 month old, whereas shooting might be more difficult.  

Let me be clear, obviously HGTV, Design Star and Secrets From a Stylist have had a lot to do with the blogs success, they have driven a ton of traffic my way and from the show i have a lot of original content which is what makes a successful blog.  So they pretty much propelled me a couple years ahead, traffic wise.  Thanks, boss.

And lastly, its from the blog i have gotten all my awesome new ‘Real People’ Clients and created a design company with a staff even, and business is a-booming.

So in case you have a blog and you think its going to go nowhere, think again.  Seriously.  The amount of people i know that have created their own success out of simply writing a blog is kinda crazy – A LOT.  The key is being yourself and not overanalyzing it.  

I just wish we could come up with a better word than BLOG,  its not doing us any favors….

OK, enough boasting for the year.  And thank you ModCloth and InStyle.  Very Much.  I owe you one.

In case you find this fun, read my very first blog entry ever – not even 2 years ago.   I was a little blogging baby, wearing my little blogging ones-y, finally taking the plunge that i had wanted to for years.  Nice job, past Emily, you done did it.  


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