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Baby's first crib …

I don’t know for sure where we will be living, what his name will be, or how I’m going to raise him (I’m going for clothed and fed), but I found my crib folks. Baby steps to the baby … steps.

It’s this bad boy, The Oslo Crib from Land of Nod. Land of Nod has partnered up with Duc Duc Furniture to create some pretty darn cute kids furniture. As you know, I’m in the market so when they sent me their new catalog, I was VERY happy with what I saw.

Here’s the deal with Duc Duc: They are an American company out of Connecticut that uses sustainably harvested wood and non-toxic everything. There are a lot toxins in this world that we can’t control (or frankly I just don’t know how to control), so if I can control how/where and what my baby breathes while sleeping, I’m going to.

It comes in five different colors. Guess which one I chose …land of nod crib

You thought I chose the navy, right?  Wrong, friends. I chose this bad boy:

gray crib


Here’s why I chose the gray crib: I am going to bring in a lot of navy blue, I already know it. I figured if and when I have the opportunity to bring in another color (a neutral that I love) I should so it’s not so navy heavy. Here’s where my nursery is going; it’s not there yet, but it’s headed somewhere happy right now:




It’s a work in progress, certainly — you’ll see it develop and change over the next couple months. Meanwhile, don’t forget to enter (or send the link to the expectant parent in your life) to win the free nursery makeover from Land of Nod. FREE makeover, folks. That’s like having a free baby, except a nursery doesn’t really love you back.

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