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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson

Hello, Portland.
How are you?  progressive? yep.  unpretentious? yep.  Rainy in August?  YEP.  Which is actually fine, I don’t like hot weather clothes – I love my little short dresses, but only with tights as I am happily very fair, but unhappily constantly bruised because i’m clumsy and have very questionable spatial awareness with my body.  Wearing tights in 90 degrees seems weird, but not here, when its 65.  
wow that was inane.  
In case any of you are left reading, I’m up in Portland for the week.  I’m kinda art directing my best friends wedding this weekend and my friend Chelsea (from Frolic fame) is styling and executing the tabletops.  and she is awesome.  
The bride wants (aka I want) hot pink, random, effortless, imperfect, weedy arrangements on the table. Very loose and organic.  I don’t do tight.  And Chelsea is totally on board.  Here is the inspiration picture.  I love that some just have greenery, and i get the feeling that down the table every arrangement is different.  

I know. its ridiculous.  We are using different flowers than these because we aren’t millionaires, and peonies in Oregon are like $35 a stem off season.  But Chelsea has ordered garden roses in corals and hot pinks (garden roses are in general super petal-y and can often look like peonies, way more organic and sculptural than the ubiquitous rose)  and a bunch of awesome weedy greens, dahlias, blackberries.  
its gonna be sick.
love this one too, prob not for the wedding because we are using all vintage different mason jars (which we are renting for 50 cents a piece from a ‘collector’ – craigslist fellas), but it’s such a beautiful shot.
These are also up there in flowers that i want to eat i love so much.  what if I was standing in the ceremony quietly eating my bouquet.  not saying anything about it or acting like it was weird.  just picking petals slowly off of it and putting them in my mouth. maybe smiling now again, nodding in agreement during sentimental parts.  wiping a tear. chewing the petal, then swallowing.   
Love love love.  
i think i’m hungry. 
Visit Chelsea’s blog.  It’s a daily fave.  
Do it.  
i’m off to buy more plaid and drink some coffee.  ’cause i be in portland, fellas. 

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