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more One Kings Lane sale sneak peeks

More One Kings Lane sneak peeks for you because I’m a total tease like that. The sale is March 10th, which is VERY soon, and I’m scrambling to finish the spreadsheet for it. Sorry, no pricing yet, but just be warned, these pieces aren’t cheap. The amount of work that goes into the sale is out of control. But I won’t bore you with that, instead I’ll tell you a story about how I turned garbage into glory.

One day, six months ago, I found this set of sofa/chairs at a thrift store. They were desperate for a face-lift but had great lines and were a great scale. The sofa is actually a hide-abed which you can have completely redone. (The inside mechanism and mattress will run you around $700 = upholstery + labor, etc.)

Now, they are these hot pink wonders. I splurged on the fabric because I knew they needed to be in a really amazing color, so I think the fabric alone was $300, but they are just oh so good.


vintage hot pink club chair

You can’t tell in the picture but I de-skirted them, making them way more modern and less retro.

Then there is this vintage plycraft wonder in disgusting ripped black vinyl:

mid-century chair

But don’t worry, because now it is covered in this wonderful teal.

vintage teal mid century

This is the only chair that Brian is BEGGING for us to keep and I still might pull it from the sale at the last minute, but for now it’s going up.

Next are these little ’80s bedroom chairs:

Image 11

The lines are challenging and not for everyone. But I love their little shape and style.  They just need new fabric:

bedroom chairs

Now they are VERY cute indeed. That fabric in the photo looks busy, but it’s actually super soft high quality velvet.

Other goodies up for sale?

waterfall bench

Love that bench. I wish I had the before photo of it because it was in a really beautiful (not) marbled cotton.

lucite bench vintage

And this awesome Paul McCobb desk that I had white lacquered:

paul McCobb desk

My coffee table, I know … she’ll be VERY missed.

brass coffee table

Or these Ming chairs that I had matte lacquered and then dressed up with some vintage handmade wedding blanket fabric:  Please take note of all the brass accents …

ming chairs

To see more sneak peeks check out this post. The sale is March 10th and lasts for three days, so get your measurements ready and distract your spouse just long enough to hit “buy.”

So if these were free, which one would you want to own the most?


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